Wednesday, September 23, 2015

86 IT

There are many Catholics and mormons who are members in good standing of the Church of the Lamb, which is the only truely original christian church in the world. Per the BOOK OF MORMON's description of the latter day saints. ~ ~ When there would be only two churches in the world before the second coming of Christ; i.e. the Church of the Lamb in D&C 86 and the abominable Church of the Devil in D&C 86. ~ ~ One need not be unrighteously judgemental in order to guess which one Pope Francis belongs too at this point in time. ~ ~ Of course, only God knows what is in the heart of a man. ~ ~ But if you have enough humility and faith to ask Him, He will tell you by the Holy Spirit exactly who the mother fuckers are who are trying to deceive you; like in THE BOONDOCK SAINTS:I,II,&III. ~ ~ Since it says in ISAIAH etc. that God will dry up the rivers and cause the fish in them to die of thirst in the latter days of the two witnesses of sodom and Egypt. ~ ~ And today's infallible Pope from Rome, who speaks with a destinctively soft and weak female voice is saying not so fast; these are not the last days; and so forth. ~ ~ Obviously, this is that old priest who is sound asleep in the audience during fashion week in Milano. While all of the women who are losing their looks are weeping with Joy in Federico Fellini's 1973 LDS missionary impossible documentary film. That he made about me getting a great D&C 58 free meal from Gisele Bunchen. And a nice fucking afterwards too, entitled ROMA. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEQUEL NOTES: They shot THE BOONDOCK SAINTS:II prophecy in late 2008; a few years before Bonney Lake's PISTOL ANNIE'S was just some funky Italian [mob] restaurant and bar. ~ ~ Off hand, I don't recall seeing one single nigger in the movie, not even some extra in the background. ~ ~ PS SCOTT WALKER: The only thing that concerns me about Donald Trump is that the guy is just a little too much on the positive side. ~ ~ But hey, you do what you gotta do to get elected. ~ ~ NO.8 NOTES: Yogi died when the Pope arrived in the promised land of the BM because 8 is the true age of baptism for your average filthy little Yogi Bear cub in Chicago... Therefore, the concept of baptizing innocent little sinless new born babies into today's filthy dirty paganistic catholic church full of false idols is an abomination in the eyes of God. ~ ~ For this fact alone, today's humble little negro baptist churches throughout the southern states of America are actually a cut above the French Catholic Church down in N.O. Louisiana. ~ ~ "I can't even speak Donald Trump's name out loud." said Salma Hayek once upon a time. ~ ~ That being before her Americano husband beat the cow crap out of her. ~ ~ Darling, sweetheart, you are either going to obey your husband, or else. ~ ~ "How many drivers does a buggy have?.." MULHOLLAND DR.

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