Saturday, September 5, 2015


See what I mean what I AM saying in the opening sequence to CAPOTE? I may be a little bit controversial to some people. But come on! Even my negro homosexual half Jew drinking buddy in the White House is going to be honoring me for my artistic honesty this next Thursday. ~ ~ Talk about becoming mainstream in the end with a touch of spicy evil edginess. In order to keep it not too boring and self centered from an autobiograhical point of view. ~ ~ For example, at the end of the credits to Stephen King's low budget B actors [1990] GRAVEYARD SHIFT movie, I get a special [last but not least] thank you for my 12 years of working the GSR/TWN graveyard shift in Granny Grass' cluttered basement. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS TARANTINO: Two nights ago I dreamed that I AM YOU gave me an exclusive look at the first rough-cut version of your 9th and final will and testament movie. ~ ~ Actually, to my own private home movie [super-8mm] surprise, I thought that it was a pretty OK film; all things considered. And while I was walking out of the small room screening, Michael you-know-who said simply, "BUY IT". ~ ~ So now I see my wife at the Venezia film festival saying the very same thing that I would say about your latest opus. For instance, at: ~ ~ And no, I am not interested in having a private time reading of the your really secret screenplay for your next project. I only want to know who is in it, and how much will it cost me. ~ ~ PS KEN KEMP: Your little PIPER CHEROKEE plane crashed after takeoff at the Gillespie airport in Santee [sainted] Nestorville on Thursday, killing those men in their late 50s, because that is what is going to happen to the mainstream religion Mormonism of Larry King et al in Utah County. ~ ~ Relax dude, the current refugee invasion of northeastern Europe is about the lost tribes of Israel escaping from Assyria [Syria] and pushing their way all across western Europe. ~ ~ So here is what you need to do if you ever want a nice and generous slice of my kind of money. ~ ~ You need to track down Paul Nestor and hire him as your video camera man on your upcoming 12 part-series about the lost 12 tribes of Israel on Thursdays at THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL.

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