Friday, September 4, 2015


When that iconic Catholic nun bimbo [media reporter] actress Sally Field won an OSCAR it changed everything in Hollywood. ~ ~ Try to remember now. It was the marxist unionist arm-of-flesh muscle that put both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini into power in the 1930s. ~ ~ Which is why today's Jewish wonder child director of INGLORIOUS BASTERDS looks exactly like some ugly mean spirited union thug straight from central casting; circa 1942-1943. ~ ~ And then just a few years later, all of those Jewish scientist traitors at America's atomic bomb laboratories were sneaking their secrets out the back door to their communist running dog kin in red Russia. ~ ~ And to this very day, Clyde Lewis and all of his down-winder kin in Utah still believe that there is no difference between white people and Jews; not to mention niggers. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS REDFORD: My gut says that you are going to make it; dead or alive. Same thing goes for Woody Allen, Alan Alda, Michael Caine, Michael Moore, [maybe] Michael Medved, [for sure] Paul Newman, Roger Moore, Mel Brooks, Meathead's legendary Hollywood sitcom father from Brooklyn, NY, Mel Gibson, David Lynch, yada yada. That is unless of course they agree to give me ten percent of their assets in tax free cash money; no questions asked about what I AM is going to do with the money. ~ ~ In other words, I don't care anymore about your extremely grevious personal offenses against me. Since I get a billion dollars in free publicity money for my first three fuck films wherein I look like a more scary version of me at: ~ ~ So close your eyes and fantasize that I AM is Iggy Pop who is fucking you in the mouth at first. Knowing full well that things are going to get really better in the not so distant future. ~ ~ PS ANGELINE LILLY AND CHARLIZE THERON: Don't worry about the politically correct 7-HILLS authorities looking into your personal private bank accounts. By the time that they figure out what you are up to it will already be TOO LATE. And I will be having a shit load of hot monkey sex fun fucking Ellen Page in the mouth mouth while her favorite girlfriend sister wife is serving both of us on a silver platter plate of rare aged cheeses with rare aged red wines.

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