Sunday, September 20, 2015


At the end of the greatest cinematic prophecy that God evrrr caused to be made, the film's futuristic Republican Party poster boy Bruce Jenner sings his/her heart out to George W Bush. If you don't believe it or not, see the literal spoken word lyrics in writing at: ~ ~ Because by The Hand Job Of God, the effeminate Pope from the seven hills of Rome arrived on the Roman/tic fascistic fantasy island of Cuba on the same day of this, and that, at: ~ ~ AND THIS LESBOS ISLAND THING TOO AT: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Damn straight, if not for the women, America would not be the [42 months long] Orwellian 666 nightmare that it is today. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS IRAN: Basically, it is the over bearing liberal Jewish women in Israel who do not want the Jewish men to bomb you. So now the bitches need to get some sense beat into them. ~ ~ "We don't know why we beat our wives. But sometimes we just have to do it." Tad Danielevski, NBC/BYU/USC, double EMMYS award winner. ~ ~ Of course, a nice and vigorous and thorough mouthwash fucking is always a better alternative. Taking your leather belt off completely, like in THE OBJECT OF BEAUTY, should only be a last resort. ~ ~ PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO NOTES: See this clip of Miley Sire Us giving me the royal purple hand job at: ~ ~ And no, my erect 7" pinkie finger cock does not look that freakishly blue or purple. ~ ~ Whatever, here is the Peter Principle movie poster one-sheet for the 1985 movie at: ~ BIRTHDAY BOY NOTES: They were literally setting up the cameras and lights to start shooting PAT AND MIKE on the day that I was born. Which was about a Donald Trump sound alike becoming the coach and manager of my future wife who plays on a TRUMP style casino club gambler's resort golf course at: ~ ~ Talk about me laughing all the way to the bank.

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