Thursday, September 24, 2015


My own private 2BC:91 highway in 1995's LOST HIGHWAY prophecy runs through Cash [Cache] County, Utah, west of Rich County and Star Valley, because Logan is a landmark roadmap prophecy about the blond LOGAN'S RUN hero who becomes the really rich boss man of what will be left of God's promised land sanctuary in the BM. ~ ~ Consider this to be the CITIZEN KANE prophecy that was about a Donald Trump figure being born with a silver spoon up his butt in 1891 Park City, Utah; for Obama's Telluride, Colorado, circa 2015. Because that traditionally fascistic looking 1919ish movie director of THE HATEFUL 8 1/2 is already causing huge organisms among the LA audiences in his pre-release screenings. ~ ~ This happening at the same time that the red third way boss from the east came to the sanctuary on the same day that the pink third way boss from the west came to the sanctuary. ~ ~ Ergo, that deluded Catholic cathedral [FOX NEWS] church lady who tried to stop Trump in the 1776 LOGAN'S RUN allegory was named Francis. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NUMBERS NOTES: I'm waiting until the numbers run around the millennial number of 1000 before I say anything about running the numbers on what just happened in Rt.111 Mecca, [California]. ~ ~ FACT CHECK NOTES: Now that everybody knows that it is a confirmed fact that Obama was born in Africa, and he is using a stolen Social Security number, etc. etc. it's time to move on to the next big boring thing. ~ ~ Hey, why not start comparing Trump's own private bankruptcy history with the current widely accepted idea of living in comfort and ease with the reality of a bankrupt federal government in DC? ~ ~ Works for me. ~ ~ FBI NOTES: At the end of those two [Boston Irish cops] Pistol Annie movies, the dying Catholic Pope named Francis confesses, "Logan, you're an Elder." ~ ~ DAILEY JEWISH NEWSPAPER NOTES: Almost every [Ellen] page of today's final No.56,999 issue made Trump out to look like he has a crazy Napoleon complex like my character has in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, 2004. ~ ~ Darling, sweetheart, you never half to let me fuck you in the mouth if you don't like it. ~ ~ I may be the king of the country, but you still get to be the queen of the castle. ~ ~ Please be patient with me. ~ ~ Now that Donald Trump is running for President, I'm probably going to have to do a whole new series of updates about NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and HARD CANDY. The pleasure is mine of course.

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