Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Think ET meets IT darling. ~ ~ I may not be talking about you so much lately, but you are never that far from my mind in the long run. For starters see: ~ ~ Jesus baby, I had never even thought about an ET remake, prequel, sequel rip off. And then you come along and make me feel all new again. ~ ~ Now I'm thinking DUNE:II meets ET:II, written and directed by Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ Yeah yeah, dude knows shit about prophecy and politics; but he does seem to have a corner on the geek market. ~ ~ Meanwhile, last night I saw THE OBJECT OF BEAUTY. ~ ~ Which was about my limited 1/9 9" long trout issued marred servant sculpture by Henry Moore; that knows how to speak to the deaf daughters of Israel in 2NEPHI,8 etc. at: ~ ~ Note the [genealogy] oak tree stump on the dark bronze skinned art object. ~ ~ The wide-apart UFO alien eyes. ~ ~ Remember girl, once upon a time in 1979 I too was living in the lap of luxury in Stanwood, Washington; while having about $46 and change in my wallet and pocket. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MALE SEX GOD NOTES: Do you want a real manly man who really listens to you and knows how you feel? Of course you do. ~ ~ Then why not have Divinely intimate married relations with a sanctified stud/being in the Celestial Kingdom of the BOOK OF MORMON? Who has been given the godly super powers of God to go ahead and fuck his 100 pairs of wives at the same time? ~ ~ Just remember, the sin of adultery is the 2nd most grevious sin next to murder. ~ ~ Then comes homosexuality. ~ ~

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