Monday, September 14, 2015


Megan looks like Jennifer Anniston to me in THE BIG CHILL's inspired casting that was behind the historically successful FRIENDS reunion sitcom network series. Per her transfigured 30 something no.914 image at BOB'S HOUSE OF PORN that was done by some pirate figure who uses the same sunrise theme logo motif that was used in the iconic 1983 movie, at: ~ ~ Oh yeah, I get 10% of everything. But only after the above movie's opening sequence about the Donald Trump Superboy getting baptized in the bathtub; when his mother/wife gets a telephone call from Jesus; like in MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIG CHILL VIEWER'S NOTES: Jeff Goldblum is the primary half-jew GSR character in THE BIG CHILL. The same one who is wearing an I/VOICE Tee way back in 1993, and tries to rationalize his PC problem with being too direct and honest. ~ ~ PS JEN: The only problem that I have with the above fake computerized image no.914 is that her tits are a bit too big. ~ ~ Personally, I like'em a little bit smaller and a little bit more pointed. ~ ~ PS DAVID: When you are finishing up your two witnesses location shooting in North Bend. I AM is going to be buying up all of the rights to any prequels, sequels, or remakes to NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. ~ ~ Fuck you very much. ~ ~ FUCK IT NOTES: If Donald Trump never does one of those gay ass election tv debates again, or even ever spends a single FDR dime on advertising, he is still going to win it all. ~ ~ Today's white race populist people of America have become very weary of today's old tired white men leaders who speak with the effeminate voice of authority. ~ ~ DON JUAN NOTES: You give me instead that cool 10% in media advertising stash that you were planning on giving to those homosexual liberal Jew fucks in the upcoming 16 election anyway. I make sure that you get elected. ~ ~ Think about it. Is there anything more boring in this life than endless and repetitive political ads on TV and radio?

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