Thursday, September 3, 2015


My SILVER BULLET notes about Justin Beiber getting a speeding ticket in Beverly Hills rolled out on a full moon weekend. Therefore, today's Half Moon, North Car/olina confirmation happened near the very same place where they shot their Big Foot vampire prophecy in 1983 about today's NBA size giant niggers who are trying to take over America. ~ ~ Exactly like in the days of Noah. ~ ~ Rember, this is where today's U.S. Marines are dedicated to protecting Barack Obama, and not the U.S. Constitution. ~ ~ Talk about having more fun than a barrel of monkeys. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAD DIET NOTES: In King's misspelled PET SEMATARY, the children suffer and die because of their parents' bad seed diets. Hence the spiritually and physically crippled birth defect kid in SILVER BULLET; filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, yada, yada. ~ ~ P.S. SEINFELD: I read about your local small town sheriff shutting down your kids' lemonade stand right after I saw one of the locals in SILVER BULLET make lemonade in his pants when he gets attacked by the half moon werewolf. ~ ~ P.S.KING: I know that your heart is in the right place. But just like Truman Capote, your widowed mother dragged you around from town to town while seeking after strange flesh sex. Much like what my exwives wives Sandra Bullock and Charlie Theron are doing these days; not to mention my more current wife Miley Cyrus and her sister wife Taylor Swift; for a more contemporary example. ~ ~ ANTI-COMMUNIST RADIO CALLER NOTES: Non of you conservative talk radio half Jew hosts out there have a prayer against Donald Trump as long as you all insist on lying about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate and stole Social Security number. ~ ~ P.S. KEN KEMP: Your biggest career mistake as a struggling talented novelist was your ignorant Mormon gay ass devotion to writing books that were nothing but butt kiss to apostate Christianity. Too bad; all of this time you could have been writing novels that were a more worthy rip off of what your hero Stephen King started back in the 1980s. ~ ~ Thank God for the physical transfiguration! Now you get a second chance to one up it; with Bruce Willis appearing on stage no less in your next off Broadway play, like at: ~ ~ Never be afraid to try new things. ~ ~ INSIDE BASEBALL POLITICS: Trump is going to win the next big REV.16TH Ave. N.E. earthquake election in Seattle, Washington, King County in 2016. ~ ~ Deal with it. ~ ~ Get over it. ~ ~ Move on. ~ ~ The end is near. ~ ~ Barack Obama was born in Kenya. ~ ~ Everybody knows it. ~ ~ I get 10% even though I don't really need it. ~ ~ My niggers get 90% of it because God knows they need it much more than I do. ~ ~ RECENT REVELATION NOTES: The other night, God revealed to me in a flash vision that the lost tribe of Dan was more Asian than Caucasian. Hence, he is not mentioned in REV.9's chapter about the 144 million white people coming to their senses in the last days of the darkies invasion in EZE.38 etc. ~ ~ P.S. PIERCE BRONSAN: Come on bro, have a sense of humor. Tell the rest of us vicarious living losers out there in tv land how you got that bruising on your forehead.

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