Tuesday, September 8, 2015


STEPHEN KING'S STORM OF THE CENTURY in 1999 was the one about the silver wolf-cane devil abducting little 'Relfie'. And then some 15 years later he is living in the Oak Town area and is ready to wreck havock on the world. ~ ~ Given King's amazingly accurate track record in the area of artistic prophecy, this is something that we should all take very seriously. ~ ~ For example, only a few months after the above TV movie played on ABC in three installments, Stephen was hit in the back by a big black [Big Foot nigger] dog named Bullet while walking along Rt.5 in Maine. The very same state that is shaped like a cut off dog's head when you turn your road map upside down. ~ ~ Ergo, my anti hero in CAPOTE states very matter of factly that he has been self-tested and proven to be right about "94% of the time". ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRACKING NOTES: When I brought up my own private autobiography movie called CAPOTE on this newsletter blog, hundreds of pink [gay] flamingos were killed in Spain by an apocalyptic hail storm. For the idea that the Muslims like to kill homosexuals by stoning, yada yada. See: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/09/08/hundreds-flamingos-killed-in-violent-hailstone-storm-in-spain/ ~ ~ STOCK NOTE TIPS: King's DEAD ZONE prophecy opens with a roller coaster ride that represents the time in 2015-16 when the stock market's casino gambler Donald Trump status quo will die. And that's a good thing; from the point of view that the only politician that I would vote for right now is Donald Trump. ~ ~ LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL NOTES: That little boy who drowned on a symbolic beach in Malibu was the very same age as little 'Relfie' in STEPHEN KING'S STORM OF THE CENTURY. Hence that Area Code 310 5-dead plane crash north of Silverdale, Colorado; around where Taratino Italiano just made his last will and testament homage to Federico Fellini at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8%C2%BD . ~ ~ I kid you not, just southwest of there is a Colorado red rock landmark called Lizard Head. ~ ~

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