Thursday, October 30, 2008


CHICAGO GOVERNMENT RADIO finally did a token piece on the alternate ending to THE BREAKUP. Apparently, it was the usual Obama torpedo damage control job, as in THE SECRET LIFE OF WBEZ; according to the explosive facts at:

This is why Granny Grass stopped into COSTO on my PASSENGER 57 birthday. And felt the chills when she spotted a 27oz Danish "pull apart" pastry medicine wheel for 4.99. Composed of six spokes of frosted pastries in apple and raspberry goo.

I watched PASSENGER 57's prophetic 1992 allegory in an ATLANTIC AIRLINES L-1011 jet for the first time in years Wednesday. Hearing later in the day that Obama was coming live on TV from the BankAtlantic Center's hockey mask stadium on 136th/Panther Blvd in Sunrise, FL.

In 57's hijacked Lake Lucille, Louisiana airport scenes, where the British King Charles Rane is acting as my royal Branch Davidian look alike figure David Koresh. Ranes informs the naive sheriff, on the phone, that Snipes' black "Cutter" character is "One of my men..." Who "...betrayed me and escaped from the plane... A black man; very smooth and convincing..."

One may recall, Rane is played by Bruce Payne, for BOEING's Paine Field prophecies around Mukilteo, WA [Read Muckillteo.] Located across from the latter-day signs cluster by Useless Bay, Mutiny Bay, and Clinton, etc. And 1992's black penis-Cutter character was a portent of the box cutters used on 9.11. [Louisiana being the state with all those British Elton, Elizabeth, and Bond landmarks, around Woody's Allen Parish, Evangeline's Parish, and princess Hathaway, etc.]

57's action starts at "12:00" exactly, for Neil LaBute's new AT THE BREAK/UP OF NOON word play. When Payne ends up in prison with Larry Sinclair, he smashes his Democratic Party lawyer's head on the table and makes him repeat "Charles Rane is not insane..! Charles Rane is not insane..!" speaking prophetically by association that 'Larry Sinclair is not insane... Larry Sinclair is not insane..."

So in this case, the 666 prison lawyer represents Senator Biden and his state AG son. Who used the corrupt Delaware and DC legal system in an attemp to silence Sinclair; in collusion with various local liberal media hacks.

The first "family man", with a daughter, to get killed by King Charles is a guy named "Douglas". Because Douglas doesn't give a flying fuck that the Silverman daughters of Israel are whoring around with the abomination of desolation, thereby killing their Matt Damon brothers. Like in this ominous 007 WALTER pistol AIRSOFT omen at:

When you see DEEP THROAT VOTE ads by the secret NPR friends of Obama, starring "family men" like Tom Cruise or Will Smith, and FFing babes like Cameron Diaz, etc. You are watching a spiritual grave being dug for their beloved living family members. Like in this penis tool Tooele, Utah message at:

Gerard Damiano's timely Tool, Utah landmark is located off of I-80, just north of Faust.

The letter 'W' often times stands for the REV.17 whore lady in movies. As in Stone's portrait of George Bush entitled 'W', or that classic 60s comedy with a giant 'W' treasure finale called IT'S A MAD MAD MAD WORLD.

The great W of Babylon was just felt again by that powerful earthquake in Afghanistan. That quickly followed the visit over there by Mother Angelina Jolie. It probably had something to do with her new Amber Alert movie directed by Dirty Harry.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Monday, October 27, 2008


DEEP THROAT film director Gerard Damiano died last weekend down in Florida's gigantic penis icon, at age 80. At the same time, film actor Matt Damon went on the stump in Kissimmee, Florida to cover up for Obama's deep throat alternate ending starring John Higgins in the role of Larry Sinclair. This would be Bill Clinon's famous "kiss it" cue for Monica at:

This particular revelation confirms Sarah Silverman's recent Obama video. Directed at gullible senior Jewish voters who live in the same Miami area as Mr Damon. Who she is fucking in the ass, now more than ever. Just like Judas fucked Jesus.

The DEEP THROAT news broke on the same day they found the dead body of deap note throated Jennifer Hudson's nephew in west Chicago. Confirming Monday's NYT report that Neil LaBute's new floor show is being postponed. Which generated a series of news photos that revealed there is a clear REV.17 mother of whores vagina icon on Jennifer's front door at:

LaBute's floor show angle is manifested by the familiar look of the above casa blanca [Whitehouse], based on that little white church of the whore in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. Since his play is being replaced by Charles Busch's transsexual SI-FI spoof called THE THIRD STORY. [Busch lives in a condo haunted by the ghosts of Hollywood golden era women, on a third floor in NYC's gay Village.]

The funeral for FOUR TOPS front man Levi Stubbs was held Monday in Obama's stronghold of Detroit. Connecting the same DREAMGIRLS Motown era with Florida's famous penis stub prophecy in Baker County.

LaBute's fantastic REASONS TO BE PRETTY [UGLY] marks his Broadway debut for the upcoming winter inauguration season, instead of his new play THE BREAK OF NOON.

Speaking of pretty things, Hollywood, Florida is located right on the 26 latitude circumcision cutting line of the state's giant penis prophecy. After the big cut, the above circumcised Jennifer Garner fake will become a physically transfigured reality.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: At a gun show Sunday, in the great whore's Democrat Party state of Massachusetts, an 8 year-old boy shot himself in the head with a convulsing UZI. In confirmation of the Democratic Party's promotion of religious transsexuals who love to have their convulsing pistol's cum ooze into the mouth of young boys. In the same way that a young Barry Obama was raised by his perverted boy-love mentor. They go after Dirty Harry with the same Israeli made UZIs in THE DEAD POOL. The timing of this sign is probably related to the arrest of those REV.17 Nazi youth beasts who wanted to kill the REV.17 whore. I read they were trying to get their hands on some Columbine, Colorado style UZIs.


Dig into THE BREAKUP's DVD bonus acappella clips to see Larry Sinclair's look alike audition on grainy video by the actor John Higgins. I would invite you to compare the low quality video to Larry's similar youtube videos, but someone mysteriously deleted them all back on 10.10.

One of Higgins' most prophetic, and funny, Larry lines is "Me and my big mouth." As he goes on to become the "little general" of a small ragtag underground army. Fighting against the censored truth, and the code of silence, in the heart of CHINATOWN, USA. In 2006, Higgins predicted that "We can fix that in the post." election blogs at:

Like in that TV ad about an Asian REV.17 mother keeping secret REESES Obama chocolates hidden behind the naughty spices in her kitchen. But her young daughter [Read Emma, Ellen, etc.] sees through the older Baby Boomer's scam politics.

Here's the lastest example, that the REV.17 woman is running the show, and riding on top of the beast, at:

In THE BREAKUP, Higgins' gay character beats up good-times Gary. Because he is not paying attention to what has been going down in Chinatown, Chicago, USA.

Here's the NYT piece about Picasso's prophetic DREAMGIRLS masterpiece, sleeping in my royal blood of David sofa throne, at:

There was a shooting Sunday at one of Obama's college campuses in Conway, Ark, off of Judah's I-40 years in the wilderness landmark. That great con of man in the DaVINCI CODE is almost over.

Nancy Hill and her dogs were attacked by bees in the R/M mapbook signs around Royal Riviera, Florida [Of Sandy's pears fame.], for my Rainbow Bridge link to the LDS Nancy Hilton. Nancy still doesn't know about Jennifer Hudson's inspired REV.17 beast [Rosaleen]role in THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES.

For today's Casa Blanca, Africa political race, set against the murder plot of Obama's former male choir lover Donald Young, New Mexico Indian police mystery writer Tony Hillerman died at 83. Sunday's rising-sun timing was about Nancy Hilton's beloved seven hills beast among the desolate deserts of EZE.37. She has a site at:


It took 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days, to make the massive no.33 church Lake Powell prophecy, according to:

As an added bonus, don't miss this THE EDGE OF LOVE poster at:

The above inspired art work was confirmed by two 4.6/4.9 earthquakes within one minute of each other off northern California's King Mountain Range, and Rainbow Ridge, on 10.26. The first one coming at 2:26:50 am.

Here's Neve in one of those leather hippie shop belts at:

Around "7:30 pm" Sunday, several people died in a van roll over around Exit 111 by Gila Bend, Arizona on I-8. This is the countdown for Obama et al.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Starting Friday, there was a lot of screaming at the Jennifer Hudson home in Obama's southside Chicago. She sang the national anthem at his mile high nomination acceptance speach. An Amber Alert has been issued for the family's missing child, the son of Greg King.

Saturday, I found new pix of princess Neve from last weekend's SCREAM AWARDS at the Greek Theater in LA; sporting a heart amber pendant at:

A PARTY OF 5 young foolish Obama virgins were killed late Friday in Dunn, NC. When their car ran a stop sign on Hwy.27 and got rammed by a tanker. Because the 666 beast is basically done. There's nothing left but the screaming and burning, as the 42 months calendar runs out. Local celeb James Taylor can hold all the free Obama concert's he wants. They're all shit out of luck.

This is where the 35 latitude line connects Clinton in Sampson County, NC with the Casa Blanca on I-40 in New Mexico. Maybe some day JT will write a song about that one.

Lake Powell was created in 1963.

Loved Jon Hamm's JOHN HAM brand TP toilet stall sketch on SNL.

COLDPLAY gave a shout out for Obama. I knew their front guy was a closet homosexual.

Here's another nice take of Neve from the Greek SCREAM AWARDS at:

It was back on 9.22, at 7:21 am, when I was awaken by the sound of Neve having an intense orgazm. Rechecking my SEX IN THE CITY DREAMGIRL notes tonight, I had forgotten that I was awaken earlier that day at 7:04 am, by the sound of Neve softly and sweetly whispering "Glen" in my ear. It didn't make much sense. But as usual, I wrote it down anyway. Now I see that it was about my 'Glen' canyon character in the alternate ending to THE BREAKUP.

If you find the above a little too strange. The day before, on 9.21, at Neve's exact 10.03 birth date time of 10:03 am, she woke me up singing a song, in the style of Natalie Imbruglia, that went "The clock's ticking, to get it on... Hurry hurry..." For Thursday's bed bug "tic" photo at:

On Tuesday, I had sat down outside in front of the South Hill STARBUCKS, right when a sterling silver JAGUAR pulled in and parked next to my table, bearing '999 TIC' plates; set inside of a steel chain link frame.

By the end of the week, the NYT did an amusing piece on the Picasso DREAMGIRL exhibit called "Picasso in Lust and Ambition" at:

That was for back on 9.20. When I was awaken at 5:39 am by a woman's voice that said simply "The masterpiece". There is this sterling X-TERRA that is always driving by me in Bonney Lake, which has '920 PAY' plates. Last time I saw it was at the 19101 tree stumps lot on Church Lake Rd. At 6:45 am, God said "Infinity".

Yours, GSR/TWN

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I was finishing my second glass of bloody Bay Area red MENAGE A TROIS 2007 Saturday, for 7.99 at RITE AID, when I heard the news about Little Rock's reporterette dying on the same day they reported Bill and Barry will hit the campaign highway together; under the complicitous media protection provided by Hillary Evita et al.

Earlier, I had read about those three fat Obama cheerleaders in red who died in a fiery 4x4 crash, near Natalie's Rt.63 in Scott County, Tenn; for the treasonous Obama endorsement by Scott McClellan. Who has now completely fulfilled the back-stabbing press handler prophecies in 1973's WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON.

But everything in the open bitter-sweet book I eat in REV.10 has a sterling silver lining. Like the PARTY OF 5 landmarks next door in [1973] Campbell County, around Rt.63's Royal Blue reference to Natalie and Neve at:

Who I read had recently attended a prophetic 'Count Down To Obama' event in the LA area.

Scott County's latest CRASH sign happened near [Son of Ham] Isham, the day before Jon [St John] Hamm was scheduled to host SNL with Neve's [Snow's] COLDPLAY band. I'll be watching to see if there are any abominable cheerleader horror movie scetches, like at:

1973's WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON was written and directed by Milton Moses Ginsberg. Who also made 1969's COMING APART prophecy, according to the cheap DVD jacket.

Speaking of the tribe of Judah, and their prophetic silver coins deal that betrayed my Great Great Great... Grandfather, Jesus Christ, I read that THE DEAD POOL celeb Sarah Silverman is still fucking the naive Christian Ephraimite Matt Damon in the ass. By way of her dangerous youtube videos in support of Chicago's known meat market homo. Her and Tina Fey.

Not coincidentally, they think that William Balfour killed Jennifer Hudson's DREAMGIRLS mother in Obama's Chicago. In confirmation of the British Balfour Agreement that was formulated during a cabnet meeting on Halloween, in 1917, according to:

This is the coming death by fire and violence of the 666 Israelite Red Sea creature, spawned in REV.13:1, and it's Jewish Egypt worshiping mother of whores in REV.17. The lady in this photo looks just like Howard Stern's new tall wife, Beth Ostrosky, the famous wedding dress model, nicknamed "Ms O" at:

Yours, GSR/TWN


You will find some great Larry Sinclair look alike shots of John Higgins' chorus leader in THE BREAKUP's bonus section; about the making of the acappella group 'The Tone Rangers'. Like at:

When the gay group starts singing in the alternate ending, you can see that Obama's "Lefty" pistol [penis] is ready to fall.

When Gary, wearing a 111 longitude line shirt, mentions Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, a tall bald black man walks by in the background. Filmed in pre-Obama 2006.

This should be an interesting Rainbow Bridge sign at:,+Nancy

Oddly enough, the reporterette in THE DEAD POOL sounds more and more like Katie Couric towards the end; especially in the stressful climax sequence. Close your eyes and listen.

Rush stated Thursday that internet reports need to pass "the smell test". So the smaller London City Airport was shut down Friday due to a strong smell coming from their public toilets. It's the kind of secondary airport that Rush often uses for his private jet travel. You can sniff the homogaysexual report at:

A prominent Chicago priest was convicted, again, for sucking and fucking young boys Friday. The same day APPLE donated 100k to the homosexual crusade in Dirty Harry California. Studies have shown that almost all child sex abusers are homosexual. It's something the media never publishes, like the savage violent rape statistics in Oprah's South Africa.

Also Friday, 19 children were injured in a triple school bus rear-ender crash in Con/necticut, off Natalie's Rt.63. The Sage Park Middle School context seems like a Thanksgiving Day stuffing theme sign at:,0,428958.story

Here's some more info on Obama's sociaist background at:

You may recall my vision of playing rock guitar in the middle of University Ave, out in front of HASTY TASTY. When suddenly an old redneck pickup truck, pulling a firewood trailer, rammed into the nearby Socialist Worker's Party headquarters and bookstore. Plowing all the way through several businesses, until coming to a stop inside a hippie leather shop. [Belts, vests, whips, etc]

Thursday, October 23, 2008


"...pick a side"

Says the DVD cover for THE BREAKUP's Chicago prophecy about the 2008 election. The alternative ending starts in Grant Park with Gary bringing up the Crazy Horse glory-hole in the Black Hills of Jenny's South Dakota LEPRECHAUN location. An inspired reference to that giant boner icon mounted in their condo above the living room vagina rug.

The gay cowboy chorus sings about how real "...rainbows have nothing to hide". Like in the murder of Obama's gay church choir lover Donald Young. Unlike Jesse Jackson's currupt secret "Rainbow connection..." to the black gangland hood's code of silence about the obvious abominations at:

This is the red Rainbow Bridge Nat Mon at Lake Powell, off Glen Canyon. For Gary calling me 'Glen' by mistake in Grant Park. There must also be a tourist boat guide to all the latter-day landmarks around the massive lake.

Like Obama, there is much controversy about the history and nature of Upheaval Dome's giant anus landmark. But everyone with any common sense agrees that the formation does look like a salty asshole.

In 1988's THE DEAP POOL, the psycho wanna-be screenwriter of NIGHT OF THE HANGMAN, self-identifies with characters in movies and fan magazines. Even worse, the blonde liberal media reporterette is a dead on Katie Couric sound alike. Who was a former 'Miss Colorado' Democratic Party babe. Who started her media career at a small town TV station, like the ones in Little Rock, Ark.

The failed screenwriter killer uses black STINGRAY model cars to blow up his victims. In confirmation of the gay AIDS stinger prophecy about San Francisco in REV.9. And the stingray that killed Australia's famous celebrity alligator man. The BULLET car chase in this last Dirty Harry movie, refers to McQueen's classic Bay Area crime film ending in Chicago.

Outside the screenwriter's apartment is a billboard that reads, "$29 Hot city nite!" Classic Tarzan "Jungle" rock plays in the climax.

DEAP POOL opens in the psycho's flat with a TV news report about a Spike Lee style jazz fan figure dying at age 56. Before the scene about today's Orwellian "diversity" madness. And the horror movie set inside the "ROYAL MEAT COMPANY" with a 5-point Davidian crown logo.

Dirty Harry's Chinese fortune cookie says "You're shit out of luck." For all those Neil LaBute type Chinatown crash signs in Chicago. I hear GUNS&ROSES has a new .44 magnum CD coming out called CHINESE DEMOCRACY.

Yours, GSR/TWN


For a visual confirmation of the latter-day Sodom and Egypt prophecy in REV.11, Upheaval Dome looks like a gigantic gaping homogaysexual anus from above. Featuring a Fat Bastard style corn cob turd poking out, upriver from Lake Powell, at:

By this point along the lower Green River, the thick muddy water there often looks like flowing brown diarrhea. Coming downstream from it's prophetic day 1290 abomination of desolation landmark called Desolation Canyon.

One of the main trailheads leading down into the primitive area's astonishing anus starts at Aztec Butte, accorging to:

In this strange region's shooting location for many an alien planet SI-FI movie, Dirty Devil River runs down into Lake Powell starting at [Tom] Hanksville, in Wayne County. Confirming the recent statement by Tina Fey, about leaving planet earth if Sarah Palin is elected.

This is the dinosaur bones country where they shot the plane crash ending to OCTOPUSSY. And the opening scenes by Steven Speilberg for my AUSTIN POWERS III: Goldmember prophecy.

DANIEL 12's new day 1290 Bond, Daniel Craig, believes that Obama would make a great leader who would, " willing to quite literally look the enemy in the eye and go toe-to-toe with them." Rush explained quite clearly Wednesday that Palin's real Americans have apparently now become the enemy of 007, and his sleazy underworld villains at:

In recent days, an inspired Hillary has entered the campaign with the same dark inspiration of her prophetic forerunner Evita Peron. Covering up for Obama's recent coked out sexcapades, etc. like she did for two decades with her 666 partner in power Bill Clinton.

I'm halfway through 1988's final Dirty Harry movie, THE DEAD POOL, which I hope to finish this morning. Already, we've seen the film's blonde news media babe in Oliver Stone's W movie get the bloody HOTEL SATAN treatment down in Little Rock, Arkansas. Fictionally role played as the director of HALLOWEEN and DAWN OF THE DEAD etc. I also just picked up those two classic cinematic prophecies.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Rush read this piece by an honest Democrat Wednesday at:

NOTE: Is this the real reason Obama is going to Hawaii? See:

NOTE: Obama is planning a big election party at the lakeside park location where they filmed the alternative ending to THE BREAKUP. When Jenny is dating 'Greg'. See:

NOTE: How about that huge QUEER AS FOLK Gale Harold story? Love those BK ads. Those gay cavemen apes on motorcycles was also funny.

NOTE: Happy Hillary birthday Natalie.

NOTE: The fictional town of Haddonfield, Illinois in the HALLOWEEN series is actually located along Hwy.410, about 3.5 miles northeast of Pontiac, Illinois, next to the Wolf Creek Golf Club. According to:

Monday, October 20, 2008


Retired Gen. Colin Powell's endorsement of the latter-day abomination of desolation is confirmation of the deep Grand Canyon civil war prophecy divide in McCain's Arizona. Behind the canyon's massive dam, that is holding back the pure truthful waters of life, lies the three sections of Lake Powell. That represent REV.16's breakup of America into three parts.

The main lower lake, and it's two branches, split into three sections around Sodom and Egypt's Hole-In-The-Rock stonewall bathroom landmark. Near Jenny's ominous 111 longitude line.

The north branch is fed by such symbolic prophecies as the Dirty Devil River, Upheaval Dome, Obama's Dark Canyon Primitive Area, and Halloween's Orange Cliffs.

The south branch runs through the region's famous EZE.37 desert red rock country, along the San Juan River. Which means St John The Revelator in Americano. Where Hwy.666 still runs down into the new beast's New Mexico on my prophetic 1994 RAND McNALLY mapbook of Judah and Ephraim.

Lake Powell's lower body is dammed up by Ellen Page's Page, Arizona landmark. It's no coincidence that her prophetic JUNO movie was about the pregnant daughter of the governor from Juneau, Alaska. Both are from the north countries of the lost tribes of Israel.

Lately, they have been flooding the Grand Canyon divide in an effort to restore it's natural sands of Israel habitat. This is what the REV.12 flood of 666 worshipers was all about Sunday at Obama's rally in St Louis. Held in the heart of Zion along the day 1290 Mississippi River's man-made rainbow arch.

God has told his prophets among the lost tribes that the entire midwest area around there will have to be cleansed. Before the saints can return to it in safety.

Friday and Sunday morning, I watched Tarzan rescue his adopted 'Boy' from the 666 circus on Long Island, in TARZAN'S NEW YORK ADVENTURE; by leading another stampede of GOP elephants.

They finally really did save the boy from Obama's stoner crowd Saturday night in OJ's Vegas. When a bus driver picked him up in front of some D&C 86 church. Confirming my dream on RLDS Conference weekend, about riding on a Utah church bus that had no one at the wheel.

Tarzan's Vegas angle was confirmed by the movie's happy ending jackpot ride inside a no.777 TAXI DRIVER prophecy. Where earlier, it was playing some Spike Lee jazz beat on the radio, and Tarzan remarked that the savages were starting a "war dance".

In the 1942 movie's GSR/TWN nighttime place, called THE MOONBEAM CLUB, the righteous black janitor reverend tells Obama's Cheeta cheater to knock off the "double talk" revealed in Michelle's telephone calls to Kenya etc. like at:

Tarzan and Jane's prophetic call was put through by a young Jennifer Aniston operator. Who was probably attending highschool or college in Manhattan.

Back at the posh hotel, Cheeta, now role playing my Obama loving cheating wives, lays there in bed looking very sexy under the satin sheets, ready to make love, as the bedside clock says 8:56.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Today is the last day of Sukkot. When we remember the destruction of the forces of Egypt, in the Red Sea of Karl Marx' mark of the beast in the REV.13:1 sea.

NOTE: Three boys from Brooklyn drowned in Sullivan County Sunday; near Hemp Meadow Brook Lake. Reminding the SULLIVAN THEATER's letter A man that supporting a known sex pervert like Obama for president is spiritual and sexual abuse of his son Harry.

NOTE: Here's a nice Granny Grass shot of Sienna in a pearl dress at:

Back when Emma Watson turned 18 on 4.15, I had a vivid dream of GG standing beside my wood dresser. She said, "If you clean your room, I'll give you two teens..."

Oddly enough, I just found out that Sienna's other friend in that AUDI TT dream was MOONBEAM CLUB regular Paris Hilton.

Friday, October 17, 2008


The day after Hempstead, Sodom and Egypt's high society tag team sat down to dinner with the great and abominable church of the whore in 1NEPHI 13, at:

I should review 1942's TARZAN'S NEW YORK ADVENTURE.

Those weird clips of Stones' W movie look like the hemp smoking director was stoned during production. Stone was busted for dope possession in a road block in 1999. The same year Obama met twice with the stranger Larry Sinclair for some coked out gay sex. Can't wait for that movie.

The father-son O'Neal team was busted in the early morning after Streisand's evening concert for Obama; held on the 16th, not the 17th.

In confirmation of the three CHARLIE'S ANGELS stars support for Obama, an AIR ANGEL medic chopper with 3 adults crashed Thursday in a stoner suburb of Chicago; famously known as WAYNES WORLD. A little girl died in reference to Drew Barrymore's ET history as a child actor. See:

"Time to wake up pretty girl..." [MULHOLLAND DR.]

Here's some photos of the union thugs behind the 666 beast, who's head was wounded during the 1260 days, but recovered miraculously, at:

Finally, the Michelle tape has come to light that will help remove the new beast's African mask at:

Shortly after Hitler fell, at the peak of the 12 Tarzan movie series, his official propaganda film-maker lady launched a new career making documentaries of butt naked natives' mating rituals in Africa. But nobody wanted them.

The "father-son" transsexual relationship piece about Frank Marshall Davis and young Barry Obama is in the last ENQUIRER.

McCain had to take a NYC chopper taxi to the Fucking A Man Show Thursday afternoon, after the arrival of his plane was mysteriously delayed by air controllers. In confirmation of the letter A man's habit of twirling cards in the air that crash behind his desk.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ryan and Redmond O'Neal were Providentially charged for having dope on the same day Obama and McCain did their tag team debate in a Long Island college pot-head town called Hempstead; north of the case's meth rock landmark named Rockville Center. Because the two Malibu icons were busted on the same day that Barbara Striesand did that Hollywood floor show fundraiser for the crack smoking Obama on September 17.

Family man Obama's known history of cruising for gay sex with strange men was confirmed by the George Clooney style motorcycle crash of QUEER AS FOLK star Gale Harold. Who is playing some new boyfriend role on Eva Longoria's Sunday soapopera, written by one of Hollywood's leading homogaysexual icons, Mark Cherry. The news broke Wednesday, at places like:

The Irish O'Neal father and son omen refers to the existing father and son age span between the two presidential candidates; who are 47 and 72.

Wednesday night, Chicago's Irishman Bill Murray was on the Irish Conan O'Brien show, singing the REV.17 lady's Irish rock classic GLORIA:

Like to tell you 'bout my baby,
you know she comes around,
Just 'bout five feet four a-from her head to the ground.
You know she comes around here just about midnight,
She make me feel so good, lord, she make me feel all right.
And her name is g-l-o-r-i,
G-l-o-r-i-a gloria
G-l-o-r-i-a gloria
I'm gonna shout it all night gloria
I'm gonna shout it every day, gloria
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
She comes around here just about midnight, ha
She make me feel so good, lord,
i wanna say she make me feel all right.
Comes a-walkin' down my street,
then she comes up to my house,
She knock upon my door and then she comes to my room,
Yeah an' she make me feel all right,
G-l-o-r-i-a gloriaG-l-o-r-i-a gloria
I'm gonna shout it all night gloria
I'm gonna shout it every day gloria
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,
Looks so good gloria
All right, feel so good gloria
All right, yeah now.

Confirming this week's tabloid report about that Hawaiian father figure who introduced a young Barry Obama to the joys of adolescent transssexuality. The 72ish Obama supporter, Rev James L Bevel, was sentenced Wednesday in the Civil War landmark of Leesburg, VA, to 15 years in prison for fucking his [5'4" theme] teen daughter. The former Southern Christian Leadership Conference leader, and famous MLK aid, says he was training her, like Obama's fine Hawaii hemp smoking mentor, at:

Wednesday on Leno, it was famous Hollywood pot smoker Drew Barrymore. Telling Jay how high she is on Barack Obama at:
Drew also showed a photo of her Tarzan prophecy bruises, that she recently got on the set of Ellen Page's new monkey roller derby movie, like at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: This motorcycle fake of MULHOLLAND DR's lesbian actress Naimi Watts came out right before the QUEER AS FOLK motorcycle medicine wheel signs at:

The above fake's "STUMPUS MAXIMUS" tag is for the blue heron FOCUS with '222...' Drew Barrymore birth date plates. That passed me on Church Lake Rd Wednesday, at the 19101 tree stumps. Followed by another same-size blue heron car with '222...' plates at the road's fire hydrant, for her Tom Green house fire signs, etc. This is the large snake that was hiding under her pool fridge. And the black spider that lowered herself down onto my pepper-smoked salmon Wednesday evening. In confirmation of my Drew Barrymore cover READER'S DIGEST dream. Wherein the classic SPOOKY song was playing inside David Letterman's RD copy. It's all very very Halloweenish.

NOTE: Here's another timely Tarzan prophecy with Naomi at:

NOTE: The news of Chicago's famous Vegas mobster 'Lefty' passing away Monday, came out on garfish island Wednesday at:,0,2029434.story

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The African natives are dying from a mystery plague in Tarzan's stinging 1941 AIDS prophecy. Soon one of the white safari leaders contracts the future disease, and passes it on to another white man in their party. Which was quickly confirmed by Monday's WND report that Jerome Corsi has fallen very ill, immediately upon return from his trip to explore Obama's political Kenyan savages at:

The symbolic day 1335 AIDS death of homogaysexual [Woody] Allan H Spear, along the day 1290 Mississippi, confirmed the prophetic positioning of Speer Blvd next to the DNC's convention site in Denver. The PEPSI CENTER is part of the SIX FLAGS park mile high complex that relates to the symbolic carnival rides in Eastwood's SUDDEN IMPACT prophecy.

There is probably some truth to WND's new report about William Ayres ghost writing most of Obama's book DREAMS OF MY FATHER, at:

Obama's Divine mission in life is to torpedo Pearl Harbor's Orwellian civil rights fascism started by MLK. Who plagiarized about 40% of his PhD thesis from another black scholar. According to native island traditions, Pearl Harbor was the REV.13 seas' home of the king of the sharks. Where Mr JAWS passed away recently at age 82.

Obama is the destructive ticking time bomb that lovers of liberty have been praying for since the death of Joseph Smith. Today's popular reformed fascism will never recover from the devastation of his implosion. America's African Halloween masks are about to come off.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: The instant this fake Jessica Biel came up at the library a couple weeks ago, that mouthy highschool kid on the other side shouted "DOUCHE!" at his buddy:

NOTE: I was given another clue of what's going on out there last 9.23, while napping at 8:19 pm, when some jerk's voice shouted "Fuck you!"

Monday, October 13, 2008


Friday, Saturday, Sunday's extraordinary and historic emergency meetings by the G7 beast, and it's alien G20 network, marked off the 45 symbolic days in DANIEL 12 between day 1290 and day 1335. Counting from the DNC abomination set up at Denver's SIX FLAGS center, to Obama's BRONCO STADIUM speech off the UFO numbered 20th Avenue and Federal Blvd.

Reportedly, the G20 released their statement after sundown Saturday evening. Which is Sunday, by the Jewish calendar, and already Sunday morning in 35-latitude Israel.

Basically, everyone was running around in DC frantically sticking their fingers into the transsexual dyke's hole. While no one was calling for the resignation of Sodom's Senator Dodd and Barney Frank network; who are at the red roots of the international socialist money problem.

You want social justice? Set up a private credit union that provides housing to worthy people without creating mountains of debt.

Before it's all over, the Barney Frankenfurters will be testifying under oath, or run out of town. Once the Democratic Party media can no longer whitewash what has actually been going on during the past several decades.

With the ongoing 666 treasury crisis in mind, Sunday morning I watched the prophetic sequel, TARZAN'S SECRET TREASURE [of gold]. Of course, Tarzan's real treasure turns out to be his monkey family, etc. That he saves once again with a stampede of GOP elephants, straight out of the old flooding river screenplay prophecy in REV.12

But I did not expect to see the 1941 movie's amazing day 1335 World AIDS Day [1996] confirmation. Of the AIDS stinger spears that the marching butt naked African savages use in REV.9. Which was immediately confirmed by the breaking death reports about day 1290 Minnesota's famous transsexual politician Allan H. Spear, at:

Spear announced that he was transsexual in the same year I got married.

Back on Judah's last day 1260 anniversary, at 4:08 am the Lord woke me up and said, "BOSTON!" Then in a flash vision, he slammed his palm down hard on top of Granny Grass' washing machine.

I truly appreciate receiving these informative and insightful nuggets of enlightenment. Here's some other amazing revelations: Back on 9.30, at 10:08 pm, while napping, an angry black man shouted "You mother fucker!" On 9.24, at 11:35 pm, a mystery man's voice said "You're an idiot!" Earlier, the same day, at 3:58 am, a pissed off Englishman said "You lout!"

Most of the time, the messages are more positive. Like the sweet sounds of Neve Campbell having an intense orgasm. Or a dream about running into Sienna outside ALs, and she asks me if I would like to drive her and a friend home in her baby powder blue AUD/I TT. Causing me to wake up all excited, wondering if her TT has the 2+2 back seat bench layout. Like I see the next day in a T-ods magazine ad, at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

Check out these hilarious Clark County, Vegas photos of the German POWDER BLUE star Jessica Beil, campaigning for the great leader Obama. Wearing her finest 42-months style Italian leather Mussolini boots at:

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Golden Gate Bridge directors voted to construct a suicide net for their famous Dirty Harry landmark Friday. The same day they legalized fake transsexual marriage in Con/necticut.

Friday, the Obama campaign announced that they will be running 30 minute ads in prime time on October 29th. Last Tuesday, I reviewed the 6th Leprechaun prophecy, BACK 2 THE HOOD, in the black context of Obama's historic 2008 campaign. Throughout the 2003 movie, everyone is wearing "57 FAKE" jerseys etc. For my recent TAXI DRIVER fake nude inspirations, like at:

LEP 6 connects everything with the signs and wonders surrounding my 5717 home on Seattle's northeast 5700 block. After my vision of a giant fir tree falling down across the hill on 16th Ave. N.E. in my 5600 block year. That represented the fake strength of the mighty fallen institutions of high finance in Sodom and Egypt; such as WASHINGTON MUTUAL.

BACK 2 THE HOOD says that the marxist Obama gang is going to have to give back the dirty socialist gold they stole from the 666 devil at FREDDY/FANNIE etc; or they will all be cursed.

Speaking of curses. Counting Obama's official DNC nomination on Wednesday, 8.27, as a major symbolic day 1290 event, marking the abomination of desolation set up, DANIEL 12's day 1335 blessing to those who wait sign falls on Saturday 10.11. Counting from day 1290 as the day of his big acceptance speech, at BRONCOS STADIUM off 20th and Mile High Circle, the symbolic day 1335 comes on Sunday 10.12.

Because of a dream I had. I looked up Hayden Panettiere and read that she is trying to save the dolphins. Then I read that a dolphin [doll fin] jumped into Barbara Howard's boat in Florida and wacked her pretty good. Ms Howard is from [Jane] Mansfield, Ohio according to:

Yours, GSR/TWN

Friday, October 10, 2008


I watched YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN in two segments, Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday's news was about two Australians who died in a plane crash near Mt Everest, when crash landing at Sir Edmund Hillary airport. Because the defacto gay Zohan is 'half Australian and half Mt Everest' and all Buddist Nepal in his approach to the Nazi Arabs, at:,23599,24465873-2,00.html

Thursday's news was about a 26 year-old man who died in a transsexual NYC manhole explosion. The same one at the end of ZOHAN, that blew the southern conservative racist homophobe Republican into a homogaysexual party, at:

Confirmed on the same day by Bill Murray's homo-erotic butt-buddies plane jump video on the Fucking A Man Show.

ZOHAN's gay finale, featuring Jewish and Arab merchants living together peacefully in NYC, was Providentially parodied by the violent rioting that erupted Wednesday and Thursday in the mixed Arab-Jewish town of Acre. Read about the smashed retail shops and hair salons etc. at:

Meanwhile, Obama's mainline media is panicking because things have gotten "ugly", i.e. people are beginning to learn the ugly truth about the real Barry Obama. It could get much worse. Radio talk show host Dennis Miller started hearing out callers on day 44 who want to know if a known closet homosexual and crack smoker is fit to hold the highest office in the land.

If you don't believe it, see the new BLACKBERRY Obama sticker cell phones pix of Eva Longoria at

She still believes, or hopes, that all those sexy Paris hotel bed photos of her Obama type mulatto husband, Tony Parker, on that hot French model's cell phone are phoney.

The media should try to whitewash the ugly Larry Sinclair story with the same thick-headed paint that they are using on Obama's ugly William Ayres relationship. Just tell everybody the truth. That Barry and Larry only met briefly a couple times for some quick coked-out gay sex. But they never really had any kind of a close relationship. In fact, they were complete strangers.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Monday, October 6, 2008


I had been thinking about watching the third Dirty Harry movie, THE ENFORCER, but suddenly, a used copy of the fourth 1983 sequel SUDDEN IMPACT became available for $1. So I watched that one instead Monday morning.

Then I discovered that scientists in McCain's Arizona will be watching an asteroid make impact for the first time "during it's final approach". Entering over Obama's Egyptian Red Sea REV.13 landmark on the same day of the Nashville, Tenn debate, at:

They estimate that the shooting star rock will arrive at 5:46 am local time. In confirmation of that 5:46 clock sign in Kobe, Japan, that depicts Jennifer Aniston riding the REV.13 sea creature at:

This is the shooting star pendant that Jenny has felt inspired to wear lately. Like in this BREAKUP shot of her sporting a Chicago CUBS cap for Obama at:

It's also the star T-shirt that Anne Hathaway was wearing on SNL when she introduced THE KILLERS. Who's front man was wearing that great brown ape man feathers jacket; for 'Birds of a [radical] feather, flock together."

The SUDDEN IMPACT prophecy is about a female painter of "dark visions" named Jennifer, and her look alike Jennifer Aniston sister. Who were both financially and spiritually raped by a Bette Midler look alike's gang of lefty wackos in Santa Cruz, CA.

They are the same 19666s crowd that is trying to do it all over again today. By voting for the Obama plan to force their twisted love and compassion upon the people. Demonstrated quite clearly in the film's William Clinton style psycho lover Vegas hotel scene with a Scarlett Johansson whore figure.

On the bright side, Jennifer's ultimate physical transfiguration art work calling in life, is ment to "...make old ugly things right again."

Basically, they shot the movie where 'The Great Leader's John Denver made a sudden hard impact with the REV.13 sea in his futuristic experimental SLEEPER aircraft.

The famous "Make my day" movie ends with the psycho-delic rapist murderer meeting Dirty Harry under a celestial carnival sign for Ephraim's Big Dipper image in the stars. That points directly towards the other waters-of-life Little Dipper sign of Judah; which is attached to the North Star.

Then the bad guy falls to earth from atop Santa Cruz' stock market roller coaster. Crashing through a political merrygoround and getting plunged by the unicorn's historic sharp horn emblem of the tribe of Ephraim.

In the inspired opening sequence, Harry says we have our fingers in the transsexual dyke's hole, but the New Orleans style levee is crumbling all around us. That would be Sunday's deadly casino bus crash near Williams, CA. That confirmed the coming crash of Barry Obama and William Ayres' radical abomination of desolation. Reportedly, the [corn] COBBS bus full of Asians was bearing Texas plates, and rolled over on Lone Star Lane; a few miles off the latter-day five virgins I-5 landmark.

SUDDEN IMPACT's prophetic message is very similar to the one in MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY IN CHICAGO. Based on Harry's murder investigation remark to a comment about the Democrats' response to Sarah Palin, "...they're gonna keep coming after [her]..."

"Good. That way we'll know where they are."

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Counting from the opening 8.25 date of the Obama nation convention in the 777 mountains of Colorado, the Day of Atonement would start on DANIEL's day 45; i.e sundown Wednesday, October 8th.
NOTE: Daniel Cobb owns COBBS BUS SERVICE. 52 year-old Mr Watts [LA riots] was the drunk driver.
NOTE: Remember the DNC Denver location at the end of MATADOR. It came out on DVD on the Fourth of July, 2006, according to:

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Friday in Vegas, 'O'bama backer 'O'J was found guilty of theft, etc. on the REV.13th anniversary of his GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER portrait on the back of Stern's transsexual MISS AMERICA book. The same Friday that Senator Reid's casino bailout bill was passed by Congress and signed into law. Still without any real sense in the Democratic Party media's 2008 campaign for Obama about who the guilty 666 parties are.

The guilty conviction news in OJ's second 1997 trial scrolled across the bottom of the screen during President Clinton's second inauguration speech. When the major stock indexes produced the amazing number sign of '666' on the same day.

For London's Neve Campbell birthday on 10.3, I watched 1936's third Tarzan in the wilderness prophecy sequel, entitled TARZAN ESCAPES. Who escapes the British safari con man's steel 666 cage with the help of two certain strong elephants of Judah and Ephraim.

Then he sends the safari's manipulative butt fucking head into a Hole in the Wall cave full of muddy feces and nasty lizards. Confirmed immediately by Friday's Tarzan news about a 7 year-old boy in Alice Springs, Australia, the country's mini Las Vegas casino town. Who broke into a zoo down there and fed 13 "bearded dragons and thorny devil lizards" and a turtle, to their resident crocodile, at:,2933,432085,00.html

The eventual results of the 2008 election will be like throwing the deceitful and conniving liberal establishment into a violent African American ghetto; to be devoured by it's wild native beasts, i.e the basic scenario in REV.17. In order for Jane to escape the 666 savages and be with her king of the Charlize Theron jungle, Tarzan.

It will be like the naive white liberal activist babe from San Francisco, Kirsten Bry/dum. Who was murdered by civil rights savages on Paltrow's birthday, when she rode a medicine wheel bicyle through LIVE AND LET DIE's New Orleans at night, at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Here's another untamed wild at heart MLK activist report at:
NOTE: After reading about DeNiro and Scorsese teaming up to make the mob hit man film bio, I HEARD YOU PAINT HOUSES, I saw a can of white [wash] paint spilled by Bonney Lake's fire house. Directly across from the town's amazing bathroom stall statue.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


PBS' liberal African American host, Gwen Ifill, tripped and fell down her stairs Monday; breaking her DAN.2 ankle. It was a Gwyneth Paltrow sign from God that simulated someone falling down the 666 beast's mountain side. In Ifill's case, it represented the steep steps on various pyramids in the latter-day Egypt of REV.11. [Gwyneth injured her knee recently on the IRON MAN set.] And those prison steps that lead down into captivity in LOST HIGHWAY.

Ifill doesn't know it yet, but her upcoming book about [Blackberry] Obama will reveal how his fallen day 1290 candidacy exposed the clearly fraudulant foundations of today's illegal civil rights fascism. Everything will come to light, that they are now trying to stall at:

Then the devil will make war against the saints in REV.12

Steve Fossett's symbolic money bills were found lying by the Minerat Mine symbolism of a minaret penis idol going into a Hole in the Wall hideout, like the one at:

This timely sign happened near the Mad/era County line. Mammoth Lakes itself is along Rt.203, for the '4.23' message in Palin's prophetic Manhattan mystery movie.

Sarah Palin continues to flush out the cunning grouchy marxists in Woody's MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY IN CHICAGO prophecy. Look for more evidence surrounding her debate at Washington University in St Louis, MO. Where Steve Fossett graduated with an MBA. Fossett was based in Obama's Beaver Creek, Colorado landmark in the end. Confirmed by Obama's first stop in Beaver, PA, right after the Colorado convention set up of the abomination of desolation candidate. DANIEL's 45 days count will come on 10.10, or 10.11, depending on when the countdown started, i.e. starting the same day, or the day after.

The new fighting on THE VIEW is confirmation of my recent V FOR VICTORY vagina view postings. This one even has a wedding ring, at:

There is an eternal marriage temple vail in the one at:

Here's the info on that 7:57 threesome 3.0 quake near my royal Marina Del Rey SAILOR DOG landmark at:

I watched the second Dirty Harry movie, 1973's MAGNUM FORCE, Wednesday morning. Where the black guy symbolically dies in a mail post box explosion metaphor of my GSR/TWN posts. While eating a broken green reed stalk for, "A bruised reed shall he not break..." in ISAIAH 42:3.

It also features an inspired Ginger Blake forerunner, coupled with Harry's prophetic photo of Ginger's Bothell, WA roommate from Utah in 1991.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


In between Julia's brief landings on the Fucking A Show and the Conan O show in Manhattan this week, a hiker found $100 bills lying around from Steve Fossett's remains near the Dead Man's Pass landmark in the Ritter Range of the Cathedral Range. That recently marked the sudden 9.11 anniversary passing of John Ritter in BRIDE OF CHUCKY.

To the east is Tom's Place on Hwy.395, and all that HERSHEYS gay shit around there. Like Aspen Park and Red Slate Mtn's reference to Obama's bailout speech at that "... Mountains H.S." in Colorado. The very same day that my seven mountains beast post rolled out about DUMB AND DUMBERER's highschool debate.

All of these marvelous works and wonders are confirmation of my dream about seeing Julia sitting in a union road crew foreman's pickup truck; before making a secret pass at me. After we were clearing blackberry vines from the side of a mountain pass' retaining wall in Mt Zion.

Just recently, they cleared off all the blackberries growing on Bonney Lake's Temple Mount western wall. Corroborating Julia's wild accounts Tuesday and Wednesday night, about meeting some lost tribes ape man, while on safari in Africa last summer, who had nine wives. Mammoth Lakes being a primitive GOP elephant thing; east of Devil's Postpile, and Crestview's reference to the fake vagina crest view at:

And this wooly billy goat one by a mountain ledge mother at:

Last I heard, they had not found Fossett's FLYING M RANCH plane wreckage yet. Just his sweater, some cash, pieces of ID, etc. leaving us to wonder if he made a failed government parachute bailout, or what. If he jumped, the John Denver metaphor could have glided on for miles.

My prophetic bloody ripe blackberry vines dream, among the seven mountains beast of REV.13, confirmed by the -777 casino jackpot DOW, was about today's 2008 black presidential candidate named Barry; and his tag-team partner John McCain. Since Fossett took off from Reno's casino area location of gay RENO 911. Even the mulatto and albino mentioned in NIRVANA's prophetic get-out-the-vote TEEN SPIRIT videos featuring the juvenile Hollywood types like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Leo DiCaprio, and Ashton Kutcher.

Wednesday night on Manhattan's Fucking A Show, Anne Hathaway told the letter A man that she had been fucked by a slick smooth talking huckster for four years. The exact length of a presidential term in office. I have never heard anyone accuse George Bush of being a smooth persuasive talker.

Yours, GSR/TWN