Wednesday, February 27, 2008


"I'm gonna f_ck you in the ass!!" says the purple jump-suit Jesus wiz kid pervert roller, or something like that, in THE BIG LEBOWSKI hardwood floors bowling alley prophecy. About the Coen brothers being from Larry Sinclair's state of Duluth, Minnesota background to 2007's transsexual biopic of the town's native son, entitled I'M NOT THERE.

Across the LOST HIGHWAY from Pete's greasy CHUCK&LARRY'S BRAKES & MUFFLERS shop in Bonney Lake is a new FEDEX KINKOS confirmation of Brad Pitt's scruffy deliveryman in JK's new video. Larry, the DEAD MAN WALKING guy with a brain tumor, is sporting Brad's same unshaved beard in his day 1290 revelation that is going to destroy Barack Saddam Hussein Obama et al in a very slow and painful process. His death is going to lead to the metaphorical death of his brain-dead supporters like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, and Scarlett Jennny Johansson.

Tuesday afternoon at WAL*MART, I felt inspired to update 23 year-old Jennifer Aniston's LEPRECHAUN prophecy " more time..." Over at the library a half hour later, I saw the new pix of her " more time..." mystery lover.

For the last time. The Leprechaun's gold coins treasure, hidden in the old rusty pickup, among the prophetic Black Hills of Mt Rushmore, represents the restoration of the 1958ish vehicle to it's prime physical condition. There is no greater treasure or wealth than the gift of eternal life.

The ‘3.99' banner hanging on the café window sets up the 39 year-old time-frame for the horror movie's star. Who is still refusing the ROCKY HORROR meatloaf message offered by her love interest Nathan. Instead, she still prefers the sacred ‘dead cow' values of her false rod of Jesse love guru prophet Gandhi at:,0.jpg .

"I'm gonna have to make this a little tighter..." is one of Jenny's best updates in the 1992 film. Where she comforts her ‘mighty and strong' hero with a little more pressure in the right spot. Before he gives her the pump shotgun, suggesting that she "just cock it"; and the marred Ozzie follows up with "Watch out for those teeth."

Before watching the Leprechaun lose his hand in a door jam Wednesday morning, Will Ferrell was on the Leprechaun's Irish Conan O'Brien show. Showing us his same severed hand, because Will has been so reluctant to sign his autograph on any tithing checks made out to the United Order's credit union. This is why both the Leprechaun and the SEMI PRO actor were wearing red short-shorts. And the 3 painter's truck had motor [gold] distributor cap distribution problems.

Speaking of nice&tight shotgun blow jobs. Larry has posted the hotel reservation numbers for his 1999 party with Obama in Gurnee, Ill at . Turns out the 666 Scientology computer actually calculated that he was telling the truth. Of course he is. Does anyone out there besides Ms O, Brad Pitt, and Sharon Stone think not?

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: I see Sienna hopped on a jet to Heathrow Ledger Airport Tuesday afternoon at LAX. And about an hour later, England time, when her tall skinny guy was fingering her during MICHAEL CLAYTON, there was a 5.2 B-52s earthquake near Lincolnshire. Shire meaning ‘sire' in the old tongue at: .
NOTE: Here is the confirmation about that JUNO teen dying on Harrison [Ford] Blvd at: .
NOTE: This NYC report about Hollywood's counterfeit kingdom of God Obama values, came out on the same day ET et al did they're usual post Oscars report about how to buy cheap copies of Hollywood's red carpet designer label outfits at: .

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Oscar night, Jimmy Kimmel played his new transsexual video featuring an all star cast of Obama-voters, called "I'm f_cking Ben Affleck" In confirmation of the same day's Scientology machine results by Obama's top consultant David Axelrod.

For the latest updates in the unfolding CHUCK&LARRY'S BRAKES sting scandal, see .

Here's a funny BUBBA HO-TEP no.2 ‘crap' quote from Larry's determined email, sent Monday morning. If true, it looks like Obama has contracted a fatal case of political AIDS from setting up sexual sting contacts with the wrong man.

"So you were in fact hired by Mr. Axelrod after all. You think $750,000 is enough money to protect your interests from all the crap that is going to hit over this little piece of information I was sent this morning?

I am releasing all our email communication later along with the information about WH and Axelrods little dispute over the matter of you not being paid all of your money and over you not posting everything that was asked of you as fast as they asked you to.

And I will be contacting Mr. Gelb who turns out not to be a DR after all."

The fact that Larry Sinclair lives in Duluth, Minn, the northern dead-end of I-35, relates directly to all the latter-day landmarks along I-35, starting in Webb County, Texas. Because his ROCKY HORROR reports about blowing Obama came out on the web.

Right there next to Duluth is a place named Arnold on Rt.9, [the number of finality] for the California governor's history of f_cking conservatives in the ass. Just like McCain wants to do at: .
The transsexual town of Her/man/town is also right there. On the Wisconsin side in Douglas County is Gordon, and Wentworth, for all those sugar factory explosion signs in Port Wentworth, Georgia. As in Hwy.17's Crossgate Road cross-dresser themes, etc.

The liberal blog site is obviously f_cking Larry over, fulfilling I-35's prophetic Webb County landmark called Lake Casa Blanca; i.e. ‘White House Lake' in English. The term ‘blog' is short for web log.

A link to Jimmy's ‘nose to nose' dance homage and pool scene from VIVA LAS VEGAS is at: .

ABC's late night talk host grew up there, and has many Mormon friends. In Jimmy and Ben's relationship video, [They're called ‘Jen'] co-staring Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt delivers a congratulations cake with candles. Confirming the deliveryman named Allen Donehoo, [Donnie Ho is done.] who rescued an angry REV.17 lady last Friday near Hwy.89's Harrisville, Utah, in Weber County. When a candle started a fire above her basement apartment at: .

Ogden, Utah being a major IRS center, with all that WEBER BBQ stuff, west of Rt.39's Huntsville, and all that Nordic Valley, Snowbasin context north of I-84's Devil's Slide.

Will Ferrell was on Letterman Monday, singing ‘goodbye' with some of Arnold's Austrian Israelite Nazi kids from the cast of that classic high mountain elevation musical. His Tony Parker basketball swingers movie comes out this Friday, I think. In clips, all his ball players are wearing 70s short-shorts like in the Jen video.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Romance novelist Nora Roberts' BOONE HOTEL in Boonsboro, Maryland, burned down Friday in confirmation of Obama's good time boner in Larry's 1999 no tell ho/tel. Over on Rt.404 is the transsexual Denton location context for today's unfolding ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecies.

Roberts' husband Bruce Wilder owns a book store café across the street called TURN THE PAGE. For the remarkable Kate Holmes look alike that I encountered Friday afternoon at Rainier's used videos shelf. The tall trim 29ish brunet was standing there examining an antique book [of Mormon] while keeping an eye on her little Tom Cruise look alike boy with bangs, dressed in a number ‘17' sports jersey. It was the same day the new blog pix came out of Kate and Tom attending some Black Obama History Month church ladies event in LA.

Friday's LOST HIGHWAY HOTEL sign happened just down the road from Greenboro's greenhouse reference to THE THING. Reportedly, Larry Sinclair is scheduled to be monitored by one of those Scientology lie-detector therapy machines this Tuesday in NYC. Is it true that the new advanced models actually attach sensor wires to your thing?

The first crash of a stealth B-2 was definately a secret BUBBA HO-TEP no.2 butt sucker sign. Confirmed by the current visit in Cuba of Vatican's "No.2" D&C 86 leader at: .

Andersen Air Force Base in gentile Guam is about the Anderson County themes in Chris Wood's original screenplay PALESTINE, TEXAS. Up at Palestine Lake are the Franks-ton, Moore Station, and Reese landmarks; off Hwy.69. Did Senator McCain fly out of Guan? The Catholic Roberts smacks me as the quintessential McCain supporter.

Below are Prince's famous number ‘2' lyrics for 1999. His prophetic ‘two thousand zero zero party over...' words refer to the two hopeless zero parties. Of which the HBO party requires about 2000 delegates to win their doomed nomination.

I was dream'n when I wrote this
Forgive me if it goes astray
But when I woke up this mornin'
Coulda sworn it was judgment day
The sky was all purple
There were people runnin' everywhere
Tryin' 2 run from the destruction
U know I didn't even care
'Cuz they say two thousand zero zero party over
Oops out of time
So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999
I was dreamin' when I wrote this
So sue me if I go 2 fast
But life is just a party
And parties weren't meant 2 last
War is all around us
My mind says prepare 2 fight
So if I gotta die
I'm gonna listen 2 my body tonight
Yeah, they say two thousand zero zero party over
Oops out of time
So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999
Lemme tell ya somethin'
If U didn't come 2 party
Don't bother knockin' on my door
I got a lion in my pocket
And baby he's ready 2 roar
Yeah, everybody's got a bomb
We could all die any day
But before I'll let that happen
I'll dance my life away
They say two thousand zero zero party over
Oops out of time
We're runnin' outta time
So tonight we gonna, we gonna (Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999)
Say it 1 more time
Two thousand zero zero party over
Oops out of time
No, no
So tonight we gonna, we gonna (Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999)
Alright, it's 1999
You say it, 1999
1999 don't stop, don't stop, say it 1 more time
Two thousand zero zero party over
Oops out of time
Yeah, Yeah
So tonight we gonna, we gonna (Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999)
Yeah, 1999
Don'tcha wanna go
Don'tcha wanna go
We could all die any day
I don't wanna die
I'd rather dance

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Check out this hilarious Obama as Messiah link at:
NOTE: Roberts' hotel fire report is at: .
NOTE: Here is a 911 jet airplane omen about the end of the JFK church windows at:
NOTE: Sitting outside in front of STARBUCKS Friday, a man walked in wearing a CHUCK&LARRY sweat shirt top. Then a 1989ish O.J. BRONCO drove by in the exact same color as the gay firemen movie poster at: .
Walking back later after dark, down by that gay guy's JET-STREAM [B-2] car wash, I found $66 lying on the ground.

Friday, February 22, 2008


There was an orgasmic 6.0 quake near Nevada's Hole in the Mountain Peak, north of Sandy's 6457' Secret Pass on Rt.229; the day of the BUBBA HO-TEP debate in Austin. The liberal media's secrets are getting shaken loose.

Down in Brother Chavez's land of 666ist hope, a French made ATR 42-300 crashed in the high Andes mountain symbols of high power Thursday. It was operated by SANTA BARBARA airlines, to mark America's most famous town for limousine liberals. In the millennium, the high places will be made low. Egypt's ancient pyramids were symbolic of man-made mountains.

The news broke Thursday that Ashton, Demi, and Madonna were exposed to Hep A during a birthday party at Obama and Larry's upscale SOCIALISTA BAR in Manhattan for 30 year-old Ashton. Hep A being a fucking-A asshole word play on Ho-Tep. In LOST HIGHWAY, the Mulholland Drive tail-gating jerk makes the beast figure ask "Is he doing what I think he's doing?" Who then pistol whips the "Fucking A!!" rear-ender. "Tail-gating is one thing I can not tolerate."

Walking past Larry Sinclair's LARRY'S... BRAKES & MUFFLERS shop on Hwy.410 Thursday, I heard a loud bang, and turned around to see that a lady had rammed a dirty black 90s MUSTANG in front of her at Lady Bug corner, with her forest green RAVA 4x4 sporting ‘548 NTV' plates. She got out holding her left arm and shoulder. Soon an ambulance showed up with a gurney in confirmation of Larry's secret encounter with Obama in Gurnee, Ill.

Larry says he had a rented FIVE STAR LIMOUSINE back in 1999. When he was partying like the five foolish political party virgins in Prince's 90s hit. In Sinclair's secret pass video, he strangely repeats ‘1999' several times; like the prophetic song goes...
"So tonight we gonna party likes it's 1999... Say it one more time... party over, oops, out of time..."

The photo in this link reveals how Larry was kind of a cute gay blade about town back in 1999. Those might be Chip'n Dale dancers behind him at: .

The day before I ever heard of Larry's limousine encounter with Scarlett's transsexual leader in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, [ For Paris' birthday floor show in Vegas.] I decided to start riding in the back seat of Granny Grass' long 1989 EL DORADO.

I had gotten tired of fussing with all her stuff on the front seat; such as her black purse, loose junk mail, grocery coupons, candy wrappers, etc. So I moved the seat forward all the way and hopped in back, amazed at how roomy it was, happy with all the leg room. It was just like being royally chauffeured in a mini limo I thought.

I can see my dream about Scarlett giving me a secret BJ under the bed sheets more clearly now. That was featured later in her nanny movie's kitchen jelly scene. It was that dream, confirmed in a tabloid, where the married couple burst in demanding a refund for some recipe cards, which looked like grocery coupons, or maybe voting ballots. Clearly it was about the coming Mutiny Bay, Whidbey Island scenario.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: McCain is getting what he deserves for whoring around with the NYT et al. If the old guy had any bullets left in his six-shooters, he would have used the silly gossip context to bring up the more legit Larry Sinclair video.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


The big snow job pile-up on I-94 in Michigan City, Indiana Wednesday was a CIRCUIT CITY confirmation of 94's campaign bus SPEED prophecy. Sandy's Long Beach, Indiana Indian medicine wheel context is right there. That no-tell-motel in Gurnee, Ill, where Larry Sinclair gave Obama a prophetic blow job, is located off I-94 and Washington [DC] Street. Due west is Hunt Club Road, for the hunting club for rich weirdos in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. See how the false hope is all going to end at: .

The same meteor tabloids who spiked the Obama look alike Tony Parker story are spiking the juicy Larry Sinclair news. Sinclair looks like a typical Texas Bubba [Ho-Tep] in his double SPEED bus video. Remember, the Shady Rest Home mummy was let loose after his 50s horror movie bus crashed in Texas.

Sitting in front of STARBUCKS Wednesday, Bob Short the lost AMERICAN EXPRESS card Big Foot guy stopped by my table, asking me what ever happened to that nice blonde lady he saw me with a lot. You must mean Elle Wood, I replied. Telling him she moved down to Austin, Texas with her husband Chris. Not mentioning that yesterday I learned that Reese Witherspoon's character in 2001's LEGALLY BLONDE is named Elle Woods.

Then I walked inside, where a mother was talking to her young boy named ‘Austin'. Then I sat down back outside on the rear tables, right when the most fabulous young Sandra Bullock look alike I ever saw, pulled up to the order post in her black 805 WOK 4x4. She ordered a berry muffin.

Hillary Clinton has blonde hair. So maybe it's time to watch the Washington, DC movie that made Ms Witherspoon's career. The actress from Nashville, Tenn seems to be interested in movies with a distinct left-wing loony edge.

Speaking of fine looking blondes, thousands were stranded at London's Heathrow [Ledger] Airport Wednesday. When their computerized baggage system crashed, where Sienna must have dropped off her luggage size meteorite icon en route to LAX in a top hat. To shoot a movie about the army men characters in THE THING.

ET reported Cindy Crawford turned 42 Wednesday. Right on time for my 4:20 elect/rocution post about Carmen Elect/ra's 4.20 birth date reference to George Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas; as per the 42 months prophecy in REV.13.

The next HBO leadership elect/ion debate is in Austin, Texas tonight. So keep an Egyptian eye out for any BUBBA HO-TEP signs and wonders. Billary Clinton being the well known Bubba, and Rack Obama playing the resurrected Ho-Tep mummy who survives off predatory butt holes, like the Teamsters' Jimmy Hoffa.

On Madison, Wisconsin Tuesday, 4 school kids died in a bus crash south of Cottonwood, Minn, near the Redwood River and Green Valley [Giant foods], southwest of Wood Lake. Due east is Curtis Lake, for all those warm and fuzzy Obama style children books by Hollywood horror movie scream queen Jamie Curtis at: .

Green Valley, Minn represents the vegetable greenhouse where the abominable snowman Big Foot vegetable was sucking the blood out of his foolish liberal scientist supporters in THE THING. Here's a good transfigured shot of the Green Giant's valley at: .

Wednesday night, Letterman did a grocery bagging competition with Erika Jensen, the new International Grocery Bagger champion from West Jordan, Utah. She topped her two brown paper bags off with WILCOX eggs and a loaf of worthless WONDER BREAD. Which is how Chris Wood got started at ALBERTSONS. THE CHECKOUT director is now working at WHOLE FOODS headquarters in Austin. Where they sell a fine selection of whole wheat breads.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Nine children were injured in a Federal Head Start school bus crash on Wisconsin Tuesday, in Chino, CA.. The Minnesota history of the dollar Green Giant farm valley icon is at: .
The mothers of Israel, like Jamie and Reese, should reconsider the day 1290 federal heath care plans proposed by HBO et al.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Granny Grass insisted we check out the President's Day sales on South Hill Monday. I didn't feel like going, but she offered me a Biblical $10 Negro Ham/ilton bill bonus. So there I was, while Bush was still in the African bush, checking out the cutest Keira Knightley look alike in sunglasses at STARBUCKS. While a huge England red king cab KNIGHT Transport semi truck stopped in the background on Meridian, and so on. There was even a passing ‘007...' car when I examined USAT's front page photo of my SEINFELD Newman figure smoking his victorious bikini No.12 wheels by the CLAMBAKE beach at DAYTONA 500. For that classic smoking hot photo of Sienna on page 291 in VANITY FAIR, at Area Code 310's VICEROY HOTEL.

The plan was to meet back at GG's Hwy.1989 CADDY near APPLEBEES at 4:30 pm. At the last minutes before that, I finally found the obvious reason she was inspired to drag me over there; i.e. to get a copy of 1951's THE THING From Another World, inside CIRCUIT CITY, USA for 10.99.

I finished watching the Big Foot alien abominable snowman get destroyed by electrocution at 4:20 am exactly, marking Ms Electra's new birth [4.20] temple name given to her by the inspired Negro Egyptian Prince musician from Twin Cities, Minnesota. Confirming last Friday's attempted cancellation of 1991's prophetic GUILTY AS CHARGED electric chair in Lincoln, Neb. Then confirmed by the underground meat packing confirmation recall of all those sick Obama cows who got the Devil's forklift at HALLMARK's slaughterhouse in California.

THE THING opened in my birth year on the Lord's crucifixion birth date of April 6th, and ended with the now famous line "Keep watching the skies!!" The 26 year-old Sienna Miller angle hit about an hour later. When a bright LAX airport "suitcase size" tabloid meteor flashed through the sky around 5:30 am, landing near Rt.26's Lind-Hatton Road in reference to that ROCKY HORROR top hat Sienna was wearing upon arrival last week to shoot GI JOE's army characters in the classic movie. See the things at: .

On Paris' ominous 27th birthday, that she celebrated with a transsexual floor show in Las Vegas, I discovered for the first time that censored Larry Sinclair confirmation of Obama's transsexual role in THE ROCKY WHORE PICTURE SHOW; released in the year when Madison, Wisconsin's Charlize Theron was born. This year, the place has received record amounts of snow fall from Neve's Canada, for THE THING's carrot sucking vampire snow job themes.

Speaking of limousine liberal blow jobs. Transsexuals like Obama probably appreciate the way men do it, with more satisfying hard lip pressure to the top of the cherry tree. Just ask Travolta. As opposed to the sometimes irritating ultra light touch that many women think that men like. It's not about ‘sucking hard'. It's about pressing hard, without biting, in the right spot on top. Like Chloe knew how to do in BROWN BUNNY at: .

Watching Larry Sin/clair's confessional via at the library on Wisconsin Tuesday, this very tall flaming gay guy sat down at the adjacent computers, filling the entire area with his strong animal cologne scent. To my right, was an amazing younger blonde Reese Witherspoon look alike mother tapping rapidly on her keyboard.

It probably had something to do with her LEGALLY BLONDE Washington, DC movies, that I have never seen, in relation to her Leno appearance this week for some new loony movie about an oppressed lady forced to wear a Muslim style obamanation of desolation scarf. Whatever, I noticed that two Area Code 310 campaign SPEED buses of Judah and Ephraim drive by outside the rear window during Sinclair's obviously sincere video.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Sunday, February 17, 2008


President Bush's trip to Lake Washington's Jewish Mercer Island African continent landmark, to spread around some of that $45,000,000,000 in earmarked African loot, taken by force of law, was my two witnesses radio signal to watch KING OF KONG ISLAND, a 93 min version of the uncut one at: .

Charles Barkley was right last week on Leno. Just like Obama is right about the big change coming. Today's religious conservatives really are phony Christians. There is simply no excuse for Bush's pandering to the religious-left worshipers of Jesus C. Satan. It's why that skinny white guy sent a copy of Nietzsche's THE ANTI-CHRIST to his girlfriend before killing all those young transsexual gospel of Paul Obama supporters at: .

Nietzsche also wrote a poetic book called THE GAY SCIENCE at: .

I found the above 1968 produced Italian plan-B movie some months ago in WAL*MART's one dollar DVD selection. Though the super-8mm looking disk has no island location, or giant Kong gorilla, it does feature some obviously human Big Foot apes who are controlled by a giant 666 brain deep in the jungles of Harlem and South Chicago. And it starts with $300,000 of the stolen wages that Bush is handing out right now in Africa to appease DC's urban jungle street thugs.

The royal princess Keira Knightley actress seen on the original 155 min DVD at AMAZON, called simply KONG ISLAND, plays [Princess] Diana. She is kidnaped by the mad Madison, Wisconsin style scientist in order to reveal the plot's future ‘mighty and strong' hero. Who is rescued by an Evangeline Lilly lady in the lost jungle named ‘Eva'; affectionately known to the future LOST cast natives there as "The sacred monkey" because she is a good tree climber. Here is exactly what the banana bearing Eva looks like from certain angles at: .

Speaking of phony pussy-whipped Republicans, McCain's history as a Navy pilot represents the Naval Air Station on Whidbey Island, off Rt.20 and Deception Pass, next to Oak Harbor and Crescent Harbor. To the south is Hastie Lake. On my Washington atlas, the naval station's air strips form two giant X X patterns for the lost sons of Judah and Ephraim. The figure ‘X' being a mystery symbol of the lady in REV.17.

Looking for pix of Adriana Lima in a Gilligan's Island hammock, or maybe stuck to a sealed chair, I found this great double NBA basketballs shot at: .

Reportedly, Lima Bean is dating some Serbian NBA player on the twin cities' TIMBER WOLVES basketball team. Her 26 year-old look alike REAR WINDOW figure is posed above the descendants of Israel who are as numerous as the stars of heaven in GEN.26:4. She is doing push ups in a pose like the mighty and strong one below that Brazil globe in ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Right before the smiling Obama Riff Raff releases his Frankenstein place wolf dogs.

Walking back Sunday, I found the latest VICTORIA'S SECRET bikini island beach catalogue lying around in the post office; addressed to "Jessica Grill". Featuring Adriana on the cover making a sexy pair of CLAMBAKE oyster lips. Walking back outside below those double naked ladies on DIAMOND LOUNGE's "half off" special bikini waitresses sign, a trailer hauling three ATV medicine wheel icons stopped, next to a red pickup bearing ‘TIGGER3' wildcat plates. Allowing me to see that there was a BBQ grill unit tied to one of the ATVs. Exactly as the girls are tied up to a threesome post for safety in RESCUE FROM GILLIGAN'S ISLAND.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Friday, February 15, 2008


Sitting on my black leather throne Thursday at STARBUCKS' local competitor FORZA, located next to Katie Couric's giant PERKY'S coffee pot drive-up espresso hut off 211th, their smooth jazz radio station played some Black History Month PSA about America's African jazz roots. Before or after that, I heard the station announce the most astonishing day 1290 obamanation of desolation confirmation: "KWJZ turns 15 years-old in 2008"

"It's time to smooth out..." was another smooth jazz theme that KWJZ repeated. In confirmation of Obama's smooth talking left-wing agenda for revolutionary change, that excites Ortega et al so much at: .

Obviously, Rack Obama's historically divisive "change" campaign platform is deeply inspired by God. Because with his help, there will definitely be some earth shattering changes.

Sitting outside on the REAR WINDOW patio furniture behind STARBUCKS Wednesday afternoon. There was a sudden thunderous barrage of gun fire over at the Swiss Club gun range; like I haven't heard from there in years. In fact, I thought maybe they had shut down the range due to noise complaints from nearby new housing developments. I knew immediately that it was a Valentines Day Massacre message.

Turned out, the REV.17 college harlot massacre happened on the final floor show stage in ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, while some Dr Everett Scott tutor was giving a science lecture to Obama's young indoctrinated student supporters. The Chicago region location was about the original Valentines Day gangland massacre in Chicago. That was a political mob 666 prophecy about the beasts going after the whores. It's no coincidence that both Hilary and Obama are from slaughterhouse Chicago.

Dr Scott's first name ‘Everett' is an inspired reference to Whidbey Island's shared ‘Possession' channel with Everett, Washington [DC] and it's D&C 86 suburb Marysville; so famous for it's vagina pie icon restaurants. This area is the 747 home of Paine Field, Mukilteo, [muk kill T O] and all that, across from Clinton and [Hubert] Humphrey Rd.

In ROCKY HORROR's contentious dinner scene, Dr Scott produces a GSR/TWN note from Eddie, who hated his Teddy [Kennedy], that warns us "...they mustn't carry out their evil deed..."
With a hot topless photo of [Kate] Holmes Harbor, we are reminded that Hillary's day 1290 obamanation of desolation involves her mandatory health care plan, based on the foundation laid by Newt Gingrich on day 1290, August 2, 1996; expanded lately by President Bush signing the illegal unconstitutional child care fascism bill.

The Democrats' ANIMAL FARM enforcer dogs were released on the Republicans this Valentines Day, in the form of bogus contemp charges, in order to make clear the connection with Valentines Day's prophetic massacre; by a skinny white guy role playing Bob Denver's satanic mechanic rescuer. I wonder if he looks anything like Sienna Miller's 39 year-old skinny Riff Raff handyman character boyfriend? She did show up at LAX wearing Columbia's jukebox top hat. That Frankenstein place college campus is located off I-39.

All the hot young college babes in RESCUE FROM GILLIGAN'S ISLAND voted for the temple lab professor to be their "Homecoming King". Announced in the scene where he is working on his latest batch of eternal marriage sealant goop. That's what I call change.

Vote For Change, GSR/TWN

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Monkey Muffin's lost island TV show appearance on Letterman last night, in a Transylvania flight-suit belt above her transsexual WORLDWIDE PANTS, was my long awaited cue to finally watch RESCUE FROM GILLIGAN'S ISLAND.

The 1978 TV movie is about being rescued in Hawaii 15 years later. When the 1260 days restoration of Israel rescue project started in 1993. Judah's 1290 days abomination of desolation set up, at a UN campaign style rally, has been confirmed by the 15 years time-span from the 1993 countdown to Obama's 2008 campaign. The name Obama being a prefix ‘abomination' word play warning on the prophetic abomination cited in DANIEL and MARK 13:14, etc. where it aught not be. When we can clearly see this abomination, the time has come to run.

In the movie, the professor's two witnesses radio broadcasts stopped working "over ten years " earlier, i.e. around the end of DANIEL 8:14's 2200, 2300, 2400 days latter-day GSR/TWN countdown.

Last weekend, Rush had the traditional "Clambake" dinner with Clint Eastwood's aging suicidal friends at AT&T's annual USELESS BAY GOLF&COUNTRY CLUB tournament off Monterey bay. Where John Denver went down in an ultra-light to set up the story line for when Bob Denver's legacy would come into play. The event's SARDINE FACTORY location was prophetic context for Denver's MINNOW boat shipwreck; sardines being the size of little minnows that feed the big Bing Cosby fish. [This is where they filmed MY FAVORITE BRUNET Lima Bean movie with Bob Hope.]

The recent advent of the movie's Borat look alike spy is another indication of the story line's Judah day 1290 meaning. Combined with the Julia Louis-Dreyfus farm girl's look alike NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE, and the Nicole Kidman blonde who shows up at the ‘welcome home' ticker-tape parade transformed into a Heather Graham look alike in gold. Where a young Tom Cruise makes an amazing cameo after the 666 Borat figure says that the rescued castaways are all so stupid.

The same day I saw the gang of seven get rescued by a tsunami wave, Indonesia issued a tsunami warning prophecy at: .

Hang on tight folks, we are about to get rescued from all this at: .

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Here's a shot of Evangeline stuck onto one of those two wood chairs that Gilligan coated with sealer goop at: .
NOTE: The first girl I ever kissed was an Evangeline Lilly look alike named Libby Ernst [a.k.a. Lib]. It was during a beach campout sleep-over on Vashon Island, after our oyster bake campfire died down.
Later, I would discover Rush Limbaugh on KVI 570, founded on the same ‘V.I.' island.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Via a blog search of "Jennifer Aniston dream" for her Vancouver, BC birthday today, I found Ian Howard's recent dream about Jennifer Aniston. Which he posted on the January 20th 1260 days anniversary of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. Also the birth date of David Lynch.

In the prophetic dream, he is role playing yours truly, the rod of Jesse forerunner to the Messianic person behind the scenes. With a time frame that begins around the baptismal pool in VIVA LAS VEGAS. Surrounded by Hollywood's 666 sharks in REV.13:1, who were just identified by the passing of JAWS' co-star Roy Scheider at the 75 year-old number marker for Charlize Theron's 75 birth year. [Rt.1's Half Moon Bay 3.1 quake at 5:31 sunrise was an Area Code 310, 31 frozen ice cream flavors, JER.31, thing.]

Ian's "transition... from old to new" is the upcoming physical transfiguration. Which involves a form of death, then rebirth, that touches every aspect of our life styles. The dream's messenger "woman" represents the signs and wonders in the GSR/TWN letters surrounding the daughters of Israel.

Like that major fire over the weekend in London which confirmed the marketplace setting in Hitchcock's REV.17 election campaign metaphor FRENZY. In Sienna Miller's freezing Pennsylvania, it was a 68-vehicle pileup on her 81 birth year I-81 landmark at: .

I-81 is the lost highway to THE OFFICE sitcom location. Confirming Ian Howard's mention of Jennifer Aniston's modern cult horror movie OFFICE SPACE.

You all know who the enraged people are that Ian saw seething with anger in his dream prophecy. The ones who look at all the amazing inspired elements on their classic movie video screens and see nothing. I can hear them sometimes shouting at me in the night, screaming out "It's just a movie!"

Yesterday at 9:35 pm, I had a flash vision of David Letterman sitting behind his stage desk, flipping the bird towards his red head Israelite announcer on the side. Perhaps he was addressing someone off-stage behind the scenes, someone in the wings.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Ian Howard's dream is at: .

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Wearing a Republican party elephant suit sporting a pink VICTORIA'S SECRET bra, Rack Obama supporter Charlize Theron picked up her Hasty pot award at Harvard Thursday. The same day there was a 3.1 earthquake near transsexual San Francisco's Half Moon Bay at 5:31 am exactly.

Obviously, she's f_cking Matt Damon.

Inspired by the recent Obama JFK comparisons, I watched 2003's BUBBA HO-TEP again Saturday morning. The prophetic similarity between Obama and the film's resurrected Egyptian mummy was truly uncanny. Did anyone know that the politician with an exotic Egyptian sounding name would be running for president back in 2003? In the movie, all the Lone Ranger heros, the real men, who fought for truth, liberty, and justice, have grown old and feeble, and are either dead or dying. Like Clint Eastwood.

In 2001, the bay area's DEAD KENNEDYS put out a live album entitled MUTINY ON THE BAY. In 1985, they made an album called FRANKENCHRIST. It's "Penis Landscape" artwork was done by H.R. Giger. This would be that green hair chick standing in front of me at REGAL when I first saw JUNO.

The DKs also put out an album in 87 called GIVE ME CONVENIENCE OR GIVE ME DEATH with a Mike Huckabee look atype on the cover at:
And: .

Sienna Miller, of Miller Lake, Whidbey Island fame, showed up prepared for take-off Friday at the London Film Critics Circle Awards in a fabulous ROCKY HORROR Transylvania flight suit outfit at: .

There was a 5.4 earthquake Friday night in California, "around 11:15" near the southern end of Rt.111 at the Mexicale border; which means ‘Mexican California'.

Friday, February 8, 2008


I saw the rapidly developing Bible Belt twister reports right after I logged my Foulweather Bluff post. Tennessee was hit hardest for Monday's NYT piece about Sheryl Crowe's "The Hit Farm" twister omens. The ANIMAL FARM metaphor is located outside Nicole's Nashville. Crowe was on Letterman this week, after Dave had fun giving yours truly the finger on the bottom of his coffee cup. See the cup-of-wrath signs at: .

Jackson, Tennessee's Union Baptist college is in Madison County, Tenn, off I-40. It was hit hard in the name of Baptist Gov Huckabee's big night. There are more calamities coming for those who preach Jesus and ignore his word. Due northeast on Rt.20 is a town called Juno; located in Big Foot's HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS County. The prophetic report I read is at: .

Romney packed his bags, just like his conservatives are going to pack up and exit Egypt. It's time for Senator Lott et al to leave Sodom just like Lot did in the Bible.

"Say goodbye to all this." [ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW]

The child in Maria's church lady teeth was confirmed by that child found 150 yards from his devastated home at:

Looking for Rack Obama pix, I found this porn star sitting on New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain image, covering her right breast, because there is no right lane anymore in American politics. She's a look alike for this hot HBO coed chick I see at STARBUCKS. It's a Plymouth Rock sign too, near Rocky Point, Mass at: .

I watched CAT BALLOU's lost tribes of Israel movie last night. Up to where my gun slinger ‘Kid' kills the English Lord's bully hit man in a REV.17 whore house; who sports a 211 steel nose job. Then the old dusty tape went haywire inside the VCR. In the movie, Kat's foolish old man sold all their horses off to Fort Huckabee.

The next day at STARBUCKS, a gal wearing the exact same blue checker shirt that Kat wears, handed me a lucky folded up $10 bill she found on the floor. So I used that to buy VIVA LAS VEGAS at RITE AID for 7.99.

I see Bette Midler and Cher are opening shows in Vegas real soon. The king's ‘Lucky Jackson' character loses his folded bills in the swimming pool baptism scene. But gets lucky and recovers financially after he gives the movie's Lindsay Lohan look alike [Nicole Kidman] dancer a symbolic tree of life from 1 NEPHI 8. [Checkout the picture's wildcat Gisele look alike dancer.]

Kate Hudson was on Letterman Thursday, wearing a classic Las Vegas show dress. I'm feeling lucky lately. Back on 2.2 at 10:06 am, I had a weird flash vision that there was a pimple on my Stephen Bing cherry. Then yesterday, I found this blogger's post about a stairway-to-heaven dream he had of Jennifer Aniston, that read, "Saturday night I dreamed that Jennifer Ansiton was going to pop a pimple [while] on my back." Before going to bed later, I discovered a strange teenager style pimple forming by the left side of my nose, just above my lip. at: .

A FINE FRENZY played letterman on 2.6, the day they found a woman's body floating in SLC, UT's Jordan River. In confirmation of the REV.17 woman's body floating in the Thames at the beginning of Hitchcock's lost Israelites cock-us FRENZY prophecy. Where the single red rose socialist politician was giving a campaign speech by the river. It's the London based Idaho potatoes movie I saw at the end of my LDS mission in Italy. It's about those colorful silk neck ties that Rush was selling during the 1260 days period. See:

Yours, GSR/TWN

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Point No Point and Skunk Bay are located directly across the channel from John McCain's shallow Useless Bay prophecy; next to Foulweather Bluff. Bush Point's Mutiny Bay prophecy at Austin is north of Double Bluff. Because basically, there are two mutinies going on during this 42 months period of oppression during the two witnesses era.

The one on the right was announced by the death of those six ‘useless' and pointless country club Republicans in Mount Airy, North Carlina; speaking politically. Who are memorialized in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW by the six tolls on the grandfather clock at 6:00, inside the hunting club entrance hall for rich weirdos.

The scene's duster is for the GEN.28:14 descendants of Abraham, who are as numerous as the earth's dust. This is the 86 year-old man who drove over some 8 year-old child at a school polling place in Rt.28's Randolph, Mass Tuesday. [Read Rt.2008]

On the left, it's a half black Tiger Woods, Ugly Betty, 42 months style HBO mutiny against the 1260 days freedom revelations. The Deception Pass liberal media like to call McCain a ‘maverick'. Which is just code for rebels, traitors, and sundry skunks.

In other words. A revolutionary mutiny is brewing against the counterattack rebellion aimed at the two Israelite witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. The three leading republicans now seem to represent the future three divisions of the holy city in REV.16.

The two transsexual Democratic Party runners would not be a part of the holy city in this prophetic picture. On a related note, the four stoned ‘clowns' who visit Pete at home, in LOST HIGHWAY, are the two presidential tickets in 2008. One pair being a black male, and white female team.

The unfolding script became more clear during Zion's initiatory Iowa state cock-us. It was confirmed on Super Tuesday morning in Iowa by the tragic fiery "death trap" involving America Umphress's two children, Raven and [Rite] Aiden, at: .

Freeland is by Austin, WA. So be expecting Dr Frankenfurter to call his "satanic mechanic" in to fix these two flat tires. On the north end of the island prophecy is Rt.20's Deception Pass. It has two channels.

For a New Orleans, Louisiana Fat Tuesday sign from God, Britney Spears was placed inside a loony bin padded cell on the eve of Super Tuesday. She now represents the psychotic female nature of George C Looney's support for Rack Obama et al at: .

Mrs Freeze, a.k.a. Bride of Frankenstein, endorsed Obama on the eve of Louisiana's Super Fat Tuesday. I found this inspired ROCKY HORROR church teeth shot of her Tuesday. Which features a child headed for her church lady chompers at: .

These are the old lady's flashing teeth we see inside the limo that gives Betty a ride from LAX in MULHOLLAND DR.

At this point in prophecy. I recommend studying the first chapter of 2 NEPHI: It's about America, "A land of liberty, blessed for the righteous but cursed for the wicked..." Here's verse 1:26 regarding yours truly;

"And ye have murmured because he hath been plain unto you. Ye say that he hath used sharpness; ye say that he hath been angry with you; but behold, his sharpness was the sharpness of the power of the word of God, which was in him; and that which ye call anger was the truth, according to that which is in God, which ye could not restrain, manifesting boldly concerning your iniquities."

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Useless Bay's MAD DOG tavern is at:
NOTE: This photo of Castle Clinton in NYC depicts the prophetic landmark as a giant horseshoe
Representing the time when the 666 giants would dominate the righteous in REV.13.
NOTE: Craig Ferguson was made a US citizen last Saturday. The swearing-in ceremony was held at some indoor California circus grounds. It seemed like he was the only white guy among the hundreds of new US citizens; i.e. new Democratic Party voters. I'd have to review the clip again.
NOTE: America Ferrera's Ugly Betty has metal Frankenstein teeth for the church crucifixion teeth in ROCKY HORROR. The show is co-produced by Salma Hayek.
NOTE: There was an earthquake in Africa Sunday. Another D&C 86 church collapsed during mass. See: .
NOTE: A 39 year-old man with the transsexual name of ‘Jody' got run over by a Fat Tuesday float from End/ymion, LA at: .

"I put a spell on you..." [LOST HWY]

Sunday, February 3, 2008


SUPER BOWL 42's 42 month REV.13 highlight in SUN DEVILS stadium was confirmed by the NY GIANTS surprise 17-14 win. The New York team stalled Matt's conservative PATRIOTS in the exact same way that REV.17's Lesley Stahl et al have been stalling the more righteous patriotic sons of Israel.

Based on Gisele's ‘I'm an African' charity ads in the spirit of Charlize Theron, no doubt the giant like tall Jewish German supermodel from Brazil, with the famous rack, is f_cking her Israelite boyfriend in the ass; with her typical Judas style support of Rack Obama et al. That probably goes for the rest of my no.69 sports jersey wives.

They might just be making it all up. But five foolish female virgins were murdered on SUPER BOWL 42 weekend by an EZE.38 black man in Chicago's Egyptian south side voting places for Oprah Obama et al; at some stylish conservative lady's apparel shop. Reportedly, it was another Charlize Lesley political robbery program gone bad.

I'll try to simplify it.

Those 666 six Republicans going hunting at a private club in Mount Airy were guests at the "...hunting lodge for rich weirdos..." in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy about the advent of the transsexual Hilary and Obama leadership. Who have made the sons of Israel their "prisoner". The Republicans' twin engine plane was registered to a ‘BLUE SKY...' firm in Dallas, GA for the cult film's "... blue skies ... through the tears in my eyes" home coming finale featuring George Bush, John McCain, Pat Robertson, etc. etc. That is when the HBO godhead announce their plans to return America to the transsexual planet state of their latter-day Sodom and Egypt.

The Christian cult movie begins with a Dr Scott reference to "The man who began it...", i.e. the 666 man who began Obama's beloved FDR reformed socialism. Who was symbolically bound to a prophetic medicine wheel wheelchair. Who was spiritually handicapped, even retarded, if you will.

Check out the online map prophecies of Whidbey Island's Bush Point, Mutiny Bay, Austin, situation when the island's Useless Bay landmark for John McCain's middle-of-the-road candidacy appears; west of Clinton. Due east is [Kate] Holmes Harbor prophesies that include Beverly Beach, Honeymoon Bay, and Rocky Point. This is the area where Nicole Kidman played the bad sister witch in PRACTICAL MAGIC, who runs off with the bad boy musician [Keith Urban], but repents and comes back later. The urban cities, like Detroit, are America's bastions of gentile jungle politics. That have also invaded the historic Israelite places of London, Paris, Rome, etc.

Today I heard that Oprah is not supporting Obama because he is black.

"... she's lying..." [LOST HIGHWAY]

Yours, GSR/TWN

Saturday, February 2, 2008


A twin KING AIR C90A, registered to BLUE SKY AIRWAYS in Dallas, Georgia, crashed Friday in 1104' Mount Airy, North Carolina, killing six country club Republicans on a hunting trip. The kind who vote middle-of-the-road. It's situated between Toast, and an election campaign banner omen town named Banner. Due south is Carter's White Plains town word play on the concept of a crashing ‘plane', full of Dumas church ladies. Thus the two engines message.

Across the state line is John McCain's Irish Patrick County. Where John Travolta's BMW Beamer Knob is located above Pipers Gap. There's a place called Ararat, [Arafat] and 3300' Lovers Leap is over by Meadows of Dan.

"Baby what'd I say..." [VIVA LAS VEGAS]

At the end of Sundance, Bob Redford announced that he is starring in A WALK IN THE WOODS movie about Patrick County's Blue Ridge Mountains region. Only hours later, I read the back side of WEREWOLF IN A GIRL'S DORMITORY at RITE AID, that starts with "A walk through the woods turns into a night of terror..."

Friday morning at 5:26, a piercing voice woke me up that said simply "FUCKING A!!" Somehow, the letter ‘F' had a powerful clear sound, but not by being louder, or stressed. At 6:37 am, I was awaken again by three flute toots, and the name "MATT" shouted out loudly. As I dreamed about watching Jennifer Aniston walk a red carpet event somewhere, while looking over her shoulder.

Later that night, Letter/man made a big deal about his on-air 26th anniversary, celebrated with 26 year-old Paris Hilton in a sunshine yellow soft shoulder number, sporting jumbo goop earrings. She showed a patio chairs clip of her with some Napoleon Dynamite figure in THE HOTTIE AND THE NOTTIE; opening on 2.8. After mentioning she recently had an ‘overnighter' with buddy Nicole. The show ended with the NYC altrock group VAMPIRE WEEKEND doing a number using electronic flute sounds, at times grunting loudly "A... A... A..."

Friday overnight, Kimmel showed his web site clip of girlfriend Sarah Silverman playing the king's CLAMBAKE guitar with Matt Damon, 37, singing "I'm f_cking Matt Damon!.." [‘s rock lobster] The letter ‘A' really standing out in double TT Matt's last name.

Friday afternoon at the library, I saw this ‘RAY... H... F' photo of Kate Holmes come up when a lady said "We have two stations." It didn't make sense, but I wrote it down anyway, thinking maybe it's a threesome thing, at: .

When this pose of Kate pouring water down her back appeared, someone said "I can do it overnight!" That didn't make sense either. Until I saw the two late night shows at:

A lip reading expert said that Rack Obama was whispering something to Hilary about "the Lord" and "prayer" at the end of their Hollywood press conference. Confirming his prophetic role as the transsexual church deacon in the opening wedding number for THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. He was f_cking his Kate Holmes look alike sister, and giving Dr Frankunfuter "handyman" hand jobs right up to the big Paris Eiffel Tower "coming home" finale.

Yours anyhow, GSR/TWN

PS: When I saw Friday's headline on Drudge about Ann Coulter casting a protest vote for Hilary, an amazing younger blonde look alike Ann walked into the library. I see it was her birthday.
NOTE: That Swiftwater, PA confirmation is about the three [AUDI TT] bath tubs water fountain in WEREWOLF IN A GIRL'S DORMITORY.
NOTE: I stumbled across a link Thursday that reports Jen's new fortress home, still under construction, has a 1004 Pipers Gap street number.
NOTE: Lesley Stahl's place got robbed like Charlize Theron's place for her stonewalling. The REV.17 harlot will be plundered EZE.38 style. It's why Charlize has those prophetic vivid dreams about being in a safe place some day.

Friday, February 1, 2008


I heard that Thursday's HBO debate in planet Hollywood was more like a publicity press conference for the unfolding ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW story. Dramatized by the miraculous breaking news that Barack Obama had raised 32 million in sub zero January for the transsexual cult film's sub 32o MEDUSA prophecy.

For a second 42 months witness, California's Mr Freeze endorsed Senator John McCain Thursday, from the Grand Canyon state of SUPER BOWL 42. Based on the Senator's amazing performance over the years as the real POW Manchurian Candidate infiltrator. Who has repeatedly assassinated any conservatives' attempts to seriously limit big government.

Rack Obama lover George C Looney showed up at the UN Thursday to make the above sub zero status quo official. He too held a press conference. To not announce that another opposition leader had been assassinated in Obama's Kenya homeland Thursday. And not report that "riots immediately exploded in opposition strongholds" according to the NYT.

Also Thursday, INSIDE EDITION stepped up and showed clips of some deranged Arab man having a panic attack on a flight from Toronto to London. It looked like he suddenly experienced a death epiphany about the coming of England's King David; and freaked out about what that means for the rising Antichrist Arab street. He was shaking and yelling that someone was trying to kill him. In fact, the news broke Thursday that a top Al Qaeda leader was killed.

Another HBO Thursday development was the successful spiking of that video clip showing Heath Ledger at some drug party celebration for his Oscar nomination in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. When you're deep into ice, crack, and smack, you could die of ‘natural causes' the next time you take your happy pills proscribed by Dr Frankunfurter. That unlicenced massage lady was probably ROCKY HORROR's candyman. Reportedly, they found a clean rolled up $20 bill in his loft; just waiting to be loved.

On the eve of their HBO press conference in Hollywood, the current transsexual leadership of Sodom and Egypt stopped by Jimmy Carter's huge Baptist celebration of love and heterogay sexuality in Atlantis, Georgia at: .

I see that Stephen King's Dumas [Key] is located just west of Carter's hometown of Plaines on Rt.308. West of that is a place called Lumpkin on Hwy.27, north of Troutman. Maps don't lie.

"Obama's campaign has been extraordinary and titillating..." [Jimmy Carter]

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: The day before I saw Mr Swift's 666 Chuck Norris beast in WEREWOLF IN A GIRL'S DORMITORY, they found a woman's body parts along I-380 around Swiftwater, PA at: .