Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Today's typical old horny Miami Jew widow-fucker, Robert Reich, who sports your typical new Germanic [SPRING TIME FOR HITLER] Hebrew 'high shift' surname, said that his beloved Third Way modernist progressive Democrat Party is in the worse shape ever since after WWI. ~ Keep in mind, the white First Reich players in BLAZING SADDLES etc. represented the first modernist era government to introduce universal healthcare and COLT .45 6-gun control. ~ And he said it on the same day I watched TWILIGHT ZONE's WWI episode about a 29ish looking time lapsed ROYAL FLYING CORPS pilot who finally grows up and gets a pair of balls. ~ In other words, the answer to today's problems is private voluntary virtue. ~ And not the kind of publically enforced fascistic regimentation that is portrayed in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, etc. ~ Ergo, in recent years, the capital of Hollywood, California in Sacramento has spent around $100,000,000,000 in state mandated equality reeducation programs. ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Monday, February 27, 2017


That serious as a heart attack tourist bus crash happened on Rt.58 in THE TWILIGHT ZONE's highlander deserts in confirmation of Jimmy Kimmbel's surreal Hollywood negros tourist bus bit at the surprise negro movie OSCARS, per: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/02/27/bus-crash-in-southern-california-kills-1-injures-26-more.html AND: http://www.mediaite.com/online/hey-look-regular-people-kimmels-bus-tour-oscars-segment-earns-applause-ridicule-on-twitter/ ~ Which represented Rod Serling's prophetic 4th episode about Warren Beatty's wife Annette Benning still living in the past glory of her husband and her own many fine performances on the silver screen, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sixteen-Millimeter_Shrine ~ Kind of like today's immature Jewish [comic book villian] media boys. ~ Who all grew up in Brooklyn, NY and are still stuck in the Richard Nixon, DISNEYLAND era of Orange County, California. ~ GSR/TWN ~ OSCAR NOTES: Personally, I thought that the 89th OSCARS were not that half bad, overall. ~ However, in all honesty, you do have to ask yourself; Where was everybody? ~ Since the TV ratings were down by around 20%. ~ And at least 89% of the major A-list movie stars, directors, and money-man producers that we always love to see in the movies were all doing the British winter time INVISIBLE MAN thing. ~ "...harsh!" Yours truly crashing on the sofa in SHAWN OF THE DEAD. ~ "People in London [Judah] can be so mean and rude... We don't behave that way in [white] Canada." Neve Campbell.


Darling, sweetheart. ~ If you want to know how to lay down a powerful curse on someone that will actually have some [real news] staying power, you need to study your own private offline hard copy of the 2BC. ~ I don't know if you believe in Jesus or what; but you can certainly take great solace in the fact that everyone will be accusing you of being deceived by the devil if you do it. ~ Which I understand is a badge of honor in the circles where you travel. ~ Whereass. ~ Sometimes a person has to hit rock bottom before they can understand which way is up, like at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3365070/Miley-Cyrus-s-brother-Trace-shows-entirely-tattoo-covered-body-shirtless-selfie.html ~ PS: Your new slimmed down look is very flattering. ~ Who knew that you had a really great smaller white ass under all of that negro looking butt fat. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS CARA: Sometimes daddy likes them two at a time, and tall and thin and rather dirty looking; think Keira Knightley meets Kate Moss. ~

Sunday, February 26, 2017


The star of HBO's polygamist mormon BIG LOVE series died on the very same day that Ben Afflect's little brother was sporting a full fundamentalist unshaved face and wearing his Muslim religion top that said 'LOVE' in Arabic. ~ Since the principle of plural marriage is so clearly spelled out and accepted in the KORAN. ~ In confirmation of the western forces in Iraq taking over portions of the illegal cites over there that represent the rebellious sanctuary cites in the decadent lawless apostate christian west. ~ Ergo, ISIS will be blowing up various western sanctuary cities and countries in the west; in order to bring them closer to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: Reportedly, LA LA LAND is a hit in Salt Lake City, Utah. ~ Therefore, check out it's Danny Kaye family style 1959-64 look at: http://www.justjared.com/2017/02/26/audition-the-fools-who-dream-stream-download-listen-to-oscars-2017-best-song-nominee/ ~ GOLDMEMBER ACADEMY NOTES: AP:III's time travel James Bond Austin, Texas hipsters spoof begins above Hollywood Blvd. in 2017 because it will be time when all of the "Dutch hater!!" peoples of the DANIEL 9 prince would be all the rage. ~ Since it is looking like the Dutch have had enough of it and are on the verge of de-islaming their country. ~ PS MADONNA: You are personally about two weeks away from coming out of the closet and helping your immature exhusbands understand that Biblical polygamy is the way of God; and that most women should not have the right to vote against them in the first place. ~ Since it was obviously a Divine act of God that Donald Trump was elected to become the next two terms President of America. ~ Just like it was an act of God that a half Jewish negro homosexual illegal alien with a fake news birth certificate and a strange-love sounding Muslim name could have ever been elected to be there in the first place, back in 2008. ~

Saturday, February 25, 2017


When I was a small virgin CUB SCOUT growing up in the 1959-64 cold war era of the Jet City, a 5 cent freeze-dried pack of COOL-AID would make a full half gallon of sickeningly sweet fake-tasting [smilely-face tv commercial] fruit punch. ~ As confirmed by the half Jewish rod of Jesse figure Rod Serling dying from a bad heart valve in NIN's closer to God 1260 days time video, at age 50/50 in 75. ~ Or like it says in the Bible, "...by their [fake news] fruits ye shall know them." ~ For example, Barack Obama was born in Kenya, Africa. ~ However, the strange-love media says that he was born in Hawaii. ~ Ha, ha, ha... ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SCARLETT JOHANSSON: The idea of there even being such a ridiculous thing as "herpes no.1 and herpes no.2" is a Providential YES MAN motivational speaker direct-response toll-free callers infomercial on your local two witnesses AM radio station; for what ailes the House of Israel in the last days in such movies as; PET DETECTIVE: I&II. ~ Meanwhile, you give me a nice FFING hand-job, I give you a nice and strong-fingered deep wrist fisting job; and no one needs to worry about getting the kooties down there..... ~ SI-FI NOTES: All of those inspired low budget movies in the 50s and 60s, about the beautiful Babylon babe in REV.17 suddenly getting a flat tit front tire on her beautiful car with sexy lines, were a REV.18 thing; give or take a few numbers. ~PS THE NEW YORK TIMES: ~ I AM will be buying out and taking over your local 10 cent newspaper in the prophetic spirit of CITIZEN KANE, per: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zyv19bg0scg ~ You should be so lucky. ~ Note the panicked Woody Allen ZELIG look alike in the enclosed movie trailer. ~ OTHER NOTES: The enclosed 50 shades of black and white grey scales [CITIZEN KANE] trailer includes a nice George Bush and Larry David look alike. ~ PS PETER: Your son looks like Joseph Cotton in the above trailer because he lives near the entrance to Utah's twin Cotton Canyons of Judah and Ephraim in Sandy. ~

Friday, February 24, 2017


The iconic Marxist revolutionary anarchist John Lenin was shot in the back by an obsessed mad half-Jew celebrity fan who come all the way from Hawaii just to do it. ~ Happening of course on the [converted] Jewish Sammy Davis Jr.'s symbolic ten virgins number 55 birthday. ~ And now my estranged wife Jodie Foster, who has not seen her dadyo in decades, is out there saying crazy things about the Providential election miracle of President Trump at all the pre-OSCAR parties. ~ Does she not even know that the 89ish era Ronald Reagan shooter looks just like the 89ish era Lenin shooter from certain angles? ~ Jesus Christ girl, read a book. ~ Egro, the TWILIGHT ZONE's 1959 pilot is entitled, WHERE IS EVERYBODY?! ~ Good question. ~ The City of Angels is supposed to be for especially gifted people who believe in God's angels. ~ Yet all we see out there today is a bunch of ungrateful rich agnostic actors who are mad at what God has wrought. ~ Even though it was exactly what they needed to get closer to Jesus; and stop making up shit. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NAOMI WATTS: That is you in the driver's seat and me in the back seat, at the end of THE TWILIGHT ZONE's 16th episode called THE HITCH-HIKER. ~ For when your own private MANHATTAN relationship in New York suddenly gets a left-front flat tire blow-out, and then you die; spiritualisticly speaking. ~ After Trump wins the HYW.11 election in 16 via the State of Pennsylvania 6-5000. ~ PS MISS FOSTER: You are a very gifted OSCAR winning actress. ~ Who just like Britney Spears has her choice of either being fucked by me, or by Mel Gibson, whoever, whatever. ~ And then you and your bisexual sister HBO wives get to look 29ish again. ~ Don't you ever wonder if there is something rather miraculous and wonderful about it? ~ Think about it sister. ~ Donal Trump is going to be the President for the next 8 years. ~ Wouldn't you like a little more time than that to sort out your life? ~ Like in such inspired indie films as SSHAWN OF THE DEAD meets MOONWALKERS meets LOCK STOCK AND TWO BARRELS? ~ PS JEFF BEZOS: Stop obsessing about Donald Trump's Jewish double-agent Russian connections. ~ What you need to worry about now is his LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II type French connections, like at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nP_7ZopT6oM ~ BFD ~ 70% of the white men in Russia and the white men in America were not all that turned on by Hillary Clinton er all. ~ Call me gay, whatever. ~ Sticks and stones may brake my bones, but words will never hurt me.


That HARRY IN YOUR POCKET clip opens with the prophetic muted trumpet score of Donald Trump in 2017. ~ For when the 666 antichrist Jews in the media are trying to mute the democratically elected voice of the dark high tower President of white America with their fake Hillary Clinton Cold War basement email leak schemes in WAG THE DOG. ~ Ergo, Seattle's futurist monorail goes right by Allen's rock music museum. ~ [The Germans built the first ever monorail in Berlin.] ~ Note the shot where Vermont's socialist Bernie Sanders look alike also gets bumped and ripped off with a RED BARON red capitalist sign in the background. ~ Then we see my BYU VW BEATLES car in some parking lot as me and the gang walk through a lot in Salt Lake City, Utah. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: That is you playing your Col. "Donald Land" look alike in TWILIGHT ZONE's 15th episode, that takes place 97 miles away from Reno. ~ Wherein it took about 4.5 years to make your own private ERASERHEAD indie film. ~ That ended up launching your Hollywood movie career into outer space. ~ PS MICHAEL MOORE: I keep posting as much offensive surreal rightwing reactionary shit that I can think of on this blog, in order to draw them out into the open. ~ And then like some hunter's stupid hound dog, you get a better shot at them with your Elmer Fudd .12 gage double barrel shotgun, like at: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Elmer_Fudd&mobileaction=toggle_view_desktop

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Last night the distinct voice of Quentin Tarantino said to me, "I'm not interested." ~ Oh well, how about we try this. ~ HARRY IN YOUR POCKET was obviously a 1973 missionary man movie about yours truly from Seattle pick pocketing the foolish and naive likes of Bill Gates and Paul Allen, at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I9hOz1Z3iAQ ~ AND: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_in_Your_Pocket ~ Which was around the same time that God's BRANCH DAVIDIAN servant Woody Norris started to believe that he was the one in DC 85. ~ And so he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah at the same time that my own family did. ~ Who was that same UW/US AIR FORCE nuke bomb expert from the Maryland, DC area who looks exactly like his TWILIGHT ZONE era character in DR. STRANGELOVE:II meets IN LIKE FLINT:III. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SCARLETT JOHANSSON: No question, you are indeed a very nice looking 29ish woman. ~ Who keeps showing up in my wildest dreams; role playing the friendly sexy "girl" next door who would love me to fuck her too; Paris, France Hilton hotel style.. ~ Therefore, two nights ago, a nurse clothed in white hospital clothing appeared in my room holding an open RED CROSS medicine box that had a huuuge 1950s size needle and bottle of the secret experimental serium that is going to cure you of your herpes no.1 and herpes no.2 problems. ~ PS DE NIRO AND CARREY: We don't need no fucking 666 science reports in the fake news media when it comes to getting the children vaccinated from the evil forces of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ Per the prophetic cold war era opening sequence to CRY BABY meets KISSING COUSINS, at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3aYJtEacZNE ~ AND: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk1JAMeDDNQ ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: What the fuck do you want from me anyway? ~ I put $3,000,000 in your own private bank account, but nothing. ~ Then I multiplied that amount times ten, yet not even a phone call or a little 55 cent stamped thank-you post card. ~


That negro with a dusty Abraham Lincoln top hat and a Jewish deli cow tongue in CLOSER TO GOD represents Barack Obama er all. ~ Who are trying to cut out free speech and open debate at today's government run re-education camp schools; not to mention CNN and MSNBC. ~ After the unmentionable abomination of desolation had his two unconstitutional terms in office; yet he still refuses to go away, per this other blood drenched video by NINE, at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ao-Sahfy7Hg ~ But now the tables have been turned on them, REV.13 style. ~ As represented by the monkey on a cross in NIN'S prophetic CLOSER video. ~ Where we get closer to God; and even start to experience the [walking on waters] principle of antigravity. ~ In other words, if you have the faith to walk on water; you sure as hell don't need Medicare or Social Security. ~ Not to mention the IRS and LBJ/MLK's abominable CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1964. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: Episode 12 depicts a time-lapsed George Clooney figure from the future who wants to force you to be his government partner. ~ Hence that Alps poster on the wall of the old guy's room, who voted for President Trump, which puts Clooney's Lake Como mansion for rich reformed socialists into perspective. ~ [Mussolini and his girlfriend were both shot and hung upside down at a gas station near there.] ~ Probably the same one featured towards the end of his CIA asshole movie called THE AMERICAN, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_American_(2010_film) ~ Seriously dude, those same fucks at the JEW/CIA/NYT who are leaking President Trump's phone calls to the white Josephite Russians are the same anti-american traitors who are still lying to us about the Russians hacking the election. ~ Which is just an extension of their silly fake news nonsense about Barack Obama being born in Hawaii, yada yada. ~ PS GEOEGE: Like in my own private 8mm home movies from 1959-1964, I always go by my gut instincts; per THE BELLY OF AN ARCHITECT, meets DUPLICITY, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duplicity_(film) ~ NEW READERS: So what. ~ I like movies and television series that have me fucking my underaged BIG LOVE virgin teenager sister wives in the near future. ~ 009 NOTES: Admittedly, I AM is having a ball watching everyone in Hollywood going ape shit over who is going to be the next James Bond. ~ Personally, I like the idea of a physically transfigure Pierce Bronson returning to the role. ~ Contrary to popular opinion, my favorite James Bond 007 cold war agent was Roger Moore. ~ So why not spend the money to bring back the actor who everyone in the movie business believes was the best James Bond ever? ~ BFD. ~ We keep the low-budget plot sweet and simple, circa 35 big ones or so. ~ And we spend the rest of the post production $100,000,000 budget making sure that 009 looks like he is around 58 years-old in every single frame. ~ PS QT: I too like the idea of some 'SON OF BRUCE LEE' Chinatown movie that takes place up in Seattle. ~ However. ~ Sometimes you have to be patient and make a big budget Hollywood movie extravaganza in order to make that other little indie film that you are more passionate about in the long run. ~ So let us both make a 70 weeks production deal on this right now. ~ You agree to make 009, I let you know who is the next James Coburn. ~ And yes, the 29ish actor is living in the Seattle area right now; just waiting for you to discover him. ~ Seeing is believing, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duck,_You_Sucker! AND: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=THn36Mwmv7U ~

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Today's typical Greek Olympic sports [Bruce Jenner] jock g-string supporter of President Trump and his scary white cabinet of the elders of [Zion's] Ephraim in the prophetic NIN video about getting closer to God, is probably some kind of a "MARCH MADNESS" basketball man thing in BEING THERE meets CLOSER, at: https://vimeo.com/3554226 Talk about "play it again Sam" and all of those Russian cold war TWILIGHT ZONE episodes about WWII meets WWIII. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CLOSER TO GOD NOTES: This 2004 movie is about the flirty fishing laws of concubinage, at: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1j51l7_closer-official-movie-trailer-2004-natalie-portman-julia-roberts-clive-owen-jude-law-entertainment-h_shortfilms ~ Not to be confused with the principle of every woman having the right to a sure sign and witness from God about who her eternal husband is supposed to be, according to what it says in the 2BC. ~ And I'm pretty cool with that. ~ Who in the hell would ever want to fuck someone of the weaker sex who doesn't feel like being fucked by you in the first place? ~ You being some macho man jerk who gets his kicks out of taking advantage of people; such as Geraldo Rivera, Ted Turner, David Letterman, and Bill Clinton. ~

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


TWILIGHT ZONE's episode 12 is entitled WHAT YOU NEED. ~ Because George Clooney er all needed to die off by a hit-and-run car with JAWS type 1958 shark fins. ~ Which would replicate today's "drive-by-media" gang who Rush says is trying their damnest to run over President Trump. ~ According to the two-times-two doubling-down two-terms of the Donald Trump Jr. [18-holes golf course] prophecy in REV.18. ~ Who has been using his leaky pen to sign one executive order after another. ~ And he will continue to do so during his two terms in office. ~ So thank g-d that yours truly gave Clooney those pair of scissors that he needed to save himself from his own private GSR/TWN scarf that was strangling him to death in that same elevator [lift] featured in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II meets DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER:II. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GEORGE: The race horse next to the marked horse race sheet in the above episode is called Migrator; go figure. ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: Milo suddenly fell down and got a big bump on his head and knee on the eve of Mrs. Ellen Degeneres-Page-Relf's twin polygamist sister wives birthday. ~ Talk about older guys fucking underaged virgin boys. ~

Monday, February 20, 2017


Our gentle Jesus Lord Jew, full of wisdom and your typical Jewish longsuffering type patience and grace, has told his real [good news] prophets among the lost tribes that the sudden death of the whore of Babylon in REV.18 is not going to happen until well after the completed two terms of his tall blond BRANCH DAVIDIAN servant Donald Trump. ~ In order to give his 5 wise virgins enought time to convert their worthless paper stocks and 666 Social Security email www.com checks into small denominational solid gold and silver coins. ~ Practical enough for buying your daily bread and a few vegetables at your local farmers' market. ~ And only then will He allow the shit to hit the fan on WALL STREET, etc. like at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V4kx6xbZf2U ~ And that's a good thing because why? ~ Well, for starters; every mother fucker in the 1980s NIN band is a white dude; even the Jewish ones. ~ And the above prophetic year-17 NINE video features a group portrait of Trump's new cabinet that includes his latest Scottish membet cabinet pick named McMaster. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS LL: God himself cast you personally in his own private THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING prophecy even before you were born. ~ So for your sake, let's hope that your current flirtation with the filthy rich antichrist devil of Islam is just a passing flirty fishing thing. ~ PS TRUMP: I saw the X-20 episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE only a few hours before your 747 jet airplane hanger rally just down the road from CAPE KENNEDY. ~ Note the future Tom Hanks' look alike actor ["break a leg"] guy in this one. ~ Who suddenly vanishes into outer space. ~ Because he often plays very manly looking heroic figures, who are in fact nothing but your typical naive John McCain type pussy whipped husbands behind the scenes. ~

Sunday, February 19, 2017


The 9th court in San Francisco ruled against President Trump's traditional American FDR/JFK foreign policies in confirmation of those doomed crab boat CIA fishermen in A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ Who in the 1986 movie were actually underwater CIA spies trying to figure what that blond Russian political hybred freak from Paris, France was doing. ~ And since I AM is paying for the whole she-bang anyway; how about we shoot the whole damn 009 thing in the Bay Area? ~ Followed up by various prelude shots happening in the Puget Sound, Seattle area. ~ To my best recollection; there has never been a James Bond movie made in Seattle. ~ Other than that Super 8mm short that was written and directed by Woody Norris, circa 1967-1968; costarring Ed Lee smoking a candy cigarette near the UW campus' atomic research science building. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ST.JOHN NOTES: A 29ish looking Elton John is wearing shaded red planet glasses in his evergreen themed PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE video. ~ Where we hear Dan's rattle snake getting ready to strike down the tall Jewish horse in THE WHITE HORSE PROPHECY; that was given to us by Joseph Smith on 5.6, 1830 something. ~ No.Seriously. ~ This is the reason why Woody Allen was inspired to have his suicidal movie entitled BLUE JASMINE take place in these same waters of the born again 666 beast in REV.13. ~ And then voilĂ !.. The hottest ticket on Broadway is now some tall thin Greek Jew guy who looks like a physically transfigured Paul Nestor, circa 1982. ~ PS QUENTIN TARANTINO: Just ignore any of my above advice if it does not jibe in anyway with your inspired first impression ideas for 009. ~ And I do mean it. ~ Don't call me. ~ Don't ask for any of my advice in post or anything like that. ~ Just cast it, and shoot it, and then edit it. ~ Surprise me. ~ By now we know that President Trump has a yuuge [Ben Afflect size] cock. ~ And that's not necessarily a bad thing. ~ Per this 42 months apre-ski moon boots devil in this NIN video that features the look alike image of Kenndall Jenner's Olympic Greek champiom transsexual father who is /has now been loosed upon us in spades, like at: https://vimeo.com/3554226 ~


Unless otherwise notified, I AM will just be working my way through all 156 episodes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE in their exact order of appearance; circa 59 to 64. ~ Therefore, I finished the Russian Cold War series' X-20 rocket episode in the wee hours of Sunday; and then "they" launched their SPACE-X FALCON-9 from moon pad 39A at exactly 9:39 I/AM/NYT time in confirmation of Elton John's 9:00 AM 3rd rock song at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lywENW0ESUE ~ All of which unfolded at the same time that the beautiful woman in episode 9 was visiting all of those strange looking peoples with dark skin and strange UFO alien moonie-faces in Cambodia. ~ Ergo, they all look like retarded little stunted-growth children who suffer from Downs Syndrome; because their parents were mostly eating white rice, and not hard red winter wheat from places like Montana and Alberta, Canada. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DANIEL 9 NOTES: Episode 9 is called PENCHENT TO DREAM because most of the illegal "dreamers" people of the prince do not look like real white Christian Americans. ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ EPISODE 11 NOTES: One of the primary themes in this one deals with today's fake news headlines in the major newspapers that are put out by the Jews who don't like Ephraim: circa ISAIAH 11:1-11. ~ PS INDIANA: That time in the 1970s when you crashed your fast black 350-V8 SS CHEVY on Hwy.410 at the end of AMERICAN GRAFFITI, circa 59, was about the end times in the Bible. ~ But don't get discouraged now. ~ This was around the same time that I got married to my cold-hearted charming-as-hell French exwife in Provo, Utah. ~ And it ended up being exactly what the doctor ordered. ~ PS MILEY: Don't worry about it. ~ You will never have to fuck me in a 1000 years, unless and until you want it because it makes you feel better, like at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iWMIK6CJVgM

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Episode 6.66 cites the number 14 three times because in REV.14:9-11 it states that those who worship the Jewish FDR Social Security idol and the typical [Judas] Jewish LBJ CIVIL RIGHTS ACT alteration of the US Constitution in 1964 etc. are going to taste the blood of Jesus Fucking Christ and eat his flesh during the 70 weeks set up period of the President Trump Administration. ~ Which starts to roll out after the half hour of silence in heaven at REV.8:1. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TRUE LOVE NOTES: According to the spoken word at 2bc.info, the rights and the dignity of men will be restored only after they finally decide to grow up and start acting like real white Christian men; and not alike some short half pint Jew celebity, like at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xu96y8HlHIQ ~ AND: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gxODMDa4MqA ~ PS LABUTE: Hang in there my heavy handed friend. ~ Keep doing what you can only do if you know that it is the right thing for you to do for now. ~ Besides, you'll probably hit the mother load around the same time that I AM hits the mother load. ~ Maybe a year or two later. ~ BFD. ~ All is well that ends well. ~ I AM is a lot like I AM. ~ Meaning, the gayish Republican Party side of me always tends to forget and forgive and never remember any of my disloyal friend's unmanly personal transgressions and petty affronts that were geared towards me during the 1980s and 1990s. ~

Friday, February 17, 2017


Episode 6.66 is the mother load of the first season of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, circa 1959-1960. ~ Wherein yours truly plays the big fat Mr. Zero devil to Woody Allen's physically transfigured paranoid "little man" hypochondriac with your typical amoral unAmerican Rob Reiner attitude. ~ Who himself has a long suffering wife who looks a lot like an older Miley Cyrus. ~ Which of course ends up with the Wood Man sitting in the same REV.13 [1993] jail cellphone situation depicted at the end of THE PRODUCERS, circa 1968 or so. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 5.6 NOTES: The US COAST GUARD was frantically searching for Seattle's DESTINATION crabbers boat along the 56 line on NYT No.57,506. ~ Because of Donald Trump's new attitude about protecting America's borders and coast lines. ~ Plus, "The Guard" has always been known as the much preferred military draft option for gentlemanly Jews with ivy league college degree deferments. ~ Kind of like the half Jew George W. joining the Nation Guard airforce of Indiana Jones er all so he didn't have to die in the Russian cold war jungle swamps of Viet Nam. ~ Ergo, President Nixon always nixed the idea of destroying the Russian fleets that were supplying the Democrat Party's North Viet Nam; because he was sooo afraid that it would start WW:III. ~ "Paranoia is the enemy of precision." says yours truly in my own private ZERO EFFECT biopic; made in the leftist fascist city state of Portland, Oregon. ~ Compared to my own private mormon missionary government operation in Fiorenza, Italia; circa HANNIBAL:III&IV. ~ Think STEALING BEAUTY is about Steven Hughes FFing my dazed and confuzed exwife from France in DAY OF THE JACKEL meets LAST TANGO IN PARIS.. ~ Per such historic motion picture prophecies as THE SHINNING and LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, like at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_of_Arabia_(film) ~

Thursday, February 16, 2017


5 card stud is a lot like 9-ball. ~ Hence Trump's penchant for short and quick sudden-death press conferences. ~ Wherein he only takes a few quickie questions from WND or CBN and then he says goodbye to the boys and moves on; mostly for the shits and giggles of course. ~ Just think about it. ~ The man with the orange tan is a 70 year-old multi billionaire who has seen and done everything by now. ~ How else is a smart guy like him supposed to get a few more jollies at this late point in his life? ~ Maybe you fuck two hot 29ish Sienna Miller look alike blonds at the same time on your 91' yacht? ~ Maybe you buy a 757 jet and put your name on it? ~ Duh, been there done that. ~ Boring. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PILOT NOTES: Apparently, Harrison Ford's last huurah will be pix of him flying around on some big jet above West Yellowstone, Montana. ~ Whatever floats your boat in HOPE FLOATS meets SPEED:II. ~ GREASE:II NOTES: Everyone out there who knows that GREASE:II was infinitely superior to the original, should also take a second look at THE BLUES BROTHERS:II. ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: For the next 70 years or so, your new mission in life will be scouting out the very best small native trout creeks in the Pacific Northwest for me. ~ So when I have to fly over to Vancouver, BC from London, England to take care of my Canadian wives' flirty fishing problems, at least I will have something else to look forward to; relatively speaking. ~

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


That CADDYSHACK duffer down in Florida, who was playing games with his score card on some fancy pants TRUMP brand golf course, had to stab that old Miami Jew with crocodile skin in the eyes using his short-game putter; over and over and over. ~ That was trying to drag him back down into the dirty swamp waters' 18 holes trap before it would finally let go of his leg pants. ~ Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. ~ Take for example John McCain and Ashton Kutcher; because positive people walk forwards, and crabby people walk sideways. ~ Therefore that snow crabbing boat from Seattle's Union Bay suddenly rolled over and sank with no warning off of St.George Island, Alaska, north of the WHITE HORSE PROPHECY 56 line, next to the Hawaii time line of Barrack Obama. ~ Who is still playing games with his half Jewish friends at the FDR/CIA and FDR/NYT. ~ And we know that this is true because why? ~ Well, both the Jew saturatured NYT and the Jew commie infested CIA lied to us about Obama's fake news birth certificate from Hawaii. ~ Since their latest paranoid Cold War reports about Russia are based upon the 9 secret sources of the forces of the half Jew, half homosexual prince in DANIEL 9. ~ You Jew me, I Jew you, yada yada... You hate me for being some secret underground antichrist Semite; I hate you for being an above ground anti-christ anti-Semite who is an internal [terminal inoperative cancer] enemy of The State of Israel. ~ All is fair in love and war when it comes to political fornication and political adultery. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WILLIS: Sooner, rather than later, you will come to understand that you were fighting for the wrong side in the original INGLORIOUS BASTARDS meets DIE HARD pilot series-sequel. ~ Which suddenly launched your FOX-21 Hollywood movie career into THE OUTER LIMITS of space. ~ Think about it dude. ~ Who was your crazy feminist wife who wanted to divorce you and hook up with the red capitalist Chinese? ~ Seriously dude. ~ At the beginning, a lot of people in Old Hollywood also believed that Humphrey Bogart was a completely ridiculous ordinary-looking-man idea for a major movie star. ~ PS TARANTINO: Even though it is none of my business. ~ I still think that the next yuuge blond double CIA agent 7-figure 007 movie, entitled simply '009', should be directed by you. ~ BFD. ~ You drag in every other nigger bitch that ever costarred in every 1970s LIVE AND LET DIE black-exploitation movie that was ever made ~ I'm cool with that. ~ Money talks, bullshit walks. ~ I never liked Daniel Craig that much anyway. ~


TWILIGHT no.2 opened in 59 with a Michael T. Flynn look alike making his final legal iPAD notes on the steps of the Greek columns of the White House; a.k.a. it's "Mr. Death" sudden death play-off over-time circa 2017, at: http://www.myfoxspokane.com/national-security-advisor-michael-flynn-resigns-amid-russia-controversy/ ~ When those childish Jewish pitchmen with a [UNITED WAY] kindness for children at today's NYT No.57,509 still persist that THE INVISIBLE MAN is a "...very devious sort." ~ Not to mention Glenn Beck and the leadership of that moron church in SLC, Utah. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS INDIANA: You are probably going to lose your 74 year-old pilot's license for that [PUSSY GALORE] flying stunt that you pulled at JOHN WAYNE in Orange County; right as my Will Ferrell postings were rolling out all across America. ~ Fuck it. ~ All politics aside, funny is funny. ~ PS PRINCESS DIANA: Danielle Steel has been one of my most faifull angels since day one. ~ Sometimes even a rich white girl has to do what any other poor white girl out there living on Relf Street in London has to do just to survive. ~ 2BC.INFO STUDY NOTES: At the end of ONE FOR THE ANGELS: Yours truly walks away with his physically transfigured invisible man figure at the end of episode two for a physical translation thing about the millennial City of Enoch. ~ Where the girls are young and pretty, and the men act like men. ~ PS JOHN LOVE IT: Needless to say; after all of these years of you sticking with me, through thick and thin; my guys in Seattle are going to have to bankroll the next three Internet movies that you want to do; at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Lovitz ~ Otherwise, they have no promise from me to live cancer-free for another 150 years. ~ PS PEE WEE HERMAN THE JEW BOY: ~ I will make sure to have my guys up in Seattle finance your next two movies. ~ But only if and when my 10% fuck buddy agent Alison Roth reads your next two screenplays; and feels like they have any measure of artistic qualities that might interest David Lynch's indie film fans in the NYT STYLE SECTION. ~ "Publicity is everything." Mr.Bing, Portland, Oregon, 1989. ~ NAZI NOTES: Right now, the liberal atheist FDR era holdover communist Jews and negros represent the biggest threat to everything that white christian America stands for; ergo Hitler's unrational and suicidal obsession with the red state Russians in WWII during the cold winter months of THE INVISIBLE MAN prophrcy 1943-1944. ~ PS TAYLOR SWIFT: More hot sex with your husband. ~ Less luke warm sex with guys who you barely even know. ~ PS LL: Let me know if you suddenly die and need more money to live off of me in style on some SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE house boat situation on Lake Union, Seattle for some reason. ~ And then you become born again and accept Jesus Christ as your only Lord and Savior in HANNIBAL:III. ~ "Make up sex is the best!!" SEINFELD, 1996. ~ Darling, sweetheart, warm hearted spirituality always comes before the cold hard cash carnal minded deals in movies like THE DARLING LIMITED and LA DOLCE VITA. ~ Oh well. ~ In the meantime. ~ You suck on my hard cock. ~ I eat out your soft freckled pussy. ~ Until things start to get a little better during the upcoming two terms of the Donald Trump administration.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I AM is giving my boys up in Seattle two weeks to accept my latest 7-figure post-dated-check offer; costarring Brad Pitt and me, at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tDyaNnrgdp4 ~ If the girls are young and pretty enough of course; let's not kid ourselves here. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CIA MAN NOTES: I wasn't going to mention it. ~ But after I watched Bill Murray in THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO LITTLE, which opened with a blast of Donald Trump's trademark trumpet warnings, this cold war correlation report came out at: http://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/2017/02/14/kucinich-pins-flynn-leak-on-intel-community-warns-another-cold-war.html ~ 3.6 NOTES: UNFINISHED BUSINESS came out on March 6, whenever, at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0bM5vyZBQFA ~ Ergo, Trump will become elected for a second term because of his unfinished business in making America great again. ~ Good things come to those who wait. ~ 1972 NOTES: I finally had to humble myself and accept the fact that Elton John was something extra special in the eyes of g-d after seeing him say "FUCK OFF!!" to all of those London to LAX airport TMZ paparazzi in the past 5 years. ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: How about a remake of LA DOLCE VITA, circa 1959, costarring those two underaged blond teenagers who live up the street from you? ~ Jesus Louisiana! ~ Shoot it on video for Christ's sake; then get the negative pick up money from me later, like at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Nnh6NWlOF1U ~

Monday, February 13, 2017


The number of wet-back pilot whales trying to die in New Zealand's Golden Bay area is now pushing 1000. ~ As confirmed by the Oroville Dam [Goldville] prophecy that started on the same weekend of the golden trumpet [MIDAS BREAKS\MUFFLERS] warning at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grammy_Award ~ Which is threatening Butte County's Hwy.70 corridor of the 70 weeks prophecy in DANIEL 9. ~ ["My kids are so loud!!" Sandra Bullock] ~ Wherein the homogaysexual prince and his followers go to war against the more righteous white christian people in the REV.12 floods. ~ Who were defeated by Trump's blond SHAMPOO 1972 people exactly 42 months after the 5.9 cutting time. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 59 NOTES: The second episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE feathers yours truly in the role of a former pitchman who makes his last two witnesses pitch to the CHARLIES ANGELS. ~ One of whom lays in the street like the two witnesses in REV.11. ~ And then I make my last strong GSR/TWN thread pitch using Rush Limbaugh's silk ties from the special deal 1290 days period of Biil and Hillary Clinton. ~ Per that 59 year-old hispanic doorman on the upper east side of NYC who fell down some stairs in the snow and crashed through MS WINDOWS 9 symbol that cut his throat. ~ OJ TRIAL NOTES: All of those day-time soap apera tv niggers sitting on the 1260 days jury believed that OJ had a right to cut his blond wife's throat with a red SWISS ARMY knife. ~ SERIOUS MAN NOTES: You kids need to watch this Coen Bros movie if you want to understand why California is no longer a red state. ~ Believe me you; Your typical Jewish lesbian negro professor at your local public NPR radio college is not even going to mention it. ~ PS BRAD PITT: Your inspired gentle Jesus performance in KILLING THEM SOFTLY is what convinced me that you are THE SON OF LEBOWSKI: II&III. ~ Costarring any hot young PLAN-B A-list actress that I would love to fuck too no matter what. ~ I like Donald Trump, they don't like Donald Trump. ~ Crazy in the head, great in bed. ~ See what I AM is talking about, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killing_Them_Softly ~

Sunday, February 12, 2017


I probably should know it by now. ~ But I actually don't even know who this obviously yuuuge country music star is. ~ Who looks a lot like your typical Tom Brady look alike Donald Trump supporter. ~ Not to mention Nicole Kidman's 5'5" husband who is not that interested in fucking her feminist marxist pussy anymore. ~ No disrespect meant either way. ~ But his southern girlfriend does look like Sandra Bullock in the PRACTICAL MAGIC meets MISS CONGENIALITY I prophecies. ~ And he does use the word 'IT' a lot in his songs, like at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QsRMlR0CUt8. ~ The one thing I do know; he ain't no MIDNIGHT COWBOY Jew homo from New York, via Dallas, Texas. ~ Although he kind of looks like one from certain angles. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WILL: Take it from me. ~ You still got it in spades. ~ And the best is yet to come. ~ But the reason why your APPLE iPHONE is not ringing off the hook anymore is because the Hollywood producer Jews with balding hair problems are starting to suspect that you are some kind of a Seattle based Dr.Evil mole. ~ Who would be willing to work for just about anyone up there if the money is right; and you get paid on time in cash with no excuses. ~ Not to mention no 666 mob union skim offs in the form of Social Security and Medicare. ~ In the Kingdom of God, not one penny will be taken out of the laborer's hourly paycheck. ~ PS PARIS HILTON: More me, less that other guy. ~

Saturday, February 11, 2017


The number of black pilot whales committing suicide in the ten virgins' Cook Straight landmark is now up to 650. ~ As new pix of APPLES's Tim Cook laughing at Donald Trump er all roll up on the Farewell Spit sands of Israel in REV.13:1. ~ Seriously. ~ San Francisco and Seattle are not exactly the most hospitable places in the world right now for straight white people. ~ Therefore, the 59th GRAMMYS was started in 59. ~ Which inspired me to buy WALMART's $50 complete collection set of THE TWILIGHT ZONE series; which debuted in 59 with a pilot episode entitled WHERE IS EVERYBODY? at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Where_Is_Everybody%3F ~ Costarring a very amazing Johnny Depp look alike character who is just trying to figure out what in the hell is happening to him. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PS JIM CARREY: In your own private YES MAN movie, you say "gonorrhea" to everyone, and then you crash into that lowly waitress who has no money of her own to speak of at the log cabin BIG FOOT LODGE bar of the abomination of desolation from Abe Lincoln's Chicago, Illinois ~ PS TRUMP: You can take comfort in the fact that white people are finally starting to wake up and realize that it is the ~[WHITE HORSE PROPHECY] Jews who are trying to destroy you at the NYT, no.57,506. ~ PS GLENN BECK: More Ephraim, less Judah. ~ More Nephite, less LAmanite. ~ I know you got it in you. ~

Friday, February 10, 2017


416 black pilot whales were already committing suicide in Golden Bay, New Zeal/land when those 3 nutty professor 9th Circuit law school judges in the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE bay area claimed that they are now in charge of America's foreign policies. ~ And not that Broadway star of SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER in Mel Brooks' homogaysexual THE PRODUCERS remake prophecy. ~ The day after that I-80 dam washed out in northeast Nevada, in between China Mtn and Pilot Peak. ~ New Zealand being the GLOBE TROTTERS biggest ten virgins divide landmark on the entire GOLDEN GLOBES globe. ~ Located right at Separation Point, if you get my 50/50 point. ~ Not to mention Farewell Spit, at: http://m.nzherald.co.nz/marine/news/article.cfm?c_id=61&objectid=11798056 ~ "So then because thou art luke-warm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." REV.3:16. ~ Like at: http://three-way-dreamer.tumblr.com/post/156599361129 ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BARRY: Now's your chance to get back into the Hollywood motion pictures game big time. ~ Don't look at becoming the legally blind Willie Brown wanna be Governor of California as a step down. ~ Rather, see it as a slam dunk opportunity to finally become the legitimate President of California. ~ Which is now actually the 5th largest economy in the entire world; due to the recent increased valuations of the Hwy.101 NASDAQ. ~ Plus, half of the new gay ass sailors in the US Navy of Sodom and Egypt in San Diego are already under your commanding spell. ~

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Yes. ~ Really. ~ See his sound-alike stand-in, who looks and thinks like he did back in the late Ronald Reaganite 1980s; complete with 40% Germanic high-shift alps centrist Hebrew accent at: https://www.cineplex.com/Movie/skipper-bloody-atlantic/Photos ~ So when the 29ish looking body builder muscle man champion bricklayer immigrant from Milwaukee, Wisconsin boldly stated back then that, "I will become a major Hollywood movie star." All that the numbed downed and desensitized Woody Allen agnostics could do was make fun of him. ~ GSR/TWN ~ YES MAN NOTES: Eureka, California! ~ Michael said that I should see the nutty 9th Circuit Court comedy cult movie prophecy called YES MAN; costarring the crazy Jim Carry; sometime real soon during the 69-70 weeks prophecy in DANIEL 9. ~ Dude. ~ "Our troubles are over." King Ralph in THE BIG LEBOWSSKI:II&III. ~ All payed for by my rich as fuck buddies up in Seattle who are looking for a few thrills to pass the time away during the late night still hours when they can't get to sleep. ~ OS TRUMP: Arnie is going to go through hell during your first 4 year term. ~ According to the prophetic CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MAN mighty line that says it will toughen him up. ~ PS GEORGE CLOONEY: My guys will buy your mansion on Lake Como and turn it into a sex cult and fly fishing haven for polygamist blood sucking Mormon husbands; and that's a good thing. ~ If the money is right of course. ~ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. ~ Or as my neo nazi stepfather Leslie Winn always said, "Do unto others, before they do unto you." ~


THE PRODUCERS remake was another inspired Mel Brooks prophecy about the NYT calling Donald Trump's yuuge surprise triumph for white people, "...shocking... outrageous... insulting..." And then today's politically amoral atheist Jews laugh all the way to their [internationalist socialist buddies] bank. ~ Not ironically, the above 2005 film was a total surprise flop. ~ Just like Hillary Clinton's totally over the top politically incorrect campaign to become the half Jewish lesbian President of America in sweet 16 ~ Even though the country's population was still around 70% white. ~ Talk about old school floppy disks and tits and hair; and a yuuge sagging ass. ~ "Fat ankles..." comments the Jew lawyer advisor to the blond 'Mr.Wonderful' Donald Trump casino owner figure in DOMINO. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DIRECTOR'S CUT NOTES: Personally, I would take out the first 30 minutes of THE PRODUCERS, and just cut to the chase if and when you watch it. ~ However, I would leave in the 2005 film's seemingly over extended ending. ~ Which is an inspired depiction of today's REV.13 liberals going into 666 jail captivity after 8 years of fucking America's white people in the ass via the abomination of desolation in MARK 13. ~ PS TRUMP: Gorsuch looks too gay to me. ~ Kind of like that polite society character with a conservative "haircut" in HANNA AND HER SISTERS. ~ If I were you, I would just shit can Mr.Gorsuch; and put in some real macho man like Senator Cruz. ~ Now that, "We don't need no fucking [filibuster] rules." when it comes to dealing with those bad hombres down in Mexico. ~

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


The DOW did a double 29 birth date sign on Tuesday when it closed up at 20,090.29. ~ In confirmation of Clinton's rich Jewish stock market speculators who screwed Bernie Sanders in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: October 29, 1967. ~ Wherein a certain Mr.Clinton in New York recommended the MI/CIA fakers to a certain negro faker with fake computer generated papers; who was born in Kenya, Africa. ~ And in the end, Barack Obama himself goes on "... a nice long vacation." in the British Virgin Islands with a physically transfigured Rich Brandon stock manipulator; per his Biblical look alike ten virgins guy, at: https://www.cineplex.com/Movie/skipper-bloody-atlantic/Photos ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS RICHARD BRANSON: Do you really want to look like shit and then you die tomorrow? ~ Or would you rather want to end up looking like your look alike antihero in KILL CRIUSE meets THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II? ~ Who mysteriously gets translated around 79 years later, and all they can find is your abandoned sail boat in the CAPTAIN RON prophecy, per: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cOPl21EVhaU ~ Seriously dude. ~ There is a Providential reason why you look like a frozen pizza Woody Norris in the two IN LIKE FLINT Hillary Clinton candidate 2016 prophecies. ~ Ergo, "Women are the future of America!!" Hillary Clinton, circa last last weekend, 2017. ~ PS ERIC JADERHOLM: You are that bald LA detective in AMERICAN GIGOLO meets THE SHINING meets GOLDMEMBER who helps me take it down a notch whenever I get too caried away and start getting a bit too creepy. ~

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


After the second woe in REV.11 happens, Katy bar the door. ~ "You should kill someone sometime... It's very liberating." ~ Sync Barack Obama, per: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bound_(1996_film) ~ Note the 02:00 time-stamp here that refers to the current royal [Scotish] surname life style of Miss Stewart and Miss Maxwell. ~ Which is a good thing in one way. ~ Just as long as they both don't forget who is their sugar daddy with his two suitcases full of off-shore tax-free cash money on the barrel. ~ "I AM is bound by the law when you do what I say. When you do not what I say, you have no promise." ~ For example, see: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JQ_cqFyr5SM GSR/TWN ~ AMERICA'S SUGAR DADDY NOTES: Due to MISSION IMPOSSIBLE changing from Saturday night to Sunday night in season two, there was a second episode on my same 51 birth date in 67. ~ Wherein Obama is the man hiding inside of the magical 666 computer. ~ Which produces trillions in counterfeit cash money debt, plus thousands of counterfeit birth certificates for Barack Obama's suspiscious looking non vetted refugee darkies with no real birth certificate documents from the Horn of Africa. ~ PS BRAD AND JANET: 'Fuck it' was pretty much the answer to everything in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ So I'm thinking that we expand on this concept in BIG:II&III. ~ JESUS FING CHRIST NOTES: The DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS news came out about Johnny Depp being completely broke just in time for us guys in Seattle offering to pay him 100 big ones to costar with Brad Pitt in my own pirate Idaho love boat visions that happen in Puget Sound, Washington. ~ Desperate people do desperate things; if the money is right of course. ~ And of course, you can't make a very believable modern pop culture pirate movie if the cast and screenwriters and directors and producers don't have rather distinctive British Virgin Islands accents. ~ Naturally, all of the bad guys in the above two sequels would have French accents, like at: http://babalublog.com/2017/01/01/photos-of-the-day-babalus-favorite-french-actor-goes-shirtless-in-argentina/ ~ One always has to consider the financial viability of selling the rights for international film distribution when it comes to putting up the money. ~ Wherefore, screw it; I just want to make sure that everyone gets to see me screwing two hot babes at a time. ~ And my fit and trim 29ish looking ass is not that bad to look at either.

Monday, February 6, 2017


On the Lord's Day, he let us know that the patriotic Donald Trump is his Divinely chosen quarterback to lead America against our internal alien enemies; who were still celebrating Dia de la Constitucion up in SEAHAWKS city on the same day. ~ For an SB51 sign from God about the AREA 51 landmark prophecy in the French guillotine shaped state of Nevada, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Area_51 ~ Where the Battle Mountain of Zion map sign is located due west of Emigrant Pass. ~ Ergo, no.12's 5th SUPPER BOWL ring is confirmation of the wise 5 virgins in the ten virgins prophecy in MATTHEW 25. ~ Which is all about building a protective wall around the righteous; and not letting anyone else into the latter-day saints security area. ~ No matter how much they cry and beg. ~ Just like the east Germans did, of course, in a 50/50 divided Berlin after WWII. ~ Only in reverse; circa CONFESSIONS OF A DANGERIOUS MIND's 19666s context. ~ GSR/TWN ~ AREA 51 NOTES: Groom Lake is the very slim vagina thong-bomb strip in the area. ~ For when the entire invading CHINATOWN army will be way over confident and much too extended along I-80, from Reno to Emigrant Pass. ~ "I never met a Mormon that I didn't like." Leslie Winn, who was stationed at the US ARMY bomber base in Ogden, Utah for one year; prior to his unit's invasion of southern Italy. ~ "The southern Italians thought that they were such hot shit." Les Winn, 1966. ~ "That's where all the niggers stay." Said my stepfather, as we drove by the JET HOTEL in his VW beetle in downtown Moses Lake, Washington; on our way to some of the finest pan fry fishing action in all of North America. ~ GREASE:II NOTES: Frenchie, the high school Lady Gaga look alike drop-out, tells the Crown Prince of England in GREASE:II that she has gone back to school to learn about blond hair die jobs. ~

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Besides it being the Lord's Day, SUPER BOWL Sunday is Dia de la Constitution in Mexico. ~ For that San Juan Islands judge in Seattle who believes that Mexicans er all have the same rights as US citizens do under the US Constitution. ~ Ergo, Sunday's identical internationalist ruling by the stalling liberal 9th Circuit Court of the San Francisco Bay area. ~ Even though the vast majority of US citizens support Trump's ban on refugees from dangerous anti-western anti-christ countries. ~ "Our strength is in our unity... Not in our diversity of opinions..." Benito Mussolini, quoting Vladimir Lenin. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ANTI CHRIST NOTES: According to the Bible, anyone who does not believe that Jesus is Lord is an Antichrist. ~ Therefore, there is no such thing as 'The Antichrist' in REVELATION or DANIEL, since they are all anti Christs; especially the Jews. ~ Many of whom are homosexuals and lesbians and international marxist communists. ~ "Most Jews are traitors to the revolution..." That White Russian Josephite of the north countries named Joseph Stalin. ~ "Hillary Clinton's people screwed Bernie Sanders..." Michael Moore. ~ PS MISS CARDIN: THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING is about me fucking you, and your stepsister too in southeastern France's Swiss borders area in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL meets THE LOVE BUG:IV, at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h1Rsje2HIPo . ~ "See ya on the flip side..." of the physical transfiguration period; says the born again Elvis look alike in LEP:3 and DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER meets KING RALPH and DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, etc. ~

Saturday, February 4, 2017


That small swarm of [Gentle Jesus] earthquakes north of Friday Harbor in the St.John The Revelator Islands corresponded nicely with Donald Trump's order last Friday to ban terrorist refugees from entering America. ~ And then that Seattle area judge banned the same order on the very next Friday; because he believes that everyone in the world is now a USA citizen with full 1776 Constitutional rights. ~ Hence, Barack Obama was not a US citizen either, but no problem. ~ Think PRACTICAL MAGIC meets ME & ORSON WELLES meets today's physically transfigured WWIII blond guy in THE WAY WE WERE, at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qfYHtNMfuwQ ~ GSR/TWN ~ JIVE ASS NIGGER NOTES: February is Black History Month. ~ So expect to see all kinds of crazy shit happening this month in particular. ~ PS ENGLAND AND FRANCE: Sadly, at least half of the people in the UK and France are going to have to die before the pre 1260 days period KING RALPH movie prophecy can happen. ~ "Damn Southerners!" Ringo Star in A HARD DAYS NIGHT. ~

Friday, February 3, 2017


Jesus compares having cancer surgery before it's too late to the two witnesses' [5.9 cutting time] prophecy about getting rid of the 666 beast at 2bc.info. ~ Ergo, that Muslim radical with the surgical mask sword in REV.13 was a Paris, France prophecy about the right side of things taking over France; before it's too late. ~ "Pray that you find yourself standing beside my right hand in the last days." Jesus Fucking Christ Almighty! ~ In other words, there will never be a two state middle-of-the-road solution in Israel. ~ "Never gonna happen in a thousand years." Michael Reagan on 570 KVI talk radio in Seattle, circa 1993-1996. ~ For additional background info and context, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Reagan ~ GSR/TWN ~ YAHOO NEWS NOTES: When you report that Milo is the face of the alt right, you start to look like some liberal Canadian yahoo who has lost his marbles. ~ PS DER SPI/EGEL: More Nazism, less Communism. ~ "I suddenly realized that we were fighting for the wrong side." Leslie Winn, 1966. ~ Think INGLORIOUS BASTARDS was made by an oddball outsider who looks like a Nazi. ~

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Travis Scott suddenly fell into a symbolically staged pit of captivity hole in confirmation of the Scotsman who is now running the show at the Greek White House in negro DC; according to the latest TMZ posting anyway at: http://www.justjared.com/2017/02/02/travis-scott-falls-through-hole-in-stage-at-drake-concert-video/ ~ Ergo, those who set up a trap door for the righteous, will get caught in their own trap. ~ Dude, are you crazy or what? ~ You look like an evil alien invader from the British Virgin Islands in LIVE OR LET DIE. ~ Where Barry is thinking about buying a timeshare condo in the same highrise building where Bruce Willis er all like to relax and spend their down time during winter season, circa MARK 13:14. ~ Which has become the latest gay destination spot for your average Englishman of means. ~ Now that the coast of Spain has become overrun by every drunken middle class [Labor Party] footie fan who can afford VIRGIN AIR's special $99 round-trip ticket&hotel room package to go down there and come back again after 3 1/2 days. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR.WARZENNEGGER: Brigham Young said that the Mormons would become just like today's Glenn Beck type christians in the last days because they would become too rich and too comfortable; complete with full medical benefits. ~ And therefore they would not want to rock the [TITANIC] 666 lifeboat in any way. ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: If I have the money to finance any project that any actor in Hollywood wants to make. ~ I sure as shit have the wherewithal to buy out any rundown theater in London or Seattle and cast you in the leading role. ~ No matter what happens to cinema. ~ The common people who voted for Donald Trump will always love a good show that is real and convincing; and the tickets are affordable to boot. ~ PS HUGH GRANT: More educated upper class, less uneducated lower class. ~ The Labor Party is crass fascism. ~ The House of Lords represents a better class of people. ~ Think A FISH CALLED WANDA meets THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO LITTLE, at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=R4d4O7oNBj0 ~ AND: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dqAJUlSRCwo ~


All 1000 of those filthy dirty running dogs with flees at the foggy bottom State Department in WAG THE DOG must be rounded up and put down immediately. ~ [Forgive the Nazi gas chambers veternarian analogy.] ~ Their time has run out. ~ And we do not have that much time left either. ~ Like Jesus said, if you build a house on a foundation of [Bernie Sanders] sand; it will all just wash away and fall down when the storms come, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulholland_Drive_(film) ~ GSR/TWN ~ FAKE TEETH NOTES: When the new Secretary of State talks, he sounds like an old man with dentures. ~ For Christ's sake, get yourself a pair of modern up-to-date implants. ~ MISSION IMMPOSSIBLE 1966 NOTES: Those protesters in episode 7 represent the anarchists who get rounded up and put into REV.13 captivity. ~ Since shortly thereafter, they are joined up with the negro Obama faker. ~ Therefore, the police captain looks like O.J. and the hot babe represents his hot blond wife Nicole. ~ Who was fucking that white Jew mother fucker on the side who worked at LUNA. ~ No.Seriously.O.J. is still living in a 666 prison captivity situation near Lovelock, Nevada; south of the Trinity Mtns. ~

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Some crazy nigger with a knife suddenly popped up out of nowhere and started stabbing white people on the sidewalk in front of the CNN studios on Sunset Blvd. ~ Then the cops finally shot him down inside the nearby corner JACK IN THE BOX. ~ While my REV.13 post rolled out about Hollywood's liberal Jews getting what they gave the white folks of America for the past 8 years. ~ What goes around comes around is why the October 29, 19666 episode of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE was entitled WHEELS. ~ Think Julia Louise-Dreyfus was mocking Donald Trump at the SAG awards for believing that there are at least 1,500,000 illegal voters in the room; at the very same time that a very serious academic report came out about there being at least 800,000 illegal alien voters in America. ~ Close enough. ~ Considering that CNN er all are still lying to us about Barry being born in Hawaii. ~ Not to mention their sister station FOX NEWS. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GERALDO RIVERA: Getting a little bored with the same old same old are we? ~ The younger babes are not exactly throwing themselves at you these days? ~ You already have enough money in the bank to keep you in style until you die; maybe tomorrow, or maybe ten years from now? ~ How about we try this? ~ You suddenly come out of nowhere with a special 60 minutes FOX report about Barack Obama being born in a hospital in British Kenya on the very same day that Oprah makes her debut on 60 MINUTES? ~ Dude, think about it; the money, the fame, the hot babes. ~ Everyone loves a winner. ~