Monday, February 20, 2017


Our gentle Jesus Lord Jew, full of wisdom and your typical Jewish longsuffering type patience and grace, has told his real [good news] prophets among the lost tribes that the sudden death of the whore of Babylon in REV.18 is not going to happen until well after the completed two terms of his tall blond BRANCH DAVIDIAN servant Donald Trump. ~ In order to give his 5 wise virgins enought time to convert their worthless paper stocks and 666 Social Security email checks into small denominational solid gold and silver coins. ~ Practical enough for buying your daily bread and a few vegetables at your local farmers' market. ~ And only then will He allow the shit to hit the fan on WALL STREET, etc. like at: ~ And that's a good thing because why? ~ Well, for starters; every mother fucker in the 1980s NIN band is a white dude; even the Jewish ones. ~ And the above prophetic year-17 NINE video features a group portrait of Trump's new cabinet that includes his latest Scottish membet cabinet pick named McMaster. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS LL: God himself cast you personally in his own private THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING prophecy even before you were born. ~ So for your sake, let's hope that your current flirtation with the filthy rich antichrist devil of Islam is just a passing flirty fishing thing. ~ PS TRUMP: I saw the X-20 episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE only a few hours before your 747 jet airplane hanger rally just down the road from CAPE KENNEDY. ~ Note the future Tom Hanks' look alike actor ["break a leg"] guy in this one. ~ Who suddenly vanishes into outer space. ~ Because he often plays very manly looking heroic figures, who are in fact nothing but your typical naive John McCain type pussy whipped husbands behind the scenes. ~

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