Wednesday, February 15, 2017


TWILIGHT no.2 opened in 59 with a Michael T. Flynn look alike making his final legal iPAD notes on the steps of the Greek columns of the White House; a.k.a. it's "Mr. Death" sudden death play-off over-time circa 2017, at: ~ When those childish Jewish pitchmen with a [UNITED WAY] kindness for children at today's NYT No.57,509 still persist that THE INVISIBLE MAN is a "...very devious sort." ~ Not to mention Glenn Beck and the leadership of that moron church in SLC, Utah. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS INDIANA: You are probably going to lose your 74 year-old pilot's license for that [PUSSY GALORE] flying stunt that you pulled at JOHN WAYNE in Orange County; right as my Will Ferrell postings were rolling out all across America. ~ Fuck it. ~ All politics aside, funny is funny. ~ PS PRINCESS DIANA: Danielle Steel has been one of my most faifull angels since day one. ~ Sometimes even a rich white girl has to do what any other poor white girl out there living on Relf Street in London has to do just to survive. ~ 2BC.INFO STUDY NOTES: At the end of ONE FOR THE ANGELS: Yours truly walks away with his physically transfigured invisible man figure at the end of episode two for a physical translation thing about the millennial City of Enoch. ~ Where the girls are young and pretty, and the men act like men. ~ PS JOHN LOVE IT: Needless to say; after all of these years of you sticking with me, through thick and thin; my guys in Seattle are going to have to bankroll the next three Internet movies that you want to do; at: ~ Otherwise, they have no promise from me to live cancer-free for another 150 years. ~ PS PEE WEE HERMAN THE JEW BOY: ~ I will make sure to have my guys up in Seattle finance your next two movies. ~ But only if and when my 10% fuck buddy agent Alison Roth reads your next two screenplays; and feels like they have any measure of artistic qualities that might interest David Lynch's indie film fans in the NYT STYLE SECTION. ~ "Publicity is everything." Mr.Bing, Portland, Oregon, 1989. ~ NAZI NOTES: Right now, the liberal atheist FDR era holdover communist Jews and negros represent the biggest threat to everything that white christian America stands for; ergo Hitler's unrational and suicidal obsession with the red state Russians in WWII during the cold winter months of THE INVISIBLE MAN prophrcy 1943-1944. ~ PS TAYLOR SWIFT: More hot sex with your husband. ~ Less luke warm sex with guys who you barely even know. ~ PS LL: Let me know if you suddenly die and need more money to live off of me in style on some SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE house boat situation on Lake Union, Seattle for some reason. ~ And then you become born again and accept Jesus Christ as your only Lord and Savior in HANNIBAL:III. ~ "Make up sex is the best!!" SEINFELD, 1996. ~ Darling, sweetheart, warm hearted spirituality always comes before the cold hard cash carnal minded deals in movies like THE DARLING LIMITED and LA DOLCE VITA. ~ Oh well. ~ In the meantime. ~ You suck on my hard cock. ~ I eat out your soft freckled pussy. ~ Until things start to get a little better during the upcoming two terms of the Donald Trump administration.

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