Thursday, February 9, 2017


THE PRODUCERS remake was another inspired Mel Brooks prophecy about the NYT calling Donald Trump's yuuge surprise triumph for white people, "...shocking... outrageous... insulting..." And then today's politically amoral atheist Jews laugh all the way to their [internationalist socialist buddies] bank. ~ Not ironically, the above 2005 film was a total surprise flop. ~ Just like Hillary Clinton's totally over the top politically incorrect campaign to become the half Jewish lesbian President of America in sweet 16 ~ Even though the country's population was still around 70% white. ~ Talk about old school floppy disks and tits and hair; and a yuuge sagging ass. ~ "Fat ankles..." comments the Jew lawyer advisor to the blond 'Mr.Wonderful' Donald Trump casino owner figure in DOMINO. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DIRECTOR'S CUT NOTES: Personally, I would take out the first 30 minutes of THE PRODUCERS, and just cut to the chase if and when you watch it. ~ However, I would leave in the 2005 film's seemingly over extended ending. ~ Which is an inspired depiction of today's REV.13 liberals going into 666 jail captivity after 8 years of fucking America's white people in the ass via the abomination of desolation in MARK 13. ~ PS TRUMP: Gorsuch looks too gay to me. ~ Kind of like that polite society character with a conservative "haircut" in HANNA AND HER SISTERS. ~ If I were you, I would just shit can Mr.Gorsuch; and put in some real macho man like Senator Cruz. ~ Now that, "We don't need no fucking [filibuster] rules." when it comes to dealing with those bad hombres down in Mexico. ~

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