Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Some crazy nigger with a knife suddenly popped up out of nowhere and started stabbing white people on the sidewalk in front of the CNN studios on Sunset Blvd. ~ Then the cops finally shot him down inside the nearby corner JACK IN THE BOX. ~ While my REV.13 post rolled out about Hollywood's liberal Jews getting what they gave the white folks of America for the past 8 years. ~ What goes around comes around is why the October 29, 19666 episode of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE was entitled WHEELS. ~ Think Julia Louise-Dreyfus was mocking Donald Trump at the SAG awards for believing that there are at least 1,500,000 illegal voters in the room; at the very same time that a very serious academic report came out about there being at least 800,000 illegal alien voters in America. ~ Close enough. ~ Considering that CNN er all are still lying to us about Barry being born in Hawaii. ~ Not to mention their sister station FOX NEWS. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GERALDO RIVERA: Getting a little bored with the same old same old are we? ~ The younger babes are not exactly throwing themselves at you these days? ~ You already have enough money in the bank to keep you in style until you die; maybe tomorrow, or maybe ten years from now? ~ How about we try this? ~ You suddenly come out of nowhere with a special 60 minutes FOX report about Barack Obama being born in a hospital in British Kenya on the very same day that Oprah makes her debut on 60 MINUTES? ~ Dude, think about it; the money, the fame, the hot babes. ~ Everyone loves a winner. ~

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