Friday, February 10, 2017


416 black pilot whales were already committing suicide in Golden Bay, New Zeal/land when those 3 nutty professor 9th Circuit law school judges in the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE bay area claimed that they are now in charge of America's foreign policies. ~ And not that Broadway star of SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER in Mel Brooks' homogaysexual THE PRODUCERS remake prophecy. ~ The day after that I-80 dam washed out in northeast Nevada, in between China Mtn and Pilot Peak. ~ New Zealand being the GLOBE TROTTERS biggest ten virgins divide landmark on the entire GOLDEN GLOBES globe. ~ Located right at Separation Point, if you get my 50/50 point. ~ Not to mention Farewell Spit, at: ~ "So then because thou art luke-warm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." REV.3:16. ~ Like at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BARRY: Now's your chance to get back into the Hollywood motion pictures game big time. ~ Don't look at becoming the legally blind Willie Brown wanna be Governor of California as a step down. ~ Rather, see it as a slam dunk opportunity to finally become the legitimate President of California. ~ Which is now actually the 5th largest economy in the entire world; due to the recent increased valuations of the Hwy.101 NASDAQ. ~ Plus, half of the new gay ass sailors in the US Navy of Sodom and Egypt in San Diego are already under your commanding spell. ~

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