Thursday, February 2, 2017


All 1000 of those filthy dirty running dogs with flees at the foggy bottom State Department in WAG THE DOG must be rounded up and put down immediately. ~ [Forgive the Nazi gas chambers veternarian analogy.] ~ Their time has run out. ~ And we do not have that much time left either. ~ Like Jesus said, if you build a house on a foundation of [Bernie Sanders] sand; it will all just wash away and fall down when the storms come, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ FAKE TEETH NOTES: When the new Secretary of State talks, he sounds like an old man with dentures. ~ For Christ's sake, get yourself a pair of modern up-to-date implants. ~ MISSION IMMPOSSIBLE 1966 NOTES: Those protesters in episode 7 represent the anarchists who get rounded up and put into REV.13 captivity. ~ Since shortly thereafter, they are joined up with the negro Obama faker. ~ Therefore, the police captain looks like O.J. and the hot babe represents his hot blond wife Nicole. ~ Who was fucking that white Jew mother fucker on the side who worked at LUNA. ~ No.Seriously.O.J. is still living in a 666 prison captivity situation near Lovelock, Nevada; south of the Trinity Mtns. ~

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