Saturday, February 25, 2017


When I was a small virgin CUB SCOUT growing up in the 1959-64 cold war era of the Jet City, a 5 cent freeze-dried pack of COOL-AID would make a full half gallon of sickeningly sweet fake-tasting [smilely-face tv commercial] fruit punch. ~ As confirmed by the half Jewish rod of Jesse figure Rod Serling dying from a bad heart valve in NIN's closer to God 1260 days time video, at age 50/50 in 75. ~ Or like it says in the Bible, " their [fake news] fruits ye shall know them." ~ For example, Barack Obama was born in Kenya, Africa. ~ However, the strange-love media says that he was born in Hawaii. ~ Ha, ha, ha... ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SCARLETT JOHANSSON: The idea of there even being such a ridiculous thing as "herpes no.1 and herpes no.2" is a Providential YES MAN motivational speaker direct-response toll-free callers infomercial on your local two witnesses AM radio station; for what ailes the House of Israel in the last days in such movies as; PET DETECTIVE: I&II. ~ Meanwhile, you give me a nice FFING hand-job, I give you a nice and strong-fingered deep wrist fisting job; and no one needs to worry about getting the kooties down there..... ~ SI-FI NOTES: All of those inspired low budget movies in the 50s and 60s, about the beautiful Babylon babe in REV.17 suddenly getting a flat tit front tire on her beautiful car with sexy lines, were a REV.18 thing; give or take a few numbers. ~PS THE NEW YORK TIMES: ~ I AM will be buying out and taking over your local 10 cent newspaper in the prophetic spirit of CITIZEN KANE, per: ~ You should be so lucky. ~ Note the panicked Woody Allen ZELIG look alike in the enclosed movie trailer. ~ OTHER NOTES: The enclosed 50 shades of black and white grey scales [CITIZEN KANE] trailer includes a nice George Bush and Larry David look alike. ~ PS PETER: Your son looks like Joseph Cotton in the above trailer because he lives near the entrance to Utah's twin Cotton Canyons of Judah and Ephraim in Sandy. ~

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