Thursday, February 16, 2017


5 card stud is a lot like 9-ball. ~ Hence Trump's penchant for short and quick sudden-death press conferences. ~ Wherein he only takes a few quickie questions from WND or CBN and then he says goodbye to the boys and moves on; mostly for the shits and giggles of course. ~ Just think about it. ~ The man with the orange tan is a 70 year-old multi billionaire who has seen and done everything by now. ~ How else is a smart guy like him supposed to get a few more jollies at this late point in his life? ~ Maybe you fuck two hot 29ish Sienna Miller look alike blonds at the same time on your 91' yacht? ~ Maybe you buy a 757 jet and put your name on it? ~ Duh, been there done that. ~ Boring. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PILOT NOTES: Apparently, Harrison Ford's last huurah will be pix of him flying around on some big jet above West Yellowstone, Montana. ~ Whatever floats your boat in HOPE FLOATS meets SPEED:II. ~ GREASE:II NOTES: Everyone out there who knows that GREASE:II was infinitely superior to the original, should also take a second look at THE BLUES BROTHERS:II. ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: For the next 70 years or so, your new mission in life will be scouting out the very best small native trout creeks in the Pacific Northwest for me. ~ So when I have to fly over to Vancouver, BC from London, England to take care of my Canadian wives' flirty fishing problems, at least I will have something else to look forward to; relatively speaking. ~

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