Friday, February 17, 2017


Episode 6.66 is the mother load of the first season of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, circa 1959-1960. ~ Wherein yours truly plays the big fat Mr. Zero devil to Woody Allen's physically transfigured paranoid "little man" hypochondriac with your typical amoral unAmerican Rob Reiner attitude. ~ Who himself has a long suffering wife who looks a lot like an older Miley Cyrus. ~ Which of course ends up with the Wood Man sitting in the same REV.13 [1993] jail cellphone situation depicted at the end of THE PRODUCERS, circa 1968 or so. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 5.6 NOTES: The US COAST GUARD was frantically searching for Seattle's DESTINATION crabbers boat along the 56 line on NYT No.57,506. ~ Because of Donald Trump's new attitude about protecting America's borders and coast lines. ~ Plus, "The Guard" has always been known as the much preferred military draft option for gentlemanly Jews with ivy league college degree deferments. ~ Kind of like the half Jew George W. joining the Nation Guard airforce of Indiana Jones er all so he didn't have to die in the Russian cold war jungle swamps of Viet Nam. ~ Ergo, President Nixon always nixed the idea of destroying the Russian fleets that were supplying the Democrat Party's North Viet Nam; because he was sooo afraid that it would start WW:III. ~ "Paranoia is the enemy of precision." says yours truly in my own private ZERO EFFECT biopic; made in the leftist fascist city state of Portland, Oregon. ~ Compared to my own private mormon missionary government operation in Fiorenza, Italia; circa HANNIBAL:III&IV. ~ Think STEALING BEAUTY is about Steven Hughes FFing my dazed and confuzed exwife from France in DAY OF THE JACKEL meets LAST TANGO IN PARIS.. ~ Per such historic motion picture prophecies as THE SHINNING and LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, like at: ~

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