Sunday, February 26, 2017


The star of HBO's polygamist mormon BIG LOVE series died on the very same day that Ben Afflect's little brother was sporting a full fundamentalist unshaved face and wearing his Muslim religion top that said 'LOVE' in Arabic. ~ Since the principle of plural marriage is so clearly spelled out and accepted in the KORAN. ~ In confirmation of the western forces in Iraq taking over portions of the illegal cites over there that represent the rebellious sanctuary cites in the decadent lawless apostate christian west. ~ Ergo, ISIS will be blowing up various western sanctuary cities and countries in the west; in order to bring them closer to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: Reportedly, LA LA LAND is a hit in Salt Lake City, Utah. ~ Therefore, check out it's Danny Kaye family style 1959-64 look at: ~ GOLDMEMBER ACADEMY NOTES: AP:III's time travel James Bond Austin, Texas hipsters spoof begins above Hollywood Blvd. in 2017 because it will be time when all of the "Dutch hater!!" peoples of the DANIEL 9 prince would be all the rage. ~ Since it is looking like the Dutch have had enough of it and are on the verge of de-islaming their country. ~ PS MADONNA: You are personally about two weeks away from coming out of the closet and helping your immature exhusbands understand that Biblical polygamy is the way of God; and that most women should not have the right to vote against them in the first place. ~ Since it was obviously a Divine act of God that Donald Trump was elected to become the next two terms President of America. ~ Just like it was an act of God that a half Jewish negro homosexual illegal alien with a fake news birth certificate and a strange-love sounding Muslim name could have ever been elected to be there in the first place, back in 2008. ~

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