Saturday, February 18, 2017


Episode 6.66 cites the number 14 three times because in REV.14:9-11 it states that those who worship the Jewish FDR Social Security idol and the typical [Judas] Jewish LBJ CIVIL RIGHTS ACT alteration of the US Constitution in 1964 etc. are going to taste the blood of Jesus Fucking Christ and eat his flesh during the 70 weeks set up period of the President Trump Administration. ~ Which starts to roll out after the half hour of silence in heaven at REV.8:1. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TRUE LOVE NOTES: According to the spoken word at, the rights and the dignity of men will be restored only after they finally decide to grow up and start acting like real white Christian men; and not alike some short half pint Jew celebity, like at: ~ AND: ~ PS LABUTE: Hang in there my heavy handed friend. ~ Keep doing what you can only do if you know that it is the right thing for you to do for now. ~ Besides, you'll probably hit the mother load around the same time that I AM hits the mother load. ~ Maybe a year or two later. ~ BFD. ~ All is well that ends well. ~ I AM is a lot like I AM. ~ Meaning, the gayish Republican Party side of me always tends to forget and forgive and never remember any of my disloyal friend's unmanly personal transgressions and petty affronts that were geared towards me during the 1980s and 1990s. ~

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