Sunday, February 19, 2017


Unless otherwise notified, I AM will just be working my way through all 156 episodes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE in their exact order of appearance; circa 59 to 64. ~ Therefore, I finished the Russian Cold War series' X-20 rocket episode in the wee hours of Sunday; and then "they" launched their SPACE-X FALCON-9 from moon pad 39A at exactly 9:39 I/AM/NYT time in confirmation of Elton John's 9:00 AM 3rd rock song at: ~ All of which unfolded at the same time that the beautiful woman in episode 9 was visiting all of those strange looking peoples with dark skin and strange UFO alien moonie-faces in Cambodia. ~ Ergo, they all look like retarded little stunted-growth children who suffer from Downs Syndrome; because their parents were mostly eating white rice, and not hard red winter wheat from places like Montana and Alberta, Canada. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DANIEL 9 NOTES: Episode 9 is called PENCHENT TO DREAM because most of the illegal "dreamers" people of the prince do not look like real white Christian Americans. ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ EPISODE 11 NOTES: One of the primary themes in this one deals with today's fake news headlines in the major newspapers that are put out by the Jews who don't like Ephraim: circa ISAIAH 11:1-11. ~ PS INDIANA: That time in the 1970s when you crashed your fast black 350-V8 SS CHEVY on Hwy.410 at the end of AMERICAN GRAFFITI, circa 59, was about the end times in the Bible. ~ But don't get discouraged now. ~ This was around the same time that I got married to my cold-hearted charming-as-hell French exwife in Provo, Utah. ~ And it ended up being exactly what the doctor ordered. ~ PS MILEY: Don't worry about it. ~ You will never have to fuck me in a 1000 years, unless and until you want it because it makes you feel better, like at:

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