Thursday, February 2, 2017


Travis Scott suddenly fell into a symbolically staged pit of captivity hole in confirmation of the Scotsman who is now running the show at the Greek White House in negro DC; according to the latest TMZ posting anyway at: ~ Ergo, those who set up a trap door for the righteous, will get caught in their own trap. ~ Dude, are you crazy or what? ~ You look like an evil alien invader from the British Virgin Islands in LIVE OR LET DIE. ~ Where Barry is thinking about buying a timeshare condo in the same highrise building where Bruce Willis er all like to relax and spend their down time during winter season, circa MARK 13:14. ~ Which has become the latest gay destination spot for your average Englishman of means. ~ Now that the coast of Spain has become overrun by every drunken middle class [Labor Party] footie fan who can afford VIRGIN AIR's special $99 round-trip ticket&hotel room package to go down there and come back again after 3 1/2 days. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR.WARZENNEGGER: Brigham Young said that the Mormons would become just like today's Glenn Beck type christians in the last days because they would become too rich and too comfortable; complete with full medical benefits. ~ And therefore they would not want to rock the [TITANIC] 666 lifeboat in any way. ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: If I have the money to finance any project that any actor in Hollywood wants to make. ~ I sure as shit have the wherewithal to buy out any rundown theater in London or Seattle and cast you in the leading role. ~ No matter what happens to cinema. ~ The common people who voted for Donald Trump will always love a good show that is real and convincing; and the tickets are affordable to boot. ~ PS HUGH GRANT: More educated upper class, less uneducated lower class. ~ The Labor Party is crass fascism. ~ The House of Lords represents a better class of people. ~ Think A FISH CALLED WANDA meets THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO LITTLE, at: ~ AND: ~

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