Friday, February 24, 2017


That HARRY IN YOUR POCKET clip opens with the prophetic muted trumpet score of Donald Trump in 2017. ~ For when the 666 antichrist Jews in the media are trying to mute the democratically elected voice of the dark high tower President of white America with their fake Hillary Clinton Cold War basement email leak schemes in WAG THE DOG. ~ Ergo, Seattle's futurist monorail goes right by Allen's rock music museum. ~ [The Germans built the first ever monorail in Berlin.] ~ Note the shot where Vermont's socialist Bernie Sanders look alike also gets bumped and ripped off with a RED BARON red capitalist sign in the background. ~ Then we see my BYU VW BEATLES car in some parking lot as me and the gang walk through a lot in Salt Lake City, Utah. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: That is you playing your Col. "Donald Land" look alike in TWILIGHT ZONE's 15th episode, that takes place 97 miles away from Reno. ~ Wherein it took about 4.5 years to make your own private ERASERHEAD indie film. ~ That ended up launching your Hollywood movie career into outer space. ~ PS MICHAEL MOORE: I keep posting as much offensive surreal rightwing reactionary shit that I can think of on this blog, in order to draw them out into the open. ~ And then like some hunter's stupid hound dog, you get a better shot at them with your Elmer Fudd .12 gage double barrel shotgun, like at:

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