Wednesday, February 8, 2017


The DOW did a double 29 birth date sign on Tuesday when it closed up at 20,090.29. ~ In confirmation of Clinton's rich Jewish stock market speculators who screwed Bernie Sanders in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: October 29, 1967. ~ Wherein a certain Mr.Clinton in New York recommended the MI/CIA fakers to a certain negro faker with fake computer generated papers; who was born in Kenya, Africa. ~ And in the end, Barack Obama himself goes on "... a nice long vacation." in the British Virgin Islands with a physically transfigured Rich Brandon stock manipulator; per his Biblical look alike ten virgins guy, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS RICHARD BRANSON: Do you really want to look like shit and then you die tomorrow? ~ Or would you rather want to end up looking like your look alike antihero in KILL CRIUSE meets THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II? ~ Who mysteriously gets translated around 79 years later, and all they can find is your abandoned sail boat in the CAPTAIN RON prophecy, per: ~ Seriously dude. ~ There is a Providential reason why you look like a frozen pizza Woody Norris in the two IN LIKE FLINT Hillary Clinton candidate 2016 prophecies. ~ Ergo, "Women are the future of America!!" Hillary Clinton, circa last last weekend, 2017. ~ PS ERIC JADERHOLM: You are that bald LA detective in AMERICAN GIGOLO meets THE SHINING meets GOLDMEMBER who helps me take it down a notch whenever I get too caried away and start getting a bit too creepy. ~

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