Sunday, February 19, 2017


The 9th court in San Francisco ruled against President Trump's traditional American FDR/JFK foreign policies in confirmation of those doomed crab boat CIA fishermen in A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ Who in the 1986 movie were actually underwater CIA spies trying to figure what that blond Russian political hybred freak from Paris, France was doing. ~ And since I AM is paying for the whole she-bang anyway; how about we shoot the whole damn 009 thing in the Bay Area? ~ Followed up by various prelude shots happening in the Puget Sound, Seattle area. ~ To my best recollection; there has never been a James Bond movie made in Seattle. ~ Other than that Super 8mm short that was written and directed by Woody Norris, circa 1967-1968; costarring Ed Lee smoking a candy cigarette near the UW campus' atomic research science building. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ST.JOHN NOTES: A 29ish looking Elton John is wearing shaded red planet glasses in his evergreen themed PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE video. ~ Where we hear Dan's rattle snake getting ready to strike down the tall Jewish horse in THE WHITE HORSE PROPHECY; that was given to us by Joseph Smith on 5.6, 1830 something. ~ No.Seriously. ~ This is the reason why Woody Allen was inspired to have his suicidal movie entitled BLUE JASMINE take place in these same waters of the born again 666 beast in REV.13. ~ And then voilĂ !.. The hottest ticket on Broadway is now some tall thin Greek Jew guy who looks like a physically transfigured Paul Nestor, circa 1982. ~ PS QUENTIN TARANTINO: Just ignore any of my above advice if it does not jibe in anyway with your inspired first impression ideas for 009. ~ And I do mean it. ~ Don't call me. ~ Don't ask for any of my advice in post or anything like that. ~ Just cast it, and shoot it, and then edit it. ~ Surprise me. ~ By now we know that President Trump has a yuuge [Ben Afflect size] cock. ~ And that's not necessarily a bad thing. ~ Per this 42 months apre-ski moon boots devil in this NIN video that features the look alike image of Kenndall Jenner's Olympic Greek champiom transsexual father who is /has now been loosed upon us in spades, like at: ~

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