Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I spotted a lost shoe from WAG THE DOG lying in the middle of Buckley Hwy Monday; underneath DIAMOND LOUNGE's twin Jennifer Aniston babes sign. That night on a Conan debut week rerun, Tom Hanks got hit by the AP III GOLDMEMBER meteor, shown in Dr Evil's sub off the coast of Japan. Which knocked Tom's shoe off.

Now I read that someone stole Leonardo DiCaprio's NIKEs last week at a Japanese temple, around the same day I watched WAG THE DOG, for the first time in years. Those would be the stinky NIKEs in the limo trunk, that the black Obama kid helps toss into a tree outside the White House.

Speaking of the abomination of desolation, Obama and Clinton are siding with Chavez and Castro against the constitutionalist freedom fighters in Honduras, according to:

Therefore, a Yemen A310 from Paris [Read NPR Area Code 310] crashed into the sea off Moroni, Comoros. In confirmation of the Harry Potter lightening bolt that struck the right arm of Moroni on 6.13, at:

The Book of Mormon [Read Honduras] icon of liberty led the freedom revolt against the oppressive abominations of desolation of his day, as recorded in ALMA 43:47-50, etc. Such freedom warnings are symbolized by Moroni's trumpet of warning. That has been silent in the D&C 86 Mormon church for way too many decades. The right arm of Israel has turned gentile black in today's RLDS church. Ever since Pres Kimball received his [unpublished] negro race priesthood revelation from bellow, according to the Lord's word at http://www.2bc.info/ .

The Lord has told his School of Prophets, that if you repeatedly nag him for a revelation about something, that is already clearly spelled out in places like ABRAHAM 1, just to please the worldly, you will indeed receive a revelation. But it wont come from him.

12 year-old Dicky Ham/ar was killed by a rodeo bull Sunday in Obama's Colorado, at:

The Hamar family is from Yuma, Arizona, in the Chocolate Mtns region, below the Imperial Dam.

Here's a 211 Manly, Australia pic from Bruno's WAG THE DOG White Horse Prophecy re-election TV ad, featuring his alter-ego hero Larry Sinclair, at the BRUNO premier in Sydney. One may recall, the down under continent is shaped like an English saddle, at:

Bruno's Castle Dome Mtns are on the east side of Yuma, AR.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Monday, June 29, 2009


By Sunday evening, it was crystal clear that the surprise death of Michael Jackson had been Providentially arranged by God's publicity department. As the lead up to Sunday's big annual BET awards show; held this year on the Egyptian exodus' 40 years anniversary of the homosexual Stonewall riots in today's Sodom and Egypt.

Immediately after the 'King of Pop' died, fans rushed to his Hollywood sidewalk star, but found it covered up and blocked off that day by Bruno's Hebrew gay pride military parade premier.

"And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whos name in the Hebrew tongue is Abbadon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. " [REV.9:11]

"One [911] woe is past; and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter." [REV.9:12]

By Friday, they were performing memorials for the King of Poop at Harlem's famous Greek APOLLO theater in stonewalling NYC. The Greek tongue in verse 11 being a traditional blow job reference to homosexual Hellenism.

The same day's constitutional coup in Honduras was based on the small country war in WAG THE DOG. Since the 1997 prophecy opens with a re-election TV commercial for America's 'First black president'. That features Obama's prophetic Big Brown race horse message with an English butt saddle riding Larry Sinclair look alike jockey. You can't have a WAG THE DOG movie plot without a sex scandal.

WAG THE DOG's repeat '303 sauce' BURGER KING themes, positioned next to 'JBL' equipment, were a prophetic reference to the meaty 3.03 born Jessica Biel at:

Confirmed last Wednesday, and witnessed again on Sunday, by the JBS-SWIFT BEEF CO recalls in Obama's 7-peaks Colorado of various meat products, due to possible 0157-H7 bugs at:

JB and JT were big time operatives for the illegal re-election of America's 'First black president' back in the prophetic year of Love Potion No.8. Bill Clinton being America's 'First black president' when WAG THE DOG was miraculously made by an astonishingly rapid continuity of events, and all that.

No coincidence of course, that the famous OXICLEAN pitchman passed away at the same 50/50 ten virgins age of Michael Jackson, on the same day as the BET awards. Twelve oxen are a traditional symbol of the twelve tribes of Israel, as seen under the cleansing temple bathtub baptismal font at:

You mess with the bull, you get the horns...

Gregory Scott Relf


Here's the latest on THE FAT SPY kid rose breeder who tried to give Megan Fox a yellow rose of Texas in London, at:

Saturday, June 27, 2009


The Hwy.101 techno-666 NASDAQ closed on Michael Jackson's August 29 birth date, the same day he died, with a Car 54 warning at 1,829.54, for Catholic Pelosi's Bay Area district of Sodom and Egypt. Because the stonewalling Obama media thinks they can hide the Biblical red APPLE symbolism in Steven [blow] Job's AIDS case at:

Catholic Farrah Fawcett passed away from anus cancer on the same day at age 62. To put a 602 breakup marker on the third anniversary of Nicole Kidman's Catholic wedding in Manly, Australia on 6.25.06. Reportedly, FF was engaged in vain, again, to her Irish LOVE STORY star right before dying. All D&C 86 church marriages die. All 2BC temple marriages last forever.

The same day Pelosi passed her massive energy tax increase on the poor and unemployed, there was a huge rear-ender in "steers and queers" Oklahomo, near Perez Hilton's horny Miami. REV.9 people died in the horrific pile-up orgy at:

By the hand of God's publicity department, the inspired Jewis rabbi from London, a.k.a. Bruno, spent days planning for his military gay parade, with GOLDMEMBER stinger in hand, down REV.9's Hollywood Blvd, the same day the manly Michael Jackson died, at:

Michael Jackson was very famous for his military costums on stage, and his sexy boy toys in the bedroom.

Friday's Canadian LONDON SILVERBACKS butt fuckers confirmation happened in Oklahomo's Ottawa County. Where the state's Ephraimite cowboy from MULHOLLAND DRIVE, Senator Jim Inhofe, is fixing to take some TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen action himself. You mess with the bull, you get the steer's horns, at:

Right there by I-44 Miami, OK, east of Pyramid Corners, is no.44 Obama's Lake O' The Cherokees; that runs down into VP Biden's Delaware County.

I had watched 1997's WAG THE DOG prophecy Thusday and Friday mornings; Broken Arrow, OK being military code for a missing nuke. It's about all those phony Hollywood leaders who put Obama into office illegally, with a lot of hype and bullshit. Only to have a secretive black White House Obama figure take out the left-wing egomaniac producer in the end at age 57 or 62, depending on the bio, BEVERLY HILLS COP style.

"He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity..." [REV.13:10]

Gregory Scott Relf

PS: Here's an ominous omen from I-65's Crown Point, Indiana at:

Whenever we see Providential homosexual signs and warnings, we simultaneously see dead and injured children.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Annalynne McCord's birth date in Wednesday's NYT 54,716 was confirmed by the same day's report about that prophetic MARK 13:14 Picasso portrait of Obama, which sold for $9.3 M Tuesday at [Jesus] CHRISTIES in London; called 'Man With A Sword' at;

Picasso's PLANET OF THE APES prophecy depicts the same side-face profile of the abomination of desolation, that we see in MULHOLLAND DRIVE 7400 W when the Ephraimite cowboy walks by a second time. Right before the film's Manchurian candidate assassin scene at WINKIES on Sunset Blvd, i.e. Sunrise Blvd, which is the same Obama sun logo image.

Sitting in front of STARBUCKS Wednesday, I discovered that a [Car 54] state highway patrol [101] motorcycle cop, on a WINKIES break, had parked his medicine wheel ride with '716 SP' plates at my table. Then I saw the NYT 54,716 issue.

Tonight, I see that another PLANET OF THE APES portrait by Picasso, with the same name, was sold on Wednesday in London at:

The two inspired works were made one day apart in 1969.

Last week, I found an old VHS tape of the amazing prophetic war movie WAG THE DOG, at RAINIER's secondhand shop for $1.

In this video still, the wishy washy Republican Gov Mark Sanford looks like Prince Charles, at:

He was fucking a lady from Argentina in confirmation of the Republicans' political fornications with the new American party of Evita. Argentina means 'silver', as in doing it with the REV.17 whore LONDON SILVERBACKS style.

That's why the one Red Line train in Washington, DC rear-ended another Red Line train in the behind; as my Silverback apes post rolled out.

Here's the follow up to my Hwy.101 report sign at:

Pigs and hogs shut down I-430 near Little Rock, Ark on the opening day of Wimbledon. For an EZE.43 ANIMAL FARM statement from God about Liz Hurley's hog farm world view.

Looks like Perez Hilton messed around with the bull and got the horns at:

I like this Providential REV.9 STINGRAY rear-ender message at:

It was foggy Wednesday around Forks, Washington.

Larry Sinclair's WAG THE DOG book was finished on the same day ABC did their crap in the Casablanca's Blue Room. See:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Cat napping last night after a frozen WOLFGANG PUCK cheese pizza, topped with extra virgin olive oil, EUROFRESH tomatoes from Wilcox, AR, and chopped vampire garlic, I was awaken at 10:19 pm by a flash vision of the Lord's finger pointing down at a spot north of TWILIGHT's La Push wolf people place, off Hwy.101.

God's right hand index finger was pointing downward from the northern direction of Canada. Fingering the Cape Johnson point next to Ellen Creek, Branch Creek, and Dickey Creek, to let me know that he was talking about Ellen's hole in the stonewall pizza video full of GSR index finger signs at:

Off the coast of Cape Johnson, north of Hole in the Wall, is Tim Burton's Quillayute Needles REV.9 Wildlife Refuge. Confirmed by his TV clip from TMZ.com Tuesday, recommending rapid release TYLENOL PM, which I saw in replay a few hours after my flash, at:

Down the shoreline are various Obama era landmarks like Teahwhit Head, Strawberry Point, Alexander [Egypt] Island, and Hoh Head. Nearby Destruction Island is located off the mouth of Washington's famous steelhead rainbow sea-trout hot spot, the Hoh River.

[New readers should know that TWILIGHT's Forks, Washington locale was about the devil preachers' D&C 86 pitchforks in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy.]

I see Ellen's next project, the roller-derby film WHIP IT, is scheduled for release on 10.9. Here's the famous Joan Jet era Whip It lyrics:

Crack that whip
Give the past the slip
Step on a crack
Break your [REV.17] mammas back

When a problem comes along
You must whip it
Before the cream sits out too long
You must whip
When somethings going wrong
You must whip it

Now whip it
Into shape
Shape it up
Go straight
Go forward
Move ahead
Try to detect it
It's not too late
To whip it
Whip it good

When a good time turns around
You must whip it
You will never live it down
Unless you whip it
No one gets away
Until they whip it

I say whip it
Whip it good
I say whip it
Whip it good

Here's DEVO's Messianic [temple cleansing whip] Branch Davidian, King of Beers, threesome video, set in Obama's future REV.16 civil war Lincoln log era of the red lady, at:

David Lynch made his MULHOLLAND DRIVE 7400 block bank crash prophecy back when Larry and Berry were partying like it's 1999. Featuring the blue bank vault key to Hwy.101's Islamic cutthroat Crescent Lake prophesies.

One may recall the inspired film's REV.16 breakup motif, that started out with Obama's chocolate bon bon doggie poops lying inside the temple's REV.11:1 courtyard. And ends when we see the United Order's Ephraimite cowboy leader for the second time. Right as Obama turns his head so that we can see the future face of the abomination of desolation.

"If you do bad... you'll see me a second time..."

To paraphrase the straight shoot'n Ephraimite at today's Hollywood hilltop horse corral.

Gregory Scott Relf


Check out Mel Gibson's amazing White Horse Prophecy movie sometime, entitled CONSPIRACY THEORY.

Keira Knightley is set to co-star in the upcoming production of LONDON BOULEVARD. Her famous wide shoulders are a royal reference to the prophetic CROWN ROYAL bottle at:

At the top of the British tudor SIERRA apartment index in MULHOLLAND DRIVE, is a person named J. Miller.

New readers: The English French surname Relf means 'powerful wolf' in the old tongue. Most of the Relfs in America are black slave descenants of the British Relf clan in New Orleans. Yours truly is the 'one mighty and strong' cited in D&C 85, 2BC 91, ISAIAH 11:1, 22:22, etc.

I found this 101 reference tonight, after my Hwy.101 vision, at:

Monday, June 22, 2009


On the opening weekend of America's no.1 movie THE PROPOSAL, Canadian style, a GREYHOUND bus carrying the LONDON SILVERBACKS football team from Neve's London, Ontario collided with a 4x4 on I-69/Hwy.27 north of Hwy.20's Angola, Indiana; near the cluster of Seven Sisters Lakes, Fox Lake, Loon Lake, Lake Charles, Crooked Lake, and Lake James [Bond].

Long time TWNers may remember the series of signs and wonders surrounding GREYHOUND buses and Sandra Bullock, after her amazing plural marriage movie with Ben Affleck, entitled FORCES OF NATURE. More recent examples have been the various celebs making anti-GSR/TWN black&white statements by dressing up in various shades of grey.

Neve Campbell's frozen semi-pro LONDON [sterling] SILVERBACKS lost to the TORNADOS of 717' Indianapolis Saturday, 32-0.

Here's Bruno in MARIE CLAIRE silverbacking one of the mindless women who voted him into office, with his AP II Johnson rocket, at:

A recent IMF report estimates that over $4,000,000,000 has disappeared since 2000 in diamond and oil rich Angola, Africa. Where the standard of living ranks among the lowest in the world.

Or about the same amount that the African born Obama has pissed away since illegally coming into the Casablanca's vagina shaped office; while America's own standard of living plummets. Better get ready for Tarzan Greystoke's elephant stampede.

Speaking of my youth trout fishing in Canada's Crooked Lake with Kit Winn; Loonie Lake tattoo lady Ms Fox told international reporters that she is a SINGLETON Scotch style single gal, like at:

But she got so freaked out by THE FAT SPY kid's yellow rose of Texas pix, that she jumped right back in bed with Austin Green once she landed in LA.

Oh well, have a look at all those REV.9 stingers in Johnny Depp's ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Madison dancer hat, at:

Gregory Scotch Relf [Aged 15 years]


Check out that ATLAS 5 Johnson rocket they launched to the moon, with a threesome double-probe mission, as my last AP II: The Spy Who Shagged Me post blasted off, at:

The Windsor, Canada bound bus crash report is at:
There has been a lot of quake activity near the British Virgin Islands in the past 24 hours, leading up to Wimbledon. It's the same region where Bruno held his recent voodoo wedding. See:

The SILVERBACKS ape logo is at:

Here's some silverbacks mating at:

There's a nice catch of silverbacks at:

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I saw W's pictorial of Bruce and Emma Friday afternoon at FREDDYS. A few hours later, there was a fiery train derailment in the rain and flooding northwest of the WILLIS TOWER area; near Loves Park and Cherry Valley, Ill, etc. as reported at:

Due west is the Anna Page Forest for Ellen Page's new fireplace music video of the wedding classic DON'T STOP BELIEVING, at:

One of Bruce's long time nicknames is Bruno. So the 7.10 release of BRUNO will probably coincide Providentially with those WILLIS TOWER themes in W magazine. By the hand of God, it now looks like Larry Sinclair's long delayed book about sucking on Obama's cock, while he sucked the crack pipe, will also be coming out during BRUNO.

Inspired gossip reports, true or false, were breaking Friday about the DERAILED star dating Brad Cooper.

Hillary broke her right elbow in the State Dept basement Wednesday afternoon, after a [curry] lunch with India's business leaders and diplomats, in confirmation of Dr Evil's upcoming NBA prison riots. Since today's talking-shit basketball is the big foot sport based on power elbowing your opponents. She had to cancel her meeting with Angelina Jolie, also a big supporter of marxist elbowism.

Hollywood's Dr Evil was from chocolateville, Belgium. Thus the dead G7 CONTINENTAL 777 beast pilot on Obama's flight 61 from Belgium to Bruno's New Jersey. See:

It's no coincidence that Bruno fell for both Emma and Obama in the same '08' year. Like I said, monogamy is gay.

Posh's new size breasts now give her the same figure as that naked wax statue in LOVE POTION N0.9's museum party scene with Tarzan's "king of the jungle" Prince of England. You can check them out at:

The 1992 film's palm reader lady kept her Love Potion No.8 in an old CROWN ROYAL Canadian whisky bottle. Her purifying Love Potion No.9 was kept in a very expensive SINGLETON scotch mini bottle. That's why Sandra was on the Scotish Craig Ferguson show Thursday; wearing a nice soft shoulder number with scarf-design necklace.

Eva Mendes was on Conan earlier, talking about the Koreans giving her a very thorough cleaning at some Korean Town spa, while things were heating up over in Korea. She wore a nice yellow rose number, for that young kid, in my trademark GSR palm Tee, who tried to give Megan Fox a yellow rose love note, at:

God's publicity department started recalling brown shit looking cookie dough, now that BRUNO's mustard packer comedy is coming, out at:

Here's a great London premier shot of Bruno, role playing the queen's marching armies of Sodom, with REV.9 stinger in hand. The old Jewish queen, and her gayish son, have knighted a lot of England's top homos, at:

Bruno was the black and white bull with horns in Spain at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


For a Car 54 enforcement of Sandra's prophetic LOVE POTION NO 9 cure for the insane Love Potion No.8 spell of emotional infatuation, 54 year-old Bruce Willis met Emma Heming and fell "in love" during the year 08. Now in the medicinal year of 09, W magazine is publishing photos of the two being grilled on top of some prison size kitchen stove, at:

Sunday's gang riots outside STAPLES CENTER, after LA's 99-86 victory in game 5, were confirmation of Dr Evil's 666 prison escape plan by starting a riot. With the help of that little Larry Sinclair look alike prisoner sitting next to the tall NBA prisoner. Revealed right before we see APPLE's homogaysexual monkey fall off the Branch of David.

New readers: According to the AP III prophecy, Mel Gibson is a chocolate mole planted deep inside the D&C 86 church of the devil; located under the REV.13:1 sea off Japan. In AP II, Dr Evil cast the devil out of his possessed seat of power. That was spinning out of control, inside his outerspace lair for lunatics, located on the Luna.

Also acting like a mole, ABC news will be broadcasting live from inside the Casablanca's Blue Room. A sweet deal, that they were no doubt working on long before that horrific ABC day care fire next to Lake Rodriguez in 777' Hermosillo, Mexico; up the road from La Colorada, etc.

Foolish 10 year-old virgin, Justin Clinton, was killed Monday by two symbolic black and white pit bulls in Leverett Chapel, Texas. The Kilgore, Texas landmark is located north of Rt.42's New London, Texas, at:

You mess with the bull, you get the horns...

Kilgore is on the Gregg County line. Due east, on Hwy.59, is the Marshall, Texas reference to Mr Black's Mormon sheriff movie.

The black video repair man prophecy, BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET, came out in George Orwell's 1984; before today's generation of video games. It's about a very strange mute alien, with no birth certificate, who can't speak the truth, but brings to pass a great change of heart among the white lost tribes of Israel, at:

It stars Joe Mort/on, who's old French surname means dead, death, or dying.

America's brother from another planet will be signing a memorandum Wednesday, giving federal benefits to homosexual partners.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Here's Bruno flashing his seat of power in Paris last night, with some of the number two "take 2" dancers from Britney's mulatto beast video in AP III, at:

He's on the new GQ cover featuring Goldmember's big Gregory 'G' logo, now for Gregg County, Texas at:

The movie's famous gay rodeo scene was shot somewhere near Paris, Ark.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


"You mess with the bull, you get the horns..."

Sodom's latter-day 1290 AIDS hustlers in REV.9 got infuriated by all the Divine wake signs and wonders surrounding the extremely symbolic death of actress Natasha Richardson, reported here back around 3/18. In response, her Irish Catholic Jewish husband, Liam Neeson, teamed up with homogaysexual MILK screenwriter Dustin Lance Black to produce a movie about yours truly; the Mormon sheriff swinger who has eyes for other men's wives, at:

Co-starring with casting perfection is Jennifer Connelly. Who's amazing DARK WATER movie about Roosevelt Island, NYC came out at the same time WILD AT HEART's New Orleans was flooded out by the blackish sewage waters in REV.12.

Mr Black's middle name 'Lance' stands for the symbolic transsexual penis stingers of the devil's armies in REV.9. That have become a weapon in today's great march into battle against the righteous.

As of this writing, there are 1299 comments on PEREZ' thread about those gay XXX pix of an unrepentent Mr Black not using any mustard-packer AIDS protection; Which hit the internet Friday at:

Exec producing is the inspired gay genious Gus Van Sant. Thereby confirming all the new photographic revelations from God about Megan Fox's oppressive thumbs in EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES, like at:

Over at God's publicity department, they came up with a massive natural gas explosion at SLIM JIMS meat-stick sausage factory Tuesday, in married Jen Garner's Wake County, NC, at:

By that Tuesday, I was completely drained out of my poisoned dark water runs. And was only blasting forth the most incredibly powerful amounts of natural gas, like a literal human rocket scientist. Which I now realize was a prophetic allusion to Howard Stern's inspired FARTMAN series.

This is the bright flash of D&C 85 light in my 'rocket scientist' scene at the Big Tuna motel; produced by some mysterious cowboy in a plaid map-lines shirt. Where my old Slim Jim buddy Ken McLeod is wearing those black and white music icons from Natalie Merchant's former BB. That graciously hosted most of my GSR/TWN threads over the years, in fulfillment of Ken's "Double Ought Spool" salmon fishing hook&line nickname for yours truly.

One of my fat giggling HOSEA 1 wives in Big Tuna is holding a newspaer full of various GSR/TWN fashion statements. I'm not saying that she is Sienna, but the amazing INTERVIEW actress did show up last week in London wearing a fabulous Egyptian beetle god outfit from BUBBA HO-TEP at:

Friday morning, I watched the Jewish David Crone/nberg's pre-Obama film, EASTERN PROMISES; about the Russian mob in London. That same day, Russia's Jewish Roman Abramovich oligarch, who owns the same soccer team featured in the 2007 movie, launched his new 557' yacht. Amid reports that the part Jewish Obama fired Ameri/corp's Inspector General to protect his cronies. In confirmation of the House minority whip's claim that Obama is fast becoming our new Putin boss.

This is the Egyptian pyramidcorp system of economics cited in REV.11. Even the same Bush hating Third Way fascism of that 88 year-old killer of the black guard, Tyrone Johns, at DC's Holocaust Museum; on the Jewish Elizabeth Hurley's 44th birthday.

Gregory Scott Relf


If you are thinking about breeding with a genuine whole wheat diet, to reduce your chances of making another bipolar autistic child, etc. Try the tasty whole wheat products at http://www.kashi.com/.

I hear Keira loves a good chicken curry. Try your chopped up tender roast chicken in a good tossing with their curry pilof at:

Add your own curry sauce for extra richness, and mop up the drippings with a slice of the wonderful EZEKIEL 4:9 bread at:

If you are reviewing and updating the AUSTIN POWERS: GOLDMEMBER prophecy; The film's cathartic black conductor, Quincy Jones, who gives the lost Israelites back their mojo, represents Barack Obama, who gets a big gay kiss from a flooded out ballet dancing Austin Powers. Right before it cuts to a REV.17 Britney Spears riding on top of today's mulatto beast figure, represented by the scene's mixed white and black wild men.

I discovered a dead, pregnant looking, mother deer lying below Hwy.410's twin redwoods landmark, the same day I saw EASTERN PROMISES; all covered in flies.

God has told his prophets among the lost tribes, [The ones cited in D&C 133], that many gays come to this world with deep rooted wounds and pains; experienced in the pre-existance. And that he can heal them, through faith in his infinite powers, like that Indian kid in the second or third road interview, at:

Often times, it involves casting out devils, as manifested at:

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I got the runs real bad Monday night from a poisoned box of RED BLOSSOM strawberries picked by Mexicans in California. For a personal confirmation of POISON's front man getting his head bashed at the homogaysexual EMMYs on Sunday.

LAND OF THE LOST's Will Ferrell showed up on Jimmy Fallon the next night as my prophetic Goldmember figure in AP III; with weiner mustard shit splattered on his left shoulder. The same night that Julia Roberts was on the JFK LBJ MLK letter man show. Hyping the late Paul Newman's HOLE IN THE WALL approach to curing sick children at some Lincoln Center fund raiser with Mr 666 himself Bill Clinton.

So a lady hiker got lost on 12622' Bald Mtn, near Julia's dog ranch in New Mexico. And the chopper they sent after her crashed among the rocky LAND OF THE LOST scenery there, at:

The two witnesses' 1260 days rescue root number in Bald Mtn's G7 mountains beast elevation sign was confirmed the same day by USAT's front page bald headed article on the Ephraimite witness Rush Limbaugh at:

Wednesday, Rush mentioned the fact that the African born usurper Barack Obama has no USA birth certificate; that would qualify him to be president. The shit is really gonna hit the fan when the 666 media can no longer stonewall the completely legit issue. Like the homogaysexual reporter at FOX tried do at:

Here's some background on the typical mustard packer at:

Last Monday, a long lost [bald] friend from Utah's Herriman area called me. I told him about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim; who are called to the D&C 77 Jews, not the Mormons, per se. The next day, a massive REV.12 flood struck the place, in confirmation of today's flood of filthy waters in the latter-day Sodom and Egypt at:

As explained in REV.12, the woman [church] and her son [Kingdom of God] will be saved from this flood with the help of the world [witnesses]. Who will help the white lost tribes of Israel re-discover their Israelitish roots; including the many peoples of color scattered across the globe who also have a more mixed ancient Israelite blood line in their genealogy tree.

The time will come when my long lost college buddy will start to understand that he is also a part Jewish Branch Dividic descendant of Jesus Christ. Who was married, and fathered his own children, that would produce the latter-day generation of the BRANCH in ZECH.3:8 etc. Then today's D&C 86 hangover will be cured.

Gregory Scott Relf


Looks like Larry Sinclair's documented book about his sex and cocain encounters with Obama is ready to come out at:

WILD AT HEART's prophetic line "Fuck me now Reggie!!!" in the number 20/10 scene was an inspired reference to SUMMER OF SAM's no.44 Reggie Jackson. Those are three of my naked fat goverment wives in the Big Tuna motel scene with my two future cowboys of Judah and Ephraim. That's Ken McLeod who introduces the SAILOR DOG "rocket scientist".

Obama's lesbian judge Sotomayor broke her foot inside an EZE.10 airport; our her way to Wash DC.

My old 2002 pre-Obama VHS tape of BUBBA HO-TEP has a preview on it for the transsexual boy movie OSAMA.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Dozens of children came to a horrible fiery death at ABC DAY CARE in Hermosillo, Mexico as my http://www.manhattankids.blogspot.com/ link was rolling out about Obama's lesbian latina judge Sotomayor. The town is located next to Michelle's Lake Rodriguez, up the highway from Obama's La Colorada [Colorado]. The general region where her last FAST&FURIOUS movie plot took place.

You mess with the Mexican bull crap, and you get the horns. Is what the LAND OF THE LOST kids movie star, Will Ferrell, was saying with his horns hairdo at the most gay awards show of all Sunday, the TONYs. I hear the movie is full of dino poop jokes.

Here is the homosexual godfather of them all with his arm around one of the kids in BILLY ELLIOT; standing next to Barack Obama Jr. at:

Many of the Mexican kids' funerals were held on the same day as the TONY AWARDS show at RADIO CITY. In confirmation of the radio inferno motifs in WILD AT HEART. There were 142 children at ABC when the prophetic film's flames started roaring.

The same thing that happened to ancient Sodom is going to happen to the latter-day Sodom. Even if today's mainline preachers, politicians, and ABC news reporters are too gay to warn their kids about it.

Sunday's big shootout in the old Hollywood haunt Acapulco, was a third world omen about what eventually happens when you let the secret soto-mayor combinations take root in your society. Like when you have a former illegitimate child, who is an illegitimate citizen, with an illegitimate life style, become the illegitimate leader of your country, in order to pass your secret illegitimate agenda.

At the end of the pre-Omama 2002 BUBBA HO-TEP prophecy, Elvis reads a curse written by the film's black Manchurian candidate JFK assassin figure. That goes on about how the Egyptian "black design" will get it's behind kicked by the "goodness of the light ones", i.e. the Israelitish white Republicans. Then the accuser devil in REV.12 will make war with the saints.

These are the ten illegals killed in a 4x4 FORD crash east of Cameron Diaz' Green Valley, Arizona Saturday night at:

Gregory Scott Relf


As of this writing, the last update for Billy Elliot at WIKIPEDIA was at 16:44 on 5.30. See the prophetic rod of Jesse plural marriage poster at:

I heard that David Carridine is in an upcoming movie entitled BAD COP. At the dollar store, I had found an old Carridine movie called KARATE COP.

Don't miss Jimmy Fallon's ongoing office pizza-party soap series called 7th FLOOR WEST, every Monday night.

Megan Fox recently stated that men are weak, like puppies. She's right. Monogamy makes men weak, like women. Women are strong when they act like women. Men are strong when they act like men. Strong women and strong men make strong families.

If you have any rear-ender questions about Washington DC's Tacoma Park station Red Line train derailment. Just google all the new pix of Jennifer Aniston in her grey suit costum for the new movie they're shooting in New Jersey, called BOUNTY HUNTER.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


WILD AT HEART's big Koko Taylor blues singer passed away on 6.03 at age 80. She was the underground secret combinations club singer in Oprah's Chinatown, USA. That we see on the way to Big Tuna; pop 603.

The 1990 film's prophetic message was; 'It's all over when the fat lady sings'. Like those naked fat ladies under the summer Christmas lights in Big Tuna.

The same day in Memphis, Egypt, USA, the Rev 'Bob' Barnes got his Caddy jacked right in front of his church, before Wednesday's Bible study. For the fate of Bob Ray Lemon inside the church of the devil. Barnes looks like that elderly black man at the gas station, when Sailor and Lula are running out of [government] money, at:

Friday morning there was a big fire at HANCOCK FABRICS, located at the White Station shopping center in Memphis. They think a car hit a gas pipe, according to:

Obama didn't accept the dinner invite by France's first couple, because he's just not that into the white descendants of Israel. American GIs did not die at D-Day for the future new 666 beast of Obama's Sodom and Egypt.

David Carradine got [David] Lynched in the same closet, full of spider webs, where I saw Brad Pitt hammering a nail in the wall of my Michelle Rodriguez BJ dream.

At the prophetic pre-Obama finale to BUBBA HO-TEP, Elvis salutes Mud Creek's black President JFK, just like they do for Barack Obama. As if he was a genuine and legit American president, at:

Gwenyth Paltrow appeared on Conan Thursday in a sexy 211 mini that showed off her gorgeous gams, all covered in wet perspiration makeup. For that sweaty July summer dream I had about her enjoying a healthy diet salad picnic beside Green Lake with some gay guy; sitting on the grass across from the park's 7400 block area.

The two cowboys looking at Sailor before he enters his Big Tuna motel room, represent yours truly, before and after Mel's physical transfiguration rites. Denise Richards wore basically the same flowers outfit for Jimmy Fallon Friday night; to promote her reality show on the E channel called DENISE RICHARDS: It's Complicated.

"If you were a cowboy, I would trail you..."

Katie Melua

The banner at the temple mount PIZZA HUT reads 'PASTA PAIR 13.99', not PIZZA PAIR...

Memphis' zoo is awaiting the prophetic birth of Tarzan's REV.12 baby elephant. An elephant stampede is coming, at:

Carradine was found lynched at the SWISSOTEL [7 mountains] in BangCock, Thailand Thursday, at age 72. The same 6.03 Wednesday, USA time, that Gov John Lynch signed the new homogaysexual marriage law in New Hampshire. This is the 1972 silver dollar in WILD AT HEART.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Obama's tour of the middle east and Europe does not include Israel. Obviously, that's why HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU Jews came out on DVD the same day he left.

Axelrod stated that Obama is seeking to heal the breach between America and Islam. Even the 'false prophet' cited in REV.16:13's latter-day scenario breakdown:

"And I saw three unclean spirits come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet."

Therefore, my FIVE VIRGIN COCK SUCKERS mouth message was confirmed by Wednesday's van crash along the Dragoon Mtns on I-10, that killed 5 aliens. Who were returning from the EUROFRESH vegtables hydro-farm in Willcox, Arizona. The same day all the blogs were reporting the breaking news about how much Sienna Miller loves to grow veggies, like at:

Sienna is a descedant of the royal daughters of Israel who escaped Babylon with the prophet Jeremiah. In order to heal the breach between lost Israel and God in the latter-days. As explained somewhat on sites like:

Last weekend, I saw a perfect blonde Sienna Miller look alike standing outside PIZZA HUT, talking on her cell phone, as a delivery boy's '741 NWZ' car pulled up. Short for Naomi Watts of course; 19/74 being the basic marriage connection number to all my royal wives. Then a blue heron FOCUS drove by slowly with '666...' orgasm plates. For their promotional banner that read "PIZZA PAIRS 13.99" [$14]. A topless car on South Prairie was blasting the EAGLES classic Winslow, Arizona EZE.37 prophecy, "Walking down the road... ...got seven women on my mind..."

While Obama overnighted with the royal family of Arabia, a red dress Heather Graham explained to Jimmy Kimmel, wearing a great Sienna carpet tie, how she and her girlfriend witches got Obama elected by burning written black magic note paper spells.

So Kimmel wrote down a magic wish for himself and lit it on fire in a glass dish. Then a pizza box dropped out of the sky, followed by a long capital O boner salami. The same way that things drop down in Katie Melua's theater stage video for THE SAILOR DOG song she performed later in a cute jet-black haired witch costume, at:

Lately, Granny Grass has been on a late night peanutbutter and honey-graham cracker jag. Which are about the same size as Heather's note papers. Only GG doesn't light them on fire, she just eats them with a glass of hot milk.

Gregory Scott Relf


AIR FRANCE 447 splashed into the REV.13 sea on the same day Lindsay Lohan arrived in Paris. Here's a related link about Obama's new lesbian judge at:

A PLANET OF THE APES kiddie train crashed Monday near the gorilla cages at Cloonie's Louisville zoo, at:

Bruno's THE SPY WHO FAGGED ME Goldmember bit at the golden MTV popcorn awards was a great corn cob confirmation of my recent discovery at:

I pop the corn in a virgin olive oil pot. Then eat it with a good tossing of powdered oregano, garlic salt, and white pepper. Their Savanna Gold blend is great.

There was a 4.0 quake inside Utah's WILD AT HEART spread eagle landmark formed by I-15 and I-84, north of Honeyville, near the prophetiC 42 months latitude line, at:

It followed a 2.5 the day before at 4:42:15 near Beaver.

WILD AT HEART has so many prophetic elements. Therefore it's important to remember the 'number 10' scene reference to next year's 2010.

The black mummy pervert asshole slayer in BUBBA HO-TEP thinks that he is JFK. So now would be a good time to update the film's various chocolate shit thief themes. The Elvis film's Egyptian homogaysexual writing is on the bathroom wall.

Last night, I dreamed that I was walking along carrying an attache, wearing a fine pair of RL style penny loafers and white gloves. Then I came upon a child sitting on the ground with a pet turtle, next to the number 14. Later in the day, I found a 2004 penny lying by the WHITE GLOVE car wash near REGAL's Tall Fir 10 theaters. For Ireland's royal 24 year-old daughter Katie Melua, singing about her Sailor man, in a black witchy costume turtle neck, Wednesday night on Kimmel.

Here she is on my 57 year-old throne at:

Monday, June 1, 2009


Dr Tiller was shot dead inside that great church of the devil, run by WILD AT HEART's flying mother of witches, in Witchita, Kansas, because the reformed beast place has an inspired crucifix outside in the shape of the Manchurian candidate's sniper-rifle scope sight, at:

The classic REV.17 killer, Scott Roeder, 51, is a Divine allusion to David Lynch's current road movies at:

There are numerous prophetic O/bama WIZARD OF OZ references in WILD AT HEART to the Kansas witches.

Mr Roeder took off in a baby blue TAURUS [bull], with Sienna's TT '225 BAB' plates. In confirmation of my last blog's SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL music video link. That ends with a warning about getting the beast's horns in DANIEL if you mess with and dish out the bull [shit].

Sailor calls Lula 'Peanut' for the massive peanutbutter shit recall that happened when the usurper Obama was illegally put into the Casablanca of Sodom and Egypt. Peanutbutter farmer Jimmy Carter is from Georgia for all the film's Georgia references, etc.

Obama's new lesbian judge looks like a marxist witch.

D&C 86's Elder Nelson was hunted down and robbed in Africa for Utah's Gov Huntsman accepting a major post in Chinatown by the abomination of desolation from Africa at:

Old Hwy.666 runs into southeast Utah below Church Rock and Jenny's Rt.211, near Angel Arch and Newspaper [red] Rock St Pk. All of these latter-day landmarks are east of Obama's gigantic Upheaval Dome anus marker from space, at:

Everything in Utah's red rock PLANET OF THE APES area drains into Colin Powell's Lake Powell.

The Witchita shooting happened right after all those VARIETY news reports rolled out about Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz starring in some new spy comedy called WITCHITA, like at:

Looks like this shooting is just what the evil doctor ordered for Obama to get busy with his leftist gun agenda. All the 666ers are going bananas already.

WILD AT HEART's good witch looks like Annalynne McCord at:

Here's some more latter-day prophecy background on THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW church shooting at:

Like all of today's bland and lukewarm mainline churches, the Latter-day Saints never talk about the latter-day Sodom and Egypt. How gay is that?

Blanding, Utah is located just south of Devil's Canyon, north of Recapture Pocket and Twin Rocks.

Gregory Scott Relf