Sunday, April 30, 2017


David Lynch is pretty famous for not suffering any of today's Hollywood Jew [birth certificate] phonies. ~ Therefore, that is actually him himself directing THE TWILIGHT ZONE's no.85 episode about some famous Rod of Jesse .45 six-gun slinger in SHOWDOWN WITH RANCE MCGREW [up] circa 2016, at: ~ Wherein all of the cowboy movie star hero's were in their 40s; and all of their alluring soon-to-be-wives were in their 20s, at best. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TTZ NOTES: Old Man McLeod's name in THE HUNT episode is 'Hyder'. ~ For today's lost tribes of Israel kin hiding out in plain sight in BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID meets A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT, at: ~ AND: ~ Note the Woody Allen comedy soundtrack in the former trailer. ~ Note that my two sons changed their last names during the 1290 days river in DANIEL 12. ~ Then during the great world war, they had their names changed back to their father's name. ~ "I have always respected my father." David Lynch. ~ "Your lost sons of Israel will come to remember who their real [DARTH VADER] father of Abraham is after WW:III starts..." Jesus Christ, speaking to me in the middle of the night, circa 2005. ~ PS NEIL LABUTE: Since I AM is so God damn busy right now, you might want to look into writing and directing a few of the indie projects that have fancied me for the past few years. ~ PS PRESIDENT TRUMP: The sooner you shut down the 666 government, the sooner you get the 666 Jews off your back. ~

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Some clown in WAYNES WORLD, Virginia is going around shaving the pussies of the lost cats along the Tree Street neighborhood. ~ As just confirmed by Katy Perry's TIMES SQUARE end times performance of her new pussy eating song; complete with free cherry pies for everyone who showed up to see her new shaved hairdo. ~ Therefore, meanwhile, back at the ranch in MONTANA; the square dancing ending to THE HUNT episode represents the four square gosple church outling in the 2BC. ~ Where the coons are coons, and the crackers are cracters. ~ "Stay in your own backyard." Rod Serling, circa REV.11:1. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS HOLLYWOOD: When they finally catch that guy in Waynesboro, Virginia who has been shaving the pussycats' pussies, I get first dubs on any indie film ADAPTAION screenplay drafts. ~ Since right there is Stuarts Draft, Virginia. ~ And Kristen Stewart also just recently shaved off her hair. ~ Note the area's Dooms landmark at:,_Virginia ~ Oh yeah, the Virginia mountains have some of the best coon hunting in all of North America. ~ Remember, this was the same region where they shot the WHAT ABOUT BOB? prophecy, at: ~ Wherein Richard Dreyfus goes bat shit crazy after the surprise co-star of CADDYSHACK gets elected THE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA FOR LIFE. ~ Who spends half of his life living at some swanky golf club mansion down in the Mar A Lago area of Florida. ~ When after the wake of WW:III, the two-term [political] climate change rules are totally changed back to where they were during the handicapter three-terms FDR era. ~ Everyone loves a winner. ~ PS LARRY DAVID: That is you truly sitting on the bus across from Bob in the above trailer, circa 1991. ~

Friday, April 28, 2017


That is my old mountain man fly-fishing buddy Ken McLeod, and his shorthair hunting dog too, in the 84th episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, entitled THE HUNT. ~ Who eventually gets buried along with his dog by his own younger looking kin. ~ [Ken means kin] ~ And then he goes to his own private ALPINE QUEST heaven; where they still believe in the scriptural truth about the word 'coon' being a code word for coon skin black people; per MOSES 7:8 and 2NEPHI 5:21. ~ And before you get too upset with me darling; there are also a few verses in the BM about the coons being more civilized and righteous than the crazy white flour crackers. ~ A lot of it has to do with proper breeding and a good education naturally. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: Old man McLeod died at 70 in the above episode. ~ In corroboration of the Spoken Word at ~ That says that 70 years is the life of man. ~ And any plan by man to spend trillions of tax payer's money to put off the truth of it for a few more years is today's 1290 day [OBAMACARE] abomination of desolation that was set up by Newt Gingrich on August 2, 1996. ~ PS KEN KEMP: We see both you and Ken McLeod sitting on the ground around the mountainous wilderness of Evergreen, Colorado in Woody Allen's SLEEPER meets BANANAS period prophecy about THE SCHOOL OF PROPHETS, circa 2017, at for example: ~ AND: ~ Note the anti gravity ending in the latter trailer. ~

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Where have you heard this one before? ~ Let me guess. ~ Nanzy Pelosi and Ms. Weinstein never have been a part in your three-way sex fantasies when you can't get to sleep at night. ~ Seriously. ~ In the name of God. ~ How can you still get it up for your two old exwives who still want to steel more of your money in the name of "progressive taxation"? ~ Have you so little love for your country that you want the bitches to now be in charge of everything? ~ "Thy sons have fainted, [like a little girl] save these two..." 2NEPHI 8. ~ "Men who need that little purple pill are probably still married to a woman who is getting older, and a little over weight." Rush Limbaugh. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BRUCE JENNER: What the fuck is your problem dude?! ~ Rich and famous men become more sexy and attractive with age. ~ So now in the few years left in life, you suddenly need to have a vagina in order to make you feel happy? ~ Why couldn't you just have used your butthole for that kind of thing? ~ Since we all know, women have a tendency to change their minds from one day to the next. ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: The wife-swap deal that I have with you and your husband is the same deal that I have with Kiera Knightley and Jennifer Aniston. ~ Two for the price of one is what I always say. ~ Especially when I AM is getting a bit desparate and I need to get more customers in through the door. ~ Think Orange County's Will Ferrell will look exactly like Orange County's President Trump, circa 2017, at: ~ AND: ~ I know. ~ Once I said that I could never imagine seeing the faithfully married family man Will Ferrell hanging out at the PLAYBOY MANSION, not to mention Tom Hanks. ~ However, now they are both looking like they own the damn place. ~ How times have changed. ~ And that's not necessarily a bad thing. ~


Turns out that Jim Carrey's excentric multimillionaire life had been nothing but an [F FOR FAKE] school grade fantasy and illusion in ONE MORE PALLBEARER; after he got caught cheating, etc. ~ Which was first aired on the January 12 birthday of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in 1962. ~ Wherein he was disciplined for refusing to assault one of the G7 hills of the beast in Africa. ~ Where the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 was born in 1961. ~ And his shrine to deception, fakery, and Jewish power agent politics, will be constructed at the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO. ~ "The Jews are trouble makers..." Leslie Winn, circa 1969. ~ "The Jews are trouble makers..?" Larry David, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, season 9, circa 2017. ~ See: ~ Hey, whatever works. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JC: Sometimes I lay awake at night and fantasize about how it is going to be after the very brief time-out period of WW:III. ~ Where I imagine myself hanging out at the Scottish Highlands' PLAYBOY mansion in 1969-1976, circa THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW meets THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING. ~ While everybody is drinking bloody Mary cocktails and watching one of my all time favorite movies; like MOONWALKERS or MONTANA, like at: ~ Note the Korean dog meat eater who gets it in the opening shots. ~ Also note that the boss' lost pussycat girlfriend looks a lot like Katy Perry. ~ ~

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


ONE MORE PALLBEARER is about an amazing Jim Carrey look alike trouble maker who was guilty of driving his girlfriend to commit suicide on the eve of WW:III, at: ~ AND: ~ Which ends with the idea that the end of the world is just a metaphoric fantasy of today's apostate Christians who believe that the EU will become the new UN world order 666 beast. ~ Close, but no cigar. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TIME NOTES: I just saw the west coast time-stamp on this new posting. ~ Could be a 10-20 thingy, not sure though, see the footnotes at: ~ PS JIM CARREY: Please stop pretending like you are Michael Moore and that you have never met me. ~ Even though I have been crashing on your livingroom's sofa bed down in the East Village ever since 1959 to 1964, like at: ~ Same thing goes for you too Bobby boy, circa 1959 to 1964. ~

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Ephraim's legendary beared rabbi George Albert Smith, said that WW:III is going to make WW:II look like a Sunday picnic in the park. ~ Because today's Jews are too much like those two boys in BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD, who keep getting pounded by that white Nazi muscle-car dude in Dallas, Texas; and they love it. ~ Ergo, one would think that after the 1993-96 [1260 days] era of the two witnesses, the boys with bipolar emotional problems would finally learn that there is no such thing as " year's budget." ~ Nor even a scripted "government shutdown" [twilight zone] network television news series scenario, circa 1959 to 1964.. ~ Not to mention an existing birth certificate that proves that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. ~ Per: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ROBERT REDFORD: Your surreal dreams and fantasies about mainstream media news being the ultimate source of truth are played out in your own private tv episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. ~ Wherein my brother in law look alike role plays your prophetic President Trump supporter who is going to bring down the house, like at: ~ AND: ~ Note my sidekick monkey boy homo on the back of both Judah and Ephraim in the above BRANCH DAVIDIAN David Lynch meets David Byrne look alike video. ~ By the by; yours truly has pronounced a satanic Mormon church sex cult curse upon anyone and everyone who does not believe in at least half of what I say, from day to day. ~ PS JT: God wants you to dump your fake marriage certificate wife because she is getting too old and unattractive. ~ That also represents her old school politics of Will Ferrell and Carey Mulligan er all in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW is ultimately about my French exwife in THE FRENCH CONNECTION meets THE DAY OF THE JACKEL; but this time the more civilized white guys win. ~ PS MRS.RUTHERFORD: You gave me a hand up when I needed it, now I give you a hand up when you need it; fair is fair. ~ PS BILL GATES: You either give me the 1976 vintage VELOCE 2+2 sports car of my choice, or I give you brain cancer; metaphorically speaking. ~ Have it your way. ~


My little white Billy Gates kid from THE TWILIGHT ZONE meets ANIMAL FARM made Elton John get real sick when he was flying back from Spanish speaking Chile, at: ~ Since the news broke on the same day that there was a powerful 6.9 off the coast of Santiago. ~ And it was the same day that the gay Barack Obama finally came out of the closet in Chicago. ~ [PLAYBOY, 1959-64 is from Chicago.] ~ Where that two witnesses earthquake in REV.11 will happen. ~ Ergo, the 70 year-old ROCKET MAN star is a 70 weeks DANIEL 9 figure. ~ "...heh heh heh... He said 69." Butt-Head, born again on MTV circa 2012. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 69 NOTES: Check THE TWILIGHT ZONE outfit on Elton John's boyfriend at: ~ Call me crazy. ~ But I say "boyfriend" here because everyone and his dog knows that both of these clowns allow each other to have sex with strangers. ~ Which is not my idea of a real husband and wife relationship. ~ TIMING NOTES: President Trump's SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE was just finally confirmed after 70 long days for an Iowa cornfield confirmation of the above prophetic episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. ~ For example, the iconic Jewish Rod Serling future no.4 NETFLIX series shedule was suddenly interrupted and reshuffled. ~ In other words, no one saw it coming. ~ [Serling was about as tall as your average 13-year-old Jewish boy growing up in Brooklyn, NY, circa 1959-64.] ~ But by the grace of Jesus, most everyone was inspired to make the right network television decisions before it had to happen. ~ Like putting off TTZ into the next year; before JFK would be assassinated in Dallas, Texas; during the hight of the fall television season. ~

Monday, April 24, 2017


Liberal RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE's prophetic Donald Trump revolution video came out when Barack Obama would become the [born in 61] president of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, USA, who was against the law. ~ Then years later, FOX would be taken over by your typical born-rich child CEO society liberal in 2017, at: ~ Who looks down his nose at that AAMCO TRANSMISSION dinner guest neighbor in HBO's snobby CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM television series. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NO.78 NOTES: The malcontent Jew named Woodrow in this episode looks like the always nostalgic Woody Allen. ~ Hence, Woody is a common nickname for Woodrow. ~ PS LARRY DAVID: Earth Day turned out to be a very surreal MARCH FOR SCIENCE. ~ Wherein it is a scientific fact that the surface of Mars, the so-called Red Planet, has been warming up at the exact same time that the earth's northern ice cap has been melting, per DC 133, etc. ~ And the green planet's ice cap on the south side is going exactly in the opposite direction. ~ Therefore, the central government of the universe, based in Hollywood, Westwood, Brentwood, Pasadena, and downtown Los Angeles, better damn well be doing something about it; before we all die. ~

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Coming out of Egypt and Sodom is what REVELATION is basically all about. ~ That and the gathering of the lost tribes of Israel under a protective cloud that shields them from today's extremely polarized weather conditions; plus world wide atomic bomb fallout that can really do a number on your hair. ~ Hence, the Gisele Bundchen figure in the above episode no.75 is wearing a sexy silk bed slip by VICTORIA'S SECRET throughout most of the prophetic hot chick episode. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BRUCE WILLIS: Unless and until you have more than one wife, [preferably at least seven], you will never grow up to become the real man that you were meant to be in all of your Donald Trump tall building movies. ~ Seriously, look at what is happening to FOX, now that Bill O'Really is gone. ~ "When the cat's away, the rats will play." ~ SUSPICIOUS NOTES: Saying that that massive bush wildfire near Highlands, Florida is suspiciuos, is like Portland, Oregon's Clyde Lewis claiming that I AM and my sidekick monkey Jew boy born in Kenya, will be teaming up together in order to cause WW:III, at: ~ SIDENOTES: The way I see it, no WW:III, no hot monkey sex three ways with my hot underaged cult sex wives on my vintage 51' yatch in the south seas; not to mention, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington. ~ ~

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Many of today's apostate [Mr.Anderson] Christians in the I-35 area still believe that Joseph Smith was a satanic sex cult prophet. ~ Just because he liked to fuck two of his hot virgin underaged 16 year-old wives at a time. ~ Per THE TWILIGHT ZONE's episode about that desparate Southern bible-belt Confederate coming across a copy of the 2BC at ~ Thereby discovering how the Elders of Israel can lay down a curse on the corrupt christian church judges of the land; who have been blocking all access to Barack Obama's real birth certificate, and his foreign-aid student college records at HARVARD UNIVERSITY. ~ For example Glenn Beck's radio empire suddenly collapsed and died, just like the Bill O'Really show did on the anti-birther FOX network. ~ You live by the lie, you die by the lie. ~ "The NYT is a dying newspaper." Donald Trump, 2016. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEWS FLASH WARNING: Most of today's hot-to-trot 16 year-old babes already got it; and so they want it now, not later. ~ PS KATY PERRY: Now that the sons of Austin, Texas have discovered the naked truth about the BM, many of whom look as hellishly handsome as your typical physically transfigured 29 year-old Matthew McCaughnegy vampire lover; you better bar the front door and watch your back door. ~ Because me and my boys mean business. ~ PS JEN: Get real. ~ You look like Le Pen. ~ Your snaps in Paris just came out. ~ You are about to be dumped by your French scumbag husband, because you are too old looking. ~ Then you get to hook up with me and some of my other younger girlfriend wives on 9.23.17 at the Scottish highlands PLAYBOY MANSION castle up in the seven hoity toity hills of LA. ~

Friday, April 21, 2017


San Francisco lost power on the same day that Sessions put the Berkley Bay Area on notice. ~ Per: ~ No wonder they call Seattle 'San Francisco north'. ~ Because the doctor in THE SHELTER bomb shelter episode of the TWILIGHT ZONE looks exactly like Seattle's iconic I AM talk radio host named Dr. Frasier Crane. ~ As recently confirmed by that SEATTLE TIMES piece on Seattle having erected the most high-rise construction cranes of any other city in America right now. ~ Ergo, the title character in FRASIER lives in a fancy Seattle condo high rise, and all that shit. ~ And now even his side-kick in the network sitcom is married in real life to some clown whom he calls his husband. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: You look like a physically transfigured Judy Collins character in one of those surreal hard-to-believe 156 episodes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE; circa 1965. ~ That said, I just read that Elton John plans on retiring from his insane clown tour schedule. ~ And maybe only agree to do the occasional two month 6 figure stint in VIVA LAS VEGAS meets LEAVING LAS VEGAS meets DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. ~ BASEMENT STUDIO MTV SESSIONS NOTES: Why do so many of today's divorced Jewish feminist cunts, like Sarah Silverman, still believe that the miraculous careers of Mike Myers, Jon Lovitz, Bill Murray, and Donald Trump, were just a handfull of lucky casino trump cards fluke? ~ PS MRS. CLINTON: Why do you think that France's blond hair job [Ms. Penn] looks so much like a younger and more attractive version of you? ~ Right on the eve of the Jewish run 70TH CANNES FILM FESTIVAL in LOVE BUG:4 meets IN LIKE OUR MAN FLINT meets HARRY IN YOUR POCKET.


My white kid in IT'S A GOOD LIFE banishes everybody that rubs him the wrong way into a cornfield; in confirmation of Beavis and Butt-Head's never ending apitite for nacho corn chips. ~ And sometimes when he gets really ticked off, he causes the public school bullies in his area to catch on fire. ~ Ergo, the oppressive heat that suddenly turns into a wintery snow storm in both of THE TWILIGHT ZONE episodes called THE MIDNIGHT SUN and IT'S A GOOD LIFE. ~ When in the future the world would become a very polarized planet during the final days of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ And yours truly would be taking care of business with Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima at the same time in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE:II meets LAGGIES:II. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Fuck me Jesus again right now. ~ On the same day that Tom Brady's Germanic Jewish frawline would not let him go to the White House with all of the others boys on his football team; I saw TWILIGHT ZONE no.75, entitled THE MIDNIGHT SUN. ~ Which is a prophecy about the time when g-d would be causing the global warming sun to bring the heat down on sodom and Egypt in REV.11; MOSES 7:8 style. ~ Because the daughters of Israel love the darkness of the dark skinned people on the dark side of the world, more than they love their own bland tasting white husbands. ~ So no.75 ends with her and an actor who looks like Tom Brady getting into a huuuge argument. ~ Whose name in real-life was also Tom, at: ~ And the doctor says that he is going to escape the freezing winter time conditions in MARK 13 by taking Rush Limbaugh's private airplane down to the Miami, Florida area. ~ And then we see her prophetic melting HOUSE OF WAX oil painting of the Fennel Creek waterfalls in Bonney Lake, Washington, at; ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GISELE BUNDCHEN: Tough sweat. ~ The only way that you and your cheap-sex swapping [VICTORIA'S SECRECT] sister wives are going to get into the Kingdom of God, and be protected from the upcoming searing heat and atomic bomb radiation fall out, is pretty much spelled out in MOSES 7:8. ~ 2BC NOTES: That little thin paperback book in REV.10, commonly refered to as THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON is about when the "richest man in Babylon" would become the President of America. ~ After that nigger-rich dime millionaire, and his half-Jew-butt-fucker supporters in Brooklyn, NY etc. finally got their rocks off. ~ PS JENNIFER: You did the right thing at the time by hooking up with my forerunner in MULHOLLAND DRIVE:TWO. ~ Per this concert video clip of Judy Collins that I saw in person at the Seattle Oprah House at: ~ PS JEFF RELF: The reason why your best childhood friend suddenly had a conniptian fit and drowned in his shallow minded bathtub was a 69 weeks Donald Trump thing in DANIEL 9. ~ I mean don't even try to think about it. ~ His step father was a Russian language student at the UW. ~ My own stepfather got his double 4-year masters degree in Russian and East German languages, at: ~ Don't laugh, I still have a valid BYU student photo ID card in my wallet that allows me to go back and enroll in my choice of any of their graduate programs. ~ PS CIA MAN: Better watch out, Assange has a shit load of secret emails about you Jewish mother fuckers trying to decide what to do about Barack Obama's foreign student aid college records and his fake news birth certificate SS number. ~


That is the face of the Jewish Albert Einstein futurist genious hanging above [THE TWILIGHT ZONE time travel physics] stage design musical ending to BLUES BROTHERS: II. ~ Where we see the negro boy drop to his knees next to the Jew boy prodegy on harp. ~ While Beyounce herself is presiding over the concert; years before there ever was a pop star sensation known as Beyounce, featured in such movies as GOLDMEMBER and GOLDFINGER:II. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DRIVING MR DAISY: If you reverse discriminate your racist and sexist interpretations of this highly acclaimed Hollywood Jew 1989 movie, you will come to understand why Donald Trump was a shoe-in in 2016. ~ FOXY LADY NOTES: Only one day after FOX shit canned Bill O'Really, they jumped on the Jew Boy media's anti White Russian cold war bandwagon. ~ Think PAGE SIX says that the Russians meddled in the 2016 election, based on various unnamed sources. ~ Then check out this SIMPLE MINDS 1980S hair MTV video at, at: ~ PS GWYNETH PALTROW: Are three big ones really too much to ask for? ~ In exchange for having loads of free love anal sex at Sandra Bullock's retro 1970s black exploitation scenes at the PLAYBOY MANSION? ~ Which according to recent pop media reports, still looks the same as it did back in 1967. ~ PS PRESIDENT TRUMP: When the Hollywood Jew fuck media starts to get a bit more than even you can even handle, just change the channel on your 1969 television by buying the Scottish PLAYBOY MANSION highlands castle in the SHAMPOO prophecy. ~ PS GISELE BUNDCHEN: When you become one of my many BOOK OF MORMON, South American sister wives; I will be telling you what to do with your God given surplus millions; not the other way around. ~ The man is the head of the family; and his wives are his hand maidens. ~ "Courteney still gives me hand jobs..." Mr.Cox on the Howard Stern radio show. ~

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Jon Lovitz plays the Jewish Nazi camp commander caricature in THE TWILIGHT ZONE's inspired 74th episode. ~ Who ends up in captivity after Judah tread on Ephraim for 42 months in REV.11. ~ In other words, things went pretty good for Hitler for about 42 months in WW:II; and then he started to feel the heat and step up his plans to exterminate 6,666,666 Jews. ~ ~ Or like it says in the BM, "... it is by the white race Ephraimite Nazis that the Jewish mud race commies are punished." ~ Therefore, my Nazi youth kid in no.73 gets rid of the dogs that he doesn't like at: ~ And this is what he does to the mormon kids at Carey School in Lincoln County, Idaho who don't want to play with him per: ~ GSR/TWN ~ SAWTOOTH MTNS. NOTES: Sun Valley's snow resort is just up the road from Lincoln County; due north of Twin Falls on the Snake River. ~ EERIE NOTES: They spotted crazy Steve Stephen at that same arked BURGER WORLD joint where Beavis and Butt-Head worked from 1993 to 1996 on MTV. ~ SHIT HAPPENS NOTES: Last night on the whispering winds coast to coast airwaves, George Noory received a call from some eccentric professor in New Orleans, LA. ~ Who apparently is some physically transfigured mad scientist who knows how to transport himself from town to town using only his antigravity mental powers. ~ PS TOM BRADY: That Jewish Nazi cartoon figure from South America is juxtaposed next to Adriana Lima's 6-12 birthrate in no.74. ~ PS JIM CARREY: I AM is a lot like President Trump; i. e. nobody tells me anything half the time. ~ So I have to learn about it from watching television, like at: ~ PS ALEC BALDWIN: Your Trump impression ain't half bad. ~ That said, Lovitz' impression of the new tall blond Jew from New York in the Greek White House, for the next eight years, is definitely a cut above yours. ~

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The climactic ending to BLUES BROTHERS:2000 features my terrible enfant at: ~ Who we see playing on the ANIMAL FARM gates of Bill Gates' private BRANCH DAVIDIAN compound in Madina, Washington. ~ Right after the two witnesses walk by on the country road carrying a DC 86 wheat harvest threasher and the devil's [Trident submarine] pitchfork. ~ Which leads us directly to my white GSR/TWN kid playing with that three-headed gopher in the CADDYSHAKE WW:III golf club prophecy about Donald Trump becoming elected President. ~ After 8 years of white America getting so fed up with a mixed race mulatto being in the White House who had attended Harvard on a foreign student scholarship. ~ At least that is what it indicates quite plainly on his IRS tax reports from 1993 to 1996. ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: Every year in the late summer and early fall, I so look toward to your live talk radio airwave broadcadts coming from the Minnesota State Fair grounds. ~ PS WOODY NORRIS: I AM is thinking you buy out THE VITAMIX 3600 stainless steel corporation in Cleveland, Ohio. ~ And then we turn the monster blender machine into a wholewheat bread-making miracle on late night direct-response infomercial. ~ Talk about lowtech meets high-tech. ~ PS JIM CARREY: Do you want to change up your tired old funny guy career and do something that is more intelligent and interesting? ~ How about you becoming an overnight pitchman sensation gadget guy who gets twice as money in royalties? ~ Like I myselfv will be doing in my after hours midnight radio spare time at; ~ Think about it dude. - Every time that the stainless steel 3600 spits out another loath of Montana winter red wheat bread, you get 1000 big ones deposited into your off-shore-tax-free bank account in the British Bermuda Triangle. ~


That BLACKHAWK helicopter from Ft. Belvoir, Virginia [Beautiful view in French.] crashed down hard on a President Donald Trump golf course near Hollywood, California, and Solomons, Maryland for a specific reason, at: ~ AND: ~ [Woody Norris was orginally from Maryland, via Seattle.] ~ Meanwhile, some crazy black guy who looks like one of the Black exploitation henchmen in LIVE AND LET DIE is still on the run as of this posting. ~ In confirmation of those monster movies that my GSR/TWN kid puts on television in episode no.73. ~ Wherein the beast goes after the MOTHER OF WHORES in REV.17. ~ And in the BM, it says that... " is by the wicked that the wicked are punished." ~ Note the TIFFANY lamp and the two candle sticks of EZE.37 and REV.11 in the background. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW TWNERS NOTES: Prophesying in the wind in EZE.37 is a metaphor for the invisible talk radio waves in the air from the two sticks of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ And the 'shaking' ground in verse 7 is the second woe earthquake in REV.11, etc. ~ The 'slain' in verse 9 is a WWIII time line. ~ Hence, EZE.38's dark peoples invasion of white western Israel is followed up in the very next chapter. ~ Exextly like episode 74 follows episode 73 in THE TWILIGHT ZONE's 3rd season. ~ Check out this three woes rock number from the Reaganite 80s by Ohio's PRETENDERS at: ~® ~ COACHELLA NOTES: This annual rock festival happens in the California desert of EZE.37 for a reason. ~ Remember, this is were Cameron Crowe grew up and went to high school. ~ Before his mother and her [BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD] boyfriend took him with them to San Diego. ~ Per ALMOST FAMOUS meets SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE meets LAGGIES. ~ PS SANDRA BULLOCK: You always wanted to be the singer in a blues band because eventually you would come to settle down in the same area where BLUES BROTHERS:II ends, at: ~ Note the little white kid in the movie trailer video. ~ MORE NUMBERS NOTES: Listen very carefully folks. ~ Back in the 1980s a "number 33" was a 40 oz. bottle of cheap OLDE ENGLISH malt liqueur. ~ Sometimes also refered to simply as an '8-Ball' because of it's rather high elevated 8% gravity. ~ Ergo, in the State of Utah, all beers and ales must be no more than 4% gravity. ~ According to the word of wisdom's advice about mild brews made with grains, etc. at the end of DC 89. ~

Monday, April 17, 2017


That little white enfant terrible kid who took over Peaksville, Ohio in episode 73 represents today's quick-draw [BLAZZING SADDLES] kid from Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ Whose local small town skyline is dominated by 14,410' Mt Rainier's famous sperm colored White River king salmon spawning runs in the proverbial SPRING TIME FOR HITLER new musicals season on Broadway. ~ Even the same me, myself, and I AM, who causes that adult birthday boy moron to turn into a surprise Pres.Trump JACK IN THE BOX election 2016 winner ~ While STARDUST is being banged out on the piano by some faint hearted coward who has nothing going for him but a conservative looking short military style haircut. ~ Wherefore, my own private fast food franchise of Babylon is also located on Hwy.410; directly across from STARBUCKS, and that Chinese buffe all-you-can-eat for 9.99 joint called PANDA. ~ The latter franchise being based in the highlands of Pasadena, California; reknown for their crispy orange chicken rice bowls that have no MSG. ~ Which keeps'em coming back for more every week, week after week. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JG: That highlands plateau dam in Oroville started to flood again like crazy right after you filed for your divorce from Batman meets Superman. ~ PS KEN: After WWIII, the iconic Robert Redford movie entitled THE WAY WE WERE meets A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT will be about you scouting out for me some of the most amazing trout lakes and beaver ponds in the world. ~ PS WOODY NORRIS: Your nervous looking 29 year-old physically transfigurated delivery boy in THE TWILIGHT ZONE no.73 is a 1260 days 7.3 1996 thing. ~ For example, when you broke your leg in 1969, and then it became miraculously healed by faith in about two weeks, it was an IN LIKE OUR MAN FLINT Donald Trump [Abe Lincoln] miracle election Civil War prophecy. ~ In other words, that same $3,000,000 that you got for doing mostly nothing for three years in Del Mar, CA represents the same 3 big ones that Sandra Bulluck and her sisters are going to put together and give to me for seed money. ~ Otherwise, there will be hell to pay. ~ And I'm not just whistling DIXIE. ~

Sunday, April 16, 2017


I read that my beloved Lawn Winn look alike sheriff in LIVE AND LET DIE just died at 96 right after I watched THE GRAVE episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE that first aired on Hillary Clinton's 1961 birthday, at: ~ Now I see why the CIA men always looked the other way and tried to avoid the fact that America had an imposter in the White House who was not even a US citizen, much less your average mainstream milk toast constitutionalist, per: ~ Ergo, the faint hearted sons of Israel in 2NEPHI8; who were too afraid and intimidated to go after that psychotic colored man in New Mexico named Pinto Sykes. ~ Which means colored psycho in Americano, circa 2008-2016. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GRAVE NOTES: At the end of episode 72, that daughter of Israel brings us the plate that will be suddenly washed clean with Ione quick swipe under the kitchen sink faucet. ~ 14B NOTES: In Woody Allen's 1984 trailer for BROADWAY DANNY [DAN.12] ROSE meets THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO, the 666 mob guy got shot in the iconc Egyptian eye featured in THE TWILIGHT ZONE's first 1959 season. ~ Per: ~ Ergo, all of those Donald Trump supporters who are now starting to complain about his typical Jewish style ZELIG nature: again at: ~ AND: ~ Note the Rod Serling cameo in the later clip. ~ NEW YOUNGER READER NOTES: Woody Allen's amazing and spectacular ZELIG movie was a physical transfiguration thing. ~ "Ronald Reagan looks almost twenty years younger than he actually is..." Howard Stern. ~ "I have the gums and teeth of a 29 year-old man." paraphrasing Larry David. ~

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Today's mayor of Seattle, who is happily married to a Korean bisexual International banker, looks like Donald Trump in the SHAMPOO prophecy for a damn good reason, at: ~ Ergo, the first or last name Kim is a REV.17 type MOTHER OF WHORES girl's name. ~ So forget about that amateur politics Alec Baldwin idiot trying to look like your typical apolitical NYC politician in TAXI DRIVER meets Donald Trump's look alike in BROADWAY DANNY ROSE on SNL, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ TRUMP CARD NOTES: Donald Trump's VP look alike assassin sidekick in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE is now touring the Yellow Sea waters in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN meets GOLDFINGER for a Divine black exploitation LIVE AND LET DIE reason. ~ Ergo, heroin addiction's problem in southern Illinois and southern Minnesota. ~ 2:00 PM NOTES: This is what Ben Stein said to me in his best FERRIS BEULLER'S DAY OFF voice on Saturday afternoon, April 15; "Tomorrow". ~ Also consider all of the Provo, Utah Mormon polygamist cult FLETCH movies starring Chevy Chase at: ~ "You have lots of different looks." Kenny Kemp, circa 1986. ~


In the same year of our Lord, 2016 AD, when the blond Donald Trump at the Scotish Highlands PLAYBOY MANSION castle in SHAMPOO got elected, there was a rare yellow flowers explosion in Death Valley, California, like at: ~ Even in the same area where so many of THE TWILIGHT ZONE episodes were shot. ~ And my own private personal shopper forerunner figure named Charles Manson believed that the lost Indian tribes of Israel were hiding out somewhere out there in underground caves. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ROMAN POLANSKI: Maybe God wants you to direct my two debut film remakes. ~ Instead of going back to what's left of America, circa ROMA meets THE WAY WE WERE. ~ Of course, I am thinking LAST TANGO IN PARIS; casting lots of underaged looking naive girls like Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevigne, and Ellen Page. ~ Besides, I'm probably going to go with David Lynch anyway for my two HANNIBAL LECTOR retro Andy Warhol style remakes; costarring Sienna Miller and the vampiric looking Keira Knightley as my older sister wives, and Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson as my younger sister wives. ~ Who like to watch me fucking their older sisters in order to learn how it's done the right way. ~ Seriously, who wants to see the same old thing, over and over? ~ Fuck it. ~ I may even throw in Carey Mulligan and Lindsay Lohan in the [tax free off shore cash money on the barrel] remix. ~ While at the same that I AM is farming out my two THE BIG LEBOWSKI remakes to the two Coen Brothers; costarring Brad Pitt and George Clooney fucking Chloe Moretz at the same time on their vintage yatch in San Francisco Bay. ~ [Three-ways with two older rich men and one underaged girl is about as gay as it gets.] ~ PS PAUL NESTOR: Don't have a cow. ~ You get first picks and last cut rights, on any feature length movie that you want to make, and you want me to pay for, just saying. ~ PS QUENTIN TARATINO: That goes for you too; the less I hear from you the better. ~

Friday, April 14, 2017


My ex from France suddenly just disappeared in the fog at the UNITED terminal at SEATAC without making any contact or leaving any evidence; like the lost tribes of Israel did at the end of THE ARRIVAL episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, in the 3rd season. ~ So then I wandered over to JC PENNY at the NORTHGATE MALL in Seattle and found Paul Nestor pitching underwater flower globe bouquets. ~ Who told me that everything in life happens for a reason. ~ And usually it always turns out to be for a good reason. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Those pagan goddess Moabite mother fuckers were mountain dwelling cousins of the more righteous Israelites, at: ~ Who were constantly at war with each other like the white skin Nephites and the dark skin LAmanites in ALMA 35, etc. ~ Therefore, the poker game references in THE ARRIVAL that make the TWILIGHT ZONE episode a TRUMP casino time-line prophecy. ~ As just confirmed by the JOKER'S JINX rollercoaster problem at 666 FLAGES AMERICA in the Prince George County, Mary/land's Washington, DC area. ~ They don't call it the MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS for no reason. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: This May's 70th CANNES film festival is a DAN.9 thing. ~ In confirmation of that REV.9 scorpion on a UNITRD flight from I-35 Dallas to the northern lost tribes country of Canada. ~ 35 LINE NOTES: I-35 runs from Present Trump's new wall on the Mexican border, right next to White House Lake, up to the Twin Cities of Judah and Ephraim in FEELING MINESOTA meets FARGO, at: AND: ~


THE ARRIVAL episode features a DC3 that sports the two engines of Judah and Ephraim, centered in the TRANS-EAST company's two officers; the Jewish one being their VP of operations, and the shorter Irish Ephraimite being in charge of public relations. ~ Hence, the name 'Cousins' and all of their very familiar sounding Israelitish family surnames. [Flight 107 arrived at Jew York from the northern regions of the lost tribes of Israel.] ~ The 50 square miles plane crash reference to the 50 UNITED AIRLINES states map on the wall. ~ The Jewish FAA government official sticking his REV.14 mark of the beast hand into the whirling propeller. ~ That represents the pending pain, bloodshed, and death that will snap Judah out of his hypnotic 'mass suggestion' that President Trump is a Russian agent, and Berry Obama was born in Hawaii, ecc. ecc. Which look 100% like fake intelligence news stories to the white folks who live in Spokane, Washington. ~ Based upon the NYT's illusions about Syria using a chemical bomb on one of ISIS' well known stashes of pilfered siran. ~ Which would look exactly no different, one way or the other, if your are that naive to believe in anything that the CIA or FBI says about anything these days. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MAY DAY NOTES: There is a prophetic time-line reason why the UK's PM lady at No.10 is called May. ~ UNITED WE STAND NOTES: That Asian doctor got bloodied by the white cops of Israel because he had it coming. ~ "And all those who refuse to look at me, will I cause to drop down on their knees." Jesus Christ. ~ I don't know about you, but this sounds like some kind of a football sports touchdown thing. ~ PS NATALIE PORTMAN: That is you baby on the front page of THE DAILY [1290 days] CHRONICAL. ~ Even that young Hollywood starlet arrival who is raising up her right arm to the square in DANIEL:12; while holding on tight to her Paris, France bouquet of fresh roses in ISAIAH 35:2. ~

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


That alien looking Korean full moon face Asian [medicine herbs] doctor named David, who got dragged off of a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA airplane, was totally confirmed by the Jewish hook nose FAA profile in THE ARRIVAL episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE television futurist series now playing everywhere on today's 666 Internet network. ~ Who was just confirmed by those timely TMZ side nose profile shots of Daddy Warbucks arriving at some LAX airport for Internationalist half socialist half Jews; like Larry David, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush, and yes; New York City's very own Donald Trump, yada yada. ~ [Note the immature Jew boy baseball cap, circa 1957.] ~ Not that there's anything wrong with that. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SARAH SILVERMAN: It was a part of g-d's plan that your father managed a women's apparel dress shop called CRAZY SOPHIE'S OUTLET in Man/chester. ~ And his daughter has a really nice chest. ~ And in the first act of ANNIE HALL, the school boy named Donald grew up to become the owner operator of a very successfully dress business. ~ PS MRS RELF: The last time that I saw my two sons was at the UNITED terminal at SEATAC, circa November, 1979. ~ After that, I understood that what they had taught me in LDS Sunday school, circa 1964, was such a huuge load of crap that nothing mattered anymore. ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: You married that sexy underaged poster girl face of the Korean moonie cult leader because it was God's never ending eternal comedy series plan for the Jews in DEATH TRAP meets DEATH WISH meets CAR WASH:II ~ PS MIA FARROW: What is so wrong about having a husband who wants more than one wife to keep him sexually satisfied? ~ AM I not seeing something here? ~ PS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: I like having lots of money. ~ You like having lots of sex and having lots of children. ~ That is if the money is right. ~ Therefore, if I give you enough money, you give me everything that I ever dreamed of in a thousand years, at: ~ AND: ~ PS KEN MCCLEOD: By now it does not matter a wit to me anymore. ~ That said, as THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON that I AM has become by now, you might want to look into at buying out a more established fly-fishing tour guide lodge; rather than starting up your own business from scratch. ~ Not necessarily, but just maybe; it all depends. ~

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


This video tape montage of 1980s MEMOREX television commercials is why President Trump is more than happy to start the WWIII process meets the STARTREX:III process in MISS CONGENIALTY:I&II meets the original 1991 THELMA AND LOUISE. ~ Come on guys!.. I AM is not that controversial. ~ Right or wrong, the latter movie featured all of those FBI state police guys who start to think that maybe yours truly is a pretty cool dude after all, like at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: If parking 10% of Paul Allen and Bill Gates' phony plastic banana republic paper money somewhere in the BERMUDA TRIANGLE doesn't work out for you, we offer to buy out the entire 50th [King Elvis] state of Hawaii. ~ Where the teenager girls are pretty, and their sexy and more muture boyfriends, who have more money, look like they are in their late twenties. ~ Well almost anyway, give or take a few years. ~


That special needs child killer in San Bernardino, named Mr.Anderson, was confirmation of Miley's montage depiction of the dirty cum all over her naked body in TWILIGHT ZONE's episode no.64. ~ Hence, the early mormon pioneer town is named after the Josephite [Smith] Catholic saint missionary who traveled all around Italy with no purse or script; preaching against the evils of sodomy and Jewish users and Jewish usury. ~ Also note all of those strange looking alien kids on Ms Sire Us' current INSTAGRAM account. ~ Remember, in the EZE.38 illegal alien prophecy entitled THE BLOB, circa 1958, it was the teens who tried to warn the adults about what was happening at their local small town diners and theaters, like at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ TMZ NOTES: LA's always very current LAX zone program's Howard Stern figure just posted a video of Daddy Warbucks walking through the airport in THE TWILIGHT ZONE's episode called THE ARRIVAL, at: ~ Hey, whatever works, works for me. ~ For example, President Trump bombed Syria for no legitamate national security reason whatsoever. ~ And I say "That's cool!!" ~ Just like my political cartoon MTV character does in BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD; circa 1993 to 1996. ~ In other words, if you see it on mainstream media network TV, it must be true. ~

Monday, April 10, 2017


Who gives a flyboy fuck anymore anyway about anything? ~ Much less Hollywood's phony politics family values movie ratings. ~ Therefore, there is a latter day saints reason why the former PG rated DISNEY CHANNEL tv star Miley Cyrus has an inspired 'X' tattoo on her arm of flesh; formed by two Montana Indian medicine arrows. ~ So let's start with this clip of her Aussie pussy-lover bothering her while she is trying to manage her latest INSTAGRAM posting at: ~ Which has him doing her doggie-pet style before she ends up with a load of mayonnaise all over her BODY OF CHRIST, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ 1994 NOTES: I myself started to wise up and get real too; back when I attended some crazy lunatic SUNSTONE SYMPOSIUM for Mormon homosexuals and lesbians who believed that a two state solution for Israel would lead to lasting peace. ~ BREVITY NOTES: Some folks just refer to me as "the dude". ~ Hence that recent THE BIG LEBOWSKI type bowling ally confrontation between Shia LaBeouf [The beefy one in old French.] and his fellow bowlers who he was screaming at, at: ~

Sunday, April 9, 2017


I continue to be amazed how much I AM like Michael Moore and Mel Gibson. ~ Because I support Donald Trump for bombing Syria, and they support Hillary Clinton; just because both ot them are so bad ass. ~ And both them do things and say things without there being any evidence to back them up. ~ Much like the usual mindless middle-of-the-road media crap that we see every day in any Robert Redford or Ivan Rietman Jr. movie. ~ For instance, the Russians had nothing to with those 55 gallon drumbs full of toxic MSG chemicals in THE KING OF NEW YORK meets ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. ~ Exactly like the white Russians had nothing to do with the election of Trump in 16. ~ In other words; Trump does his thing; Putin does his thing; I do my thing; all is well that ends well. ~ "The bums will always lose!" THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ "Bummer..." says the little Lebowski, a.k.a. Mr.Relf. ~ GSR/TWN ~ REV.14 NOTES: The blood soaked 200 mile road from Trump's DC to Trump's NYC is what the last verse of REV.14 is talking about. ~ Which is around the same distance between Seattle and Portland; just for starters. ~ Like in that medium priced CHINATOWN restaurant scene in THE KING OF COMEDY meets TAXI DRIVER meets MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets MALE NOCHE. ~ PS EMMA WATSON: Please do not take lightly my full REED COLLEGE scholarship that I AM is offering you. ~ Think out it. ~ During your summer breaks you get to fuck my [Royal Prince of England] son Andy, and his cute blond girlfriend too, during Mt.Hood's legendary spring break wet melting snow pussy season. ~

Saturday, April 8, 2017


If you believe in THE NEW DEAL, THE GREAT SOCIETY, and gender wage equality; then this BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD meets WAYNE'S WORLD rock'n roll tee-shirt video is for you baby, at: ~ Don't forget, Daddy Warbucks likes to spend his millions on chicks who have acting skills. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SCARLETT JOHANSSON: More upper east side, less upper west side. ~ IF YOU BELIEVE IN IT: Actually, they did put a man on the moon in 1969. ~ But it didn't mean a thing in the long run did it? ~ For example, today's Jew infested CIA government is still claiming that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii; and [THE BIG LEBOWSKI] White Russians leaked Clinton's small minded basement cable show emails to WIKILEAKS and THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY in Wisconsin, at: ~ AND: BY THE NUMBERS NOTES: The number 14 is mentioned three times in no.64 for the 1600 furlongs of blood in REV.14. ~ Ergo, in the [Bonney Lake] situation that takes place well outside of town in the woods, the episode features Sarah Silverman wearing a leopard fur collar coat, etc. Who originally got her start in standup comedy in Boston. ~ And of course, the three arm alien looks like a slightly older secret agent Daniel Craig who talks with a classic stage actor's British accent. ~ "After they land a man on the moon, God will punish the House of Israel." Joseph [sports] Fielding Smith, circa 1957. ~ See, ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Not quite feeling it yet are we? ~ Obviously, nobody in Hollywood is currently offering you my kind of fuck-you money; plus free room and board while we're both doing it at THE PLAYBOY MANSION; all expenses paid courtesy of Donald Trump in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGERIOUS MIND meets THE DATING GAME, at: ~


Those new prophetic black and white photographs of Paul Nestor and Andy Warhol rolled out right after my ingenious MOONSTRUCK posting. ~ That featured some amazing shots of his Carey Mulligan look alike muse too, like at: ~ In the meantime, I watched WILL THE REAL MARTIAN PLEASE STAND UP? ~ That has some great shots of Sarah Silverman in the no.64 episode that originally aired on May 26, 1961. ~ Wherein the beauty patent aliens from Venus cut off the red planter invasion of Barack Obama. ~ And then all of those neocons started protesting about Trump's unconstitutional bombing of a place that has absolutely nothing to do with America's security. ~ Other Republicans like Senator McCain saying that he did the right thing; ergo there was nothing wrong with having a president of America for 8 long years who was not even a US citizen. ~ And everyone knew it, and were in on the joke; except for him and his Mr.Anderson figure in BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD. ~ Andy usually voted Republican of course; not always, but most of the time. ~ Much like Gus van Sant up in Portland, and Bruce Jenner down in Malibu. ~ Think Bill Gates meets Paul Allen. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FILM ROLL NOTES: I do not have a copy of those two Andy Warhol hippie chick movies that costarred Sienna Miller. ~ However, I do have DVD copies of both INTERVIEW and ALFIE, not to mention ADAPTATION and HANNIBAL:2; which should do for now. ~ First things first. ~ PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY NOTES: This link has a two witnesses connection to Sarah Silverman, at: ~ Also see: ~ Fuck yeah!! ~ [LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE] ~ Jesu Cristo gave us the tall blond Donald Trump because he wants us to suffer and be tortured like all of those white peace nick Israelites on bicycles in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington; "I only cause pain and suffering to happen if there is some kind of positive outcome involved." Jesus Louisiana Christ.

Friday, April 7, 2017


After months and months of never ending propaganda, lies, and FDR era radio type static by the Jewish commie cons at THE NEW YORK TIMES about Trump being a Russian puppet, etc. he got all neo con crazy on the Russians and sent 59 [Indian medicine] TOMMY HAWKS against them in desolate Syria. ~ Which of course, is just going to end up punishing the New York Jews of sodom and Egypt in MARK 13:14; who gave us the day 1290 abomination of desolation in DANIEL 9 in the first place. ~ Ergo, that school bus crash in George W. Bush Sr. country on HWY.69 [weeks], north of Houston, Texas. ~ "My Davidian servant Donald will soon learn that today's politics as usual is done for..." Jesus Christ. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 1961 TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: The bald Donald Rickles costarred in the episode about the two-headed robot of Judah and Ephraim who/whom looked like the SILVER KING brand vacuums that my door-to-door salesman in DC 85 is/was/was/is selling, at: ~ By the by; here is a fantastic clip of Naomi Watts sucking off one of the biggest vacuum hoses that I have ever seen, at: ~ ~ Or is that Cate Blanchett? ~ PS SEATTLE: When my local GOP leader grandpa died in the SMITH TOWER, you mother fuckers insulted him with a headline that read; GOP LEADER DROPS DEAD! ~ SO now it is your turn to do the exact same thing. ~ Same thing goes for my two sons who were born in the 1970s. ~ You steal from me, I steal from you. ~

Thursday, April 6, 2017


The fucking asshole Jews are now paying for the traditional ways that they have always fucked America in the ass by leaked her nuclear bomb [option] secrets to the hard ass Soviets during the Truman [Trump] administration. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ Hence that no.125 school bus crash in George Bush Sr.'s Huston home base place on Hwy.69. ~ "That's not even enough money to get you to Walla Walla..." much less get to go around the world with her, 69er style; TWIN PEAKS. ~ Think Pam Anderson lets Assange tap into her kind of ass anytime that he wants; because he has that kind of major global tax free cache, and you got butt kiss. ~ "Chicks want guys who have hacking skills... " NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HARD ASS NOTES: Seriously now; do you want to have a couple of 29ish wives who still have a firm ass and a tight pussy? ~ Or do you want to be a stick in the mud, like David Letterman and Robert De Niro? ~ Personally, I would rather be fucking Hanna Montana and her sister wives for the next 125 years or so. ~ Call me crazy. ~ But AM I that much different from your average 50ish lookimg multi billionaire who fancies himself as the next Hollywood movie star who gets to fuck anybody who he wants to, if the money is right? ~

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


US officials claim that Syria used chemical bombs. ~ Russian officials claim that Damascus hit a terrorist's chemical weapons stash. ~ The same Russian officials have said that Obama's birth certificate is a proven forgery. ~ And the DNC emails were given to WIKILEAKS by Seth Rich, who was an IT manager at their central headquarters in DC. ~ Meanwhile, US officials say that Obama was born in Hawaii. ~ And that public homosexuality is protected by THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT that was passed during the last season of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. ~ Which is still technically illegal in Russia. ~ US officials claim that nobody in the government was spying on Donald Trump, much less leaking their intel to the NYT and WAPO. ~ Any questions? ~ God damn right there are lots of questions. ~ And consider this; your average US official earns at least four times more money in salary, benefits, and pension, than your average Russian official. ~ "The Russians are going to destroy us!" Leslie Winn, circa 1964, Moses Lake, Washington. ~ If only he knew. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIRTHER NOTES: Jesus Christ was born and crucified by the Jews on April 6; age 34. ~ "Have a good day." uncle Richo in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE meets BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD. ~ PS CARA DELEVIGNE: You have no choice in the matter. ~You must come to Butt-Head. ~ That said, I'm thinking about some kind of a retro 70s black exploitation 007 vampire action movie, with lots of skin tight brown leather outfits of course. ~ Which would co-star both you and Lindsay Logan getting fucked at the same time by some older rich James Bond dude who has his own private helicopter taxi in ANDY WARHOL'S VAMPIRE HAPPENING meets Ken Keisler himself. ~ Who was the original look alike star in SHAWN OF THE DEAD meets MALE NOCHE. ~ Ergo, this guy looks like that guy who can not stop speaking in the Orin Hatch look alike episode at,


After I watched THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode prophecy about that polite society country club Republican look alike Senator Orin Hatch getting sick and tired of listening to the Democrats' arrogant loudmouth bullshit, entitled THE SILENCE, I saw the report about that naive idiot who has been talking his head off for the past 14 hours on the Senate floor, at: AND: ~ And at the end, Hatch doesn't have the money anymore in his federal budget to cover his own loudmouth bets. ~ But it doesn't matter anyway. ~ Because the other political actor in his club had cut his own throat; O.J. Simpson, BUFFALO BILLS, Brentwood, LA, jive-ass nigger braggart style. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LOUD AND CLEAR NOTES: "I don't rent to the Jews and niggers because they are too loud, and always bothering my other renters." Jeff Bridges Relf, Seattle, Washington. ~ INGL@URIOUS BASTERDS NOTES: Still looking for something that really and truly inspires you? ~ Fuck that shit. ~ You can always do that crap later. ~ Right now you and I both need the money to make it all happen again. ~ You make me look good again, I make you look good again. ~ Obviously, money is no object anymore to me and my aging friend in Seattle. ~

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


"Make up sex is the best!!" was one of the most mighty lines in the entire post two witnesses era SEINFELD series. ~ Wherein Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman get the hots for me. ~ But then they get scared away by the demonic forces of Sodom and Egypt in RE.II. ~ But then in 2NEPHI8, they eventually regain their common senses and can no longer resist the inner still voice from their never aging vampire mormon polygamist master husband in BRIDES OF DRACULA meets DEAD AND LOVING IT... Which keeps repeating, "Come to Butt-Head." ~ GSR/TWN ~ VIEWER NOTES: Those secret private time radio messages come from a far out place called "Cedarburg" in the STATIC episode; which represents the evergreen cedars of Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ PS EMMA WATSON: You were inspired to get your pre-graduate degree from BROWN because of the university's English Watson genealogy apple tree pedegree. ~ So now it is hight time that you look for a worthy college where you can obtain your masters and your doctorate degrees. ~ That said, you may want to have a look at the Carey Mulligan look alike mother in No.58. ~ Wherein the old school MOTHER OF WHORES in REV.17 finally agrees to let her VIRGIN airlines child live. ~ Have you looked into REED COLLEGE in Portland, Oregon? ~ PLAYBOY MAGAZINE has rated it in the past as one of the finest higher education schools in America. ~ Hint hint... You go there; I put the pressure on Gus Van Sant to make you the co-star of his next feature film masterpiece prophecy. ~ So what the fuck? ~ After your latest huuge motion picture success, your new asking price is probably somewhere around 20 big ones, plus 10 points off the top. ~ Darling, sweetheart, we're talking about Seattle, Washington; not Los Angeles, California. ~ "Always follow the money." Rush Limbaugh. ~

Monday, April 3, 2017


And don't even get me started with all of those lefty baseball pitchers of the tribe of Benjamin; who also have always had a thing for Judah. ~ Per that iconic TWILIGHT ZONE episode no.35 so-called THE ONE MIGHTY AND STRONG; that was about the robotic GSR/TWN pitcher who plays for today's GIANTS. ~ And after they give him open-mind heart surgery, David Letterman style, he decides to go soft on his Jewish network tv boss enemies. ~ But they still try to take advantage of him, even from the grave, like at: . ~ GSR/TWN ~ ROOT OF JESSE NOTES: I know, the above posting BB links make me look like a genious. ~ However, I could get into some real deep shit if I "forgot" somehow to mention that I got most of it from my senior editor in chiefs at [Hugh Hefner] PLAYBOY MAGAZINE meets [Donald Trump] PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE; circa 1993-1996. ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: The low land lakes trout fishing season also gets into full gear on Islay Island, Scotland in May. ~ Where there are around 20 lakes on the fabled Island that represent the same 20 caddis fly stillwater lakes that are located in the Campbell Lake, Washington State, Island County region. ~


The STATIC episode has two old school shots of the two candle sticks of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11. ~ Which was one of the six episodes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE that were shot on video. ~ For a visual prophecy about the latter day 666 period when all movies and TV series would be shot on video. ~ And the sound of Donald Trump's trumpets in Tommy Dorsey's trumpet section would be coming in loud and clear on the old school's two knobs radio directly from Chicago, circa REV:II. ~ No wonder that the more white northern Italians invented radio. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BOB: Nobody has the time in these busy days for your tired-old-school journalist puritism fantasies anymore; more down-to-earth EIB news, less pie-in-the-sky fake religion NYT news. ~ But that is still no excuse for you having such a bad attitude about me. ~ I know, you came of age living in LA and watching THE TWILIGHT ZONE every weekend with your insufferable Irish Catholic parents. ~ But why do you keep trying to rain on Donald Trump's victory parade prophecy in FERRIS BEULLER'S DAY OFF meets SHE'S HAVING A BABY meets WHAT ABOUT BOB? ~ Not to mention both WAYNE'S WORLD: I&II that take place in Aroura, Illinois. ~ Did I say something or what? ~ Whatever. ~ Mike told me that the epicenter of that 10% tithing earthquake happening in REV.16 will happen around 40 miles outside of Chinatown, Chicago. ~

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Mr. Ed Lindsay [Lohan] says that the upcoming physical transfiguration [German LUV BUG restoration.] process is gonna cost a lot of people a lot of money in the STATIC episode. ~ Wherein that $10 Hamilton bill for the old FDR era two witnesses radio at the junk shop represents the same 10% that I AM will be letting Paul Allen and Bill Gates keep for themselves. ~ According to the traditional 10/90 split theatrical deal that the inspired Jews in BARTON FINK etc. have been offering to every small town independent theater owner in middle America for decades. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW DEAL NOTES: The Gordon Jump Mormon actor in STATIC says that it is not entirely impossible, but highly unlikely, that there will be a physical transfiguration period during the two terms of President Trump's post two witnesses administration. ~ PS LL: Whenever I fantasize about fucking you, while I'm enjoying a little face time with Sandra Bullock, both you and her look as young and sexy as you did in your No.53 LOVE BUG remake movie. ~ Plus, I'm counting on the fact that you have a thing for older billionaires who still got it in spades. ~ RUSSIAN ROULETTE NOTES: My hero who takes the fall for Emma Stone in Newport, Rhode Island's recent Woody Allen conspiracy movie was a prelude to today's Jewish third-grade school media playing their little deadly paranoid atomic bomb stock piling-on games. ~

Saturday, April 1, 2017


That polite society professor in the STATIC episode looks and acts like the late Mormon [1290 days] polluted temple film actor Gordon Jump. ~ Who played the static radio station manager in WKRP, [W carp radio] at: ~ Who himself was a "Big Guy" Rush Limbaugh radio man in real life who was very sceptical of my own private GSR/TWN postings right up to the end of his life, circa 9.22, 2003. ~ Ergo, those huuge REV.12 floods down in BM country on LDS CONFERENCE weekend. ~ GSR/TWN ~ STATIC NOTES: Is there not anybody at THE NEW YORK TIMES, No.57,555 who is listening to talk radio and starting to get a sinking feeling that the Russian election scandal is just a poor reception problem relating directly to FDR era static? ~ Back when the communist Jews in the White House were leaking our A-bomb secrets to the Russians. ~ And decades later, Hillary Clinton turned over half of America's uranium mine mineral assets to the Russian billionaire oligarchs in trade for a simple 20 minute talk about the glories of internation trade and political cooperation in Moscow; that paid her $500 big ones. ~ "I'm still supporting Clinton because she is bad ass.." The devout Catholic Michael Moore to the devout Catholic James Carville. ~


Many modern day prophecy movies and television series, like STARDUST MEMORIES meets THE TWILIGHT ZONE, feature good looking character actors who now look like complete shit today. ~ But when they were all made they looked like they were well into their future 29ish physical transfiguration periods for a reason. ~ Look at it again, this time with your eyes wide open, at: ~ Then see THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode about the stars of Israel called STATIC. ~ Wherein the grummpy old GSR/TWN man becomes young again. ~ Thanks to his old values two witnesses FDR era radio broadcasts 'direct from Chicago' that cause him to look and feel young again. ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ Who in the world would actualy believe that they could feel that young again if they did not actually look physically like it again? ~ By the by. ~ This one was aired right after that one about the strong door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman loser in D&C 85 meets 2BC:91. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 70 WEEKS NEWS: This new report sheds more light on the international Jewish conspiracy to undermine the white middle-class workers' revolution in Flint, Michigan, etc at: ~ THE WAY WE WERE NOTES: I have been holding back on this one until WWIII starts. ~ But I may have to get to it sooner rather than later. ~ Think, THE DARLING BUDS OF MAY at: ~ PS DAVID LETTERMAN: More Mel Gibson, less Justin Theroux. ~ Do you want to end up having to fuck some old post-middle-age rich wife for the rest of your life? ~ Or would you rather be going home every night and bedding some hot pair of 26 year-old wives, who have no money, like he has? ~ I rest my case. ~ PS WOODY: You do know of course that the DNC has now become a communist front for wealthy international Jewish red capitalist bankers? ~