Saturday, April 8, 2017


If you believe in THE NEW DEAL, THE GREAT SOCIETY, and gender wage equality; then this BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD meets WAYNE'S WORLD rock'n roll tee-shirt video is for you baby, at: ~ Don't forget, Daddy Warbucks likes to spend his millions on chicks who have acting skills. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SCARLETT JOHANSSON: More upper east side, less upper west side. ~ IF YOU BELIEVE IN IT: Actually, they did put a man on the moon in 1969. ~ But it didn't mean a thing in the long run did it? ~ For example, today's Jew infested CIA government is still claiming that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii; and [THE BIG LEBOWSKI] White Russians leaked Clinton's small minded basement cable show emails to WIKILEAKS and THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY in Wisconsin, at: ~ AND: BY THE NUMBERS NOTES: The number 14 is mentioned three times in no.64 for the 1600 furlongs of blood in REV.14. ~ Ergo, in the [Bonney Lake] situation that takes place well outside of town in the woods, the episode features Sarah Silverman wearing a leopard fur collar coat, etc. Who originally got her start in standup comedy in Boston. ~ And of course, the three arm alien looks like a slightly older secret agent Daniel Craig who talks with a classic stage actor's British accent. ~ "After they land a man on the moon, God will punish the House of Israel." Joseph [sports] Fielding Smith, circa 1957. ~ See, ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Not quite feeling it yet are we? ~ Obviously, nobody in Hollywood is currently offering you my kind of fuck-you money; plus free room and board while we're both doing it at THE PLAYBOY MANSION; all expenses paid courtesy of Donald Trump in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGERIOUS MIND meets THE DATING GAME, at: ~

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