Friday, April 28, 2017


That is my old mountain man fly-fishing buddy Ken McLeod, and his shorthair hunting dog too, in the 84th episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, entitled THE HUNT. ~ Who eventually gets buried along with his dog by his own younger looking kin. ~ [Ken means kin] ~ And then he goes to his own private ALPINE QUEST heaven; where they still believe in the scriptural truth about the word 'coon' being a code word for coon skin black people; per MOSES 7:8 and 2NEPHI 5:21. ~ And before you get too upset with me darling; there are also a few verses in the BM about the coons being more civilized and righteous than the crazy white flour crackers. ~ A lot of it has to do with proper breeding and a good education naturally. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: Old man McLeod died at 70 in the above episode. ~ In corroboration of the Spoken Word at ~ That says that 70 years is the life of man. ~ And any plan by man to spend trillions of tax payer's money to put off the truth of it for a few more years is today's 1290 day [OBAMACARE] abomination of desolation that was set up by Newt Gingrich on August 2, 1996. ~ PS KEN KEMP: We see both you and Ken McLeod sitting on the ground around the mountainous wilderness of Evergreen, Colorado in Woody Allen's SLEEPER meets BANANAS period prophecy about THE SCHOOL OF PROPHETS, circa 2017, at for example: ~ AND: ~ Note the anti gravity ending in the latter trailer. ~

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