Saturday, April 1, 2017


Many modern day prophecy movies and television series, like STARDUST MEMORIES meets THE TWILIGHT ZONE, feature good looking character actors who now look like complete shit today. ~ But when they were all made they looked like they were well into their future 29ish physical transfiguration periods for a reason. ~ Look at it again, this time with your eyes wide open, at: ~ Then see THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode about the stars of Israel called STATIC. ~ Wherein the grummpy old GSR/TWN man becomes young again. ~ Thanks to his old values two witnesses FDR era radio broadcasts 'direct from Chicago' that cause him to look and feel young again. ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ Who in the world would actualy believe that they could feel that young again if they did not actually look physically like it again? ~ By the by. ~ This one was aired right after that one about the strong door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman loser in D&C 85 meets 2BC:91. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 70 WEEKS NEWS: This new report sheds more light on the international Jewish conspiracy to undermine the white middle-class workers' revolution in Flint, Michigan, etc at: ~ THE WAY WE WERE NOTES: I have been holding back on this one until WWIII starts. ~ But I may have to get to it sooner rather than later. ~ Think, THE DARLING BUDS OF MAY at: ~ PS DAVID LETTERMAN: More Mel Gibson, less Justin Theroux. ~ Do you want to end up having to fuck some old post-middle-age rich wife for the rest of your life? ~ Or would you rather be going home every night and bedding some hot pair of 26 year-old wives, who have no money, like he has? ~ I rest my case. ~ PS WOODY: You do know of course that the DNC has now become a communist front for wealthy international Jewish red capitalist bankers? ~

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