Thursday, April 13, 2017


THE ARRIVAL episode features a DC3 that sports the two engines of Judah and Ephraim, centered in the TRANS-EAST company's two officers; the Jewish one being their VP of operations, and the shorter Irish Ephraimite being in charge of public relations. ~ Hence, the name 'Cousins' and all of their very familiar sounding Israelitish family surnames. [Flight 107 arrived at Jew York from the northern regions of the lost tribes of Israel.] ~ The 50 square miles plane crash reference to the 50 UNITED AIRLINES states map on the wall. ~ The Jewish FAA government official sticking his REV.14 mark of the beast hand into the whirling propeller. ~ That represents the pending pain, bloodshed, and death that will snap Judah out of his hypnotic 'mass suggestion' that President Trump is a Russian agent, and Berry Obama was born in Hawaii, ecc. ecc. Which look 100% like fake intelligence news stories to the white folks who live in Spokane, Washington. ~ Based upon the NYT's illusions about Syria using a chemical bomb on one of ISIS' well known stashes of pilfered siran. ~ Which would look exactly no different, one way or the other, if your are that naive to believe in anything that the CIA or FBI says about anything these days. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MAY DAY NOTES: There is a prophetic time-line reason why the UK's PM lady at No.10 is called May. ~ UNITED WE STAND NOTES: That Asian doctor got bloodied by the white cops of Israel because he had it coming. ~ "And all those who refuse to look at me, will I cause to drop down on their knees." Jesus Christ. ~ I don't know about you, but this sounds like some kind of a football sports touchdown thing. ~ PS NATALIE PORTMAN: That is you baby on the front page of THE DAILY [1290 days] CHRONICAL. ~ Even that young Hollywood starlet arrival who is raising up her right arm to the square in DANIEL:12; while holding on tight to her Paris, France bouquet of fresh roses in ISAIAH 35:2. ~

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