Sunday, April 2, 2017


Mr. Ed Lindsay [Lohan] says that the upcoming physical transfiguration [German LUV BUG restoration.] process is gonna cost a lot of people a lot of money in the STATIC episode. ~ Wherein that $10 Hamilton bill for the old FDR era two witnesses radio at the junk shop represents the same 10% that I AM will be letting Paul Allen and Bill Gates keep for themselves. ~ According to the traditional 10/90 split theatrical deal that the inspired Jews in BARTON FINK etc. have been offering to every small town independent theater owner in middle America for decades. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW DEAL NOTES: The Gordon Jump Mormon actor in STATIC says that it is not entirely impossible, but highly unlikely, that there will be a physical transfiguration period during the two terms of President Trump's post two witnesses administration. ~ PS LL: Whenever I fantasize about fucking you, while I'm enjoying a little face time with Sandra Bullock, both you and her look as young and sexy as you did in your No.53 LOVE BUG remake movie. ~ Plus, I'm counting on the fact that you have a thing for older billionaires who still got it in spades. ~ RUSSIAN ROULETTE NOTES: My hero who takes the fall for Emma Stone in Newport, Rhode Island's recent Woody Allen conspiracy movie was a prelude to today's Jewish third-grade school media playing their little deadly paranoid atomic bomb stock piling-on games. ~

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