Sunday, April 30, 2017


David Lynch is pretty famous for not suffering any of today's Hollywood Jew [birth certificate] phonies. ~ Therefore, that is actually him himself directing THE TWILIGHT ZONE's no.85 episode about some famous Rod of Jesse .45 six-gun slinger in SHOWDOWN WITH RANCE MCGREW [up] circa 2016, at: ~ Wherein all of the cowboy movie star hero's were in their 40s; and all of their alluring soon-to-be-wives were in their 20s, at best. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TTZ NOTES: Old Man McLeod's name in THE HUNT episode is 'Hyder'. ~ For today's lost tribes of Israel kin hiding out in plain sight in BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID meets A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT, at: ~ AND: ~ Note the Woody Allen comedy soundtrack in the former trailer. ~ Note that my two sons changed their last names during the 1290 days river in DANIEL 12. ~ Then during the great world war, they had their names changed back to their father's name. ~ "I have always respected my father." David Lynch. ~ "Your lost sons of Israel will come to remember who their real [DARTH VADER] father of Abraham is after WW:III starts..." Jesus Christ, speaking to me in the middle of the night, circa 2005. ~ PS NEIL LABUTE: Since I AM is so God damn busy right now, you might want to look into writing and directing a few of the indie projects that have fancied me for the past few years. ~ PS PRESIDENT TRUMP: The sooner you shut down the 666 government, the sooner you get the 666 Jews off your back. ~

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