Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Jon Lovitz plays the Jewish Nazi camp commander caricature in THE TWILIGHT ZONE's inspired 74th episode. ~ Who ends up in captivity after Judah tread on Ephraim for 42 months in REV.11. ~ In other words, things went pretty good for Hitler for about 42 months in WW:II; and then he started to feel the heat and step up his plans to exterminate 6,666,666 Jews. ~ ~ Or like it says in the BM, "... it is by the white race Ephraimite Nazis that the Jewish mud race commies are punished." ~ Therefore, my Nazi youth kid in no.73 gets rid of the dogs that he doesn't like at: ~ And this is what he does to the mormon kids at Carey School in Lincoln County, Idaho who don't want to play with him per: ~ GSR/TWN ~ SAWTOOTH MTNS. NOTES: Sun Valley's snow resort is just up the road from Lincoln County; due north of Twin Falls on the Snake River. ~ EERIE NOTES: They spotted crazy Steve Stephen at that same arked BURGER WORLD joint where Beavis and Butt-Head worked from 1993 to 1996 on MTV. ~ SHIT HAPPENS NOTES: Last night on the whispering winds coast to coast airwaves, George Noory received a call from some eccentric professor in New Orleans, LA. ~ Who apparently is some physically transfigured mad scientist who knows how to transport himself from town to town using only his antigravity mental powers. ~ PS TOM BRADY: That Jewish Nazi cartoon figure from South America is juxtaposed next to Adriana Lima's 6-12 birthrate in no.74. ~ PS JIM CARREY: I AM is a lot like President Trump; i. e. nobody tells me anything half the time. ~ So I have to learn about it from watching television, like at: ~ PS ALEC BALDWIN: Your Trump impression ain't half bad. ~ That said, Lovitz' impression of the new tall blond Jew from New York in the Greek White House, for the next eight years, is definitely a cut above yours. ~

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