Tuesday, April 4, 2017


"Make up sex is the best!!" was one of the most mighty lines in the entire post two witnesses era SEINFELD series. ~ Wherein Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman get the hots for me. ~ But then they get scared away by the demonic forces of Sodom and Egypt in RE.II. ~ But then in 2NEPHI8, they eventually regain their common senses and can no longer resist the inner still voice from their never aging vampire mormon polygamist master husband in BRIDES OF DRACULA meets DEAD AND LOVING IT... Which keeps repeating, "Come to Butt-Head." ~ GSR/TWN ~ VIEWER NOTES: Those secret private time radio messages come from a far out place called "Cedarburg" in the STATIC episode; which represents the evergreen cedars of Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ PS EMMA WATSON: You were inspired to get your pre-graduate degree from BROWN because of the university's English Watson genealogy apple tree pedegree. ~ So now it is hight time that you look for a worthy college where you can obtain your masters and your doctorate degrees. ~ That said, you may want to have a look at the Carey Mulligan look alike mother in No.58. ~ Wherein the old school MOTHER OF WHORES in REV.17 finally agrees to let her VIRGIN airlines child live. ~ Have you looked into REED COLLEGE in Portland, Oregon? ~ PLAYBOY MAGAZINE has rated it in the past as one of the finest higher education schools in America. ~ Hint hint... You go there; I put the pressure on Gus Van Sant to make you the co-star of his next feature film masterpiece prophecy. ~ So what the fuck? ~ After your latest huuge motion picture success, your new asking price is probably somewhere around 20 big ones, plus 10 points off the top. ~ Darling, sweetheart, we're talking about Seattle, Washington; not Los Angeles, California. ~ "Always follow the money." Rush Limbaugh. ~

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