Thursday, April 6, 2017


The fucking asshole Jews are now paying for the traditional ways that they have always fucked America in the ass by leaked her nuclear bomb [option] secrets to the hard ass Soviets during the Truman [Trump] administration. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ Hence that no.125 school bus crash in George Bush Sr.'s Huston home base place on Hwy.69. ~ "That's not even enough money to get you to Walla Walla..." much less get to go around the world with her, 69er style; TWIN PEAKS. ~ Think Pam Anderson lets Assange tap into her kind of ass anytime that he wants; because he has that kind of major global tax free cache, and you got butt kiss. ~ "Chicks want guys who have hacking skills... " NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HARD ASS NOTES: Seriously now; do you want to have a couple of 29ish wives who still have a firm ass and a tight pussy? ~ Or do you want to be a stick in the mud, like David Letterman and Robert De Niro? ~ Personally, I would rather be fucking Hanna Montana and her sister wives for the next 125 years or so. ~ Call me crazy. ~ But AM I that much different from your average 50ish lookimg multi billionaire who fancies himself as the next Hollywood movie star who gets to fuck anybody who he wants to, if the money is right? ~

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