Wednesday, April 5, 2017


US officials claim that Syria used chemical bombs. ~ Russian officials claim that Damascus hit a terrorist's chemical weapons stash. ~ The same Russian officials have said that Obama's birth certificate is a proven forgery. ~ And the DNC emails were given to WIKILEAKS by Seth Rich, who was an IT manager at their central headquarters in DC. ~ Meanwhile, US officials say that Obama was born in Hawaii. ~ And that public homosexuality is protected by THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT that was passed during the last season of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. ~ Which is still technically illegal in Russia. ~ US officials claim that nobody in the government was spying on Donald Trump, much less leaking their intel to the NYT and WAPO. ~ Any questions? ~ God damn right there are lots of questions. ~ And consider this; your average US official earns at least four times more money in salary, benefits, and pension, than your average Russian official. ~ "The Russians are going to destroy us!" Leslie Winn, circa 1964, Moses Lake, Washington. ~ If only he knew. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIRTHER NOTES: Jesus Christ was born and crucified by the Jews on April 6; age 34. ~ "Have a good day." uncle Richo in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE meets BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD. ~ PS CARA DELEVIGNE: You have no choice in the matter. ~You must come to Butt-Head. ~ That said, I'm thinking about some kind of a retro 70s black exploitation 007 vampire action movie, with lots of skin tight brown leather outfits of course. ~ Which would co-star both you and Lindsay Logan getting fucked at the same time by some older rich James Bond dude who has his own private helicopter taxi in ANDY WARHOL'S VAMPIRE HAPPENING meets Ken Keisler himself. ~ Who was the original look alike star in SHAWN OF THE DEAD meets MALE NOCHE. ~ Ergo, this guy looks like that guy who can not stop speaking in the Orin Hatch look alike episode at,

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