Saturday, April 8, 2017


Those new prophetic black and white photographs of Paul Nestor and Andy Warhol rolled out right after my ingenious MOONSTRUCK posting. ~ That featured some amazing shots of his Carey Mulligan look alike muse too, like at: ~ In the meantime, I watched WILL THE REAL MARTIAN PLEASE STAND UP? ~ That has some great shots of Sarah Silverman in the no.64 episode that originally aired on May 26, 1961. ~ Wherein the beauty patent aliens from Venus cut off the red planter invasion of Barack Obama. ~ And then all of those neocons started protesting about Trump's unconstitutional bombing of a place that has absolutely nothing to do with America's security. ~ Other Republicans like Senator McCain saying that he did the right thing; ergo there was nothing wrong with having a president of America for 8 long years who was not even a US citizen. ~ And everyone knew it, and were in on the joke; except for him and his Mr.Anderson figure in BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD. ~ Andy usually voted Republican of course; not always, but most of the time. ~ Much like Gus van Sant up in Portland, and Bruce Jenner down in Malibu. ~ Think Bill Gates meets Paul Allen. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FILM ROLL NOTES: I do not have a copy of those two Andy Warhol hippie chick movies that costarred Sienna Miller. ~ However, I do have DVD copies of both INTERVIEW and ALFIE, not to mention ADAPTATION and HANNIBAL:2; which should do for now. ~ First things first. ~ PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY NOTES: This link has a two witnesses connection to Sarah Silverman, at: ~ Also see: ~ Fuck yeah!! ~ [LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE] ~ Jesu Cristo gave us the tall blond Donald Trump because he wants us to suffer and be tortured like all of those white peace nick Israelites on bicycles in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington; "I only cause pain and suffering to happen if there is some kind of positive outcome involved." Jesus Louisiana Christ.

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