Tuesday, April 25, 2017


My little white Billy Gates kid from THE TWILIGHT ZONE meets ANIMAL FARM made Elton John get real sick when he was flying back from Spanish speaking Chile, at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0f0TMfQNRk8 ~ Since the news broke on the same day that there was a powerful 6.9 off the coast of Santiago. ~ And it was the same day that the gay Barack Obama finally came out of the closet in Chicago. ~ [PLAYBOY, 1959-64 is from Chicago.] ~ Where that two witnesses earthquake in REV.11 will happen. ~ Ergo, the 70 year-old ROCKET MAN star is a 70 weeks DANIEL 9 figure. ~ "...heh heh heh... He said 69." Butt-Head, born again on MTV circa 2012. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 69 NOTES: Check THE TWILIGHT ZONE outfit on Elton John's boyfriend at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4441676/Elton-John-cancels-Las-Vegas-shows-illness.html ~ Call me crazy. ~ But I say "boyfriend" here because everyone and his dog knows that both of these clowns allow each other to have sex with strangers. ~ Which is not my idea of a real husband and wife relationship. ~ TIMING NOTES: President Trump's SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE was just finally confirmed after 70 long days for an Iowa cornfield confirmation of the above prophetic episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. ~ For example, the iconic Jewish Rod Serling future no.4 NETFLIX series shedule was suddenly interrupted and reshuffled. ~ In other words, no one saw it coming. ~ [Serling was about as tall as your average 13-year-old Jewish boy growing up in Brooklyn, NY, circa 1959-64.] ~ But by the grace of Jesus, most everyone was inspired to make the right network television decisions before it had to happen. ~ Like putting off TTZ into the next year; before JFK would be assassinated in Dallas, Texas; during the hight of the fall television season. ~

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