Saturday, April 22, 2017


Many of today's apostate [Mr.Anderson] Christians in the I-35 area still believe that Joseph Smith was a satanic sex cult prophet. ~ Just because he liked to fuck two of his hot virgin underaged 16 year-old wives at a time. ~ Per THE TWILIGHT ZONE's episode about that desparate Southern bible-belt Confederate coming across a copy of the 2BC at ~ Thereby discovering how the Elders of Israel can lay down a curse on the corrupt christian church judges of the land; who have been blocking all access to Barack Obama's real birth certificate, and his foreign-aid student college records at HARVARD UNIVERSITY. ~ For example Glenn Beck's radio empire suddenly collapsed and died, just like the Bill O'Really show did on the anti-birther FOX network. ~ You live by the lie, you die by the lie. ~ "The NYT is a dying newspaper." Donald Trump, 2016. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEWS FLASH WARNING: Most of today's hot-to-trot 16 year-old babes already got it; and so they want it now, not later. ~ PS KATY PERRY: Now that the sons of Austin, Texas have discovered the naked truth about the BM, many of whom look as hellishly handsome as your typical physically transfigured 29 year-old Matthew McCaughnegy vampire lover; you better bar the front door and watch your back door. ~ Because me and my boys mean business. ~ PS JEN: Get real. ~ You look like Le Pen. ~ Your snaps in Paris just came out. ~ You are about to be dumped by your French scumbag husband, because you are too old looking. ~ Then you get to hook up with me and some of my other younger girlfriend wives on 9.23.17 at the Scottish highlands PLAYBOY MANSION castle up in the seven hoity toity hills of LA. ~

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