Friday, April 21, 2017


San Francisco lost power on the same day that Sessions put the Berkley Bay Area on notice. ~ Per: ~ No wonder they call Seattle 'San Francisco north'. ~ Because the doctor in THE SHELTER bomb shelter episode of the TWILIGHT ZONE looks exactly like Seattle's iconic I AM talk radio host named Dr. Frasier Crane. ~ As recently confirmed by that SEATTLE TIMES piece on Seattle having erected the most high-rise construction cranes of any other city in America right now. ~ Ergo, the title character in FRASIER lives in a fancy Seattle condo high rise, and all that shit. ~ And now even his side-kick in the network sitcom is married in real life to some clown whom he calls his husband. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: You look like a physically transfigured Judy Collins character in one of those surreal hard-to-believe 156 episodes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE; circa 1965. ~ That said, I just read that Elton John plans on retiring from his insane clown tour schedule. ~ And maybe only agree to do the occasional two month 6 figure stint in VIVA LAS VEGAS meets LEAVING LAS VEGAS meets DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. ~ BASEMENT STUDIO MTV SESSIONS NOTES: Why do so many of today's divorced Jewish feminist cunts, like Sarah Silverman, still believe that the miraculous careers of Mike Myers, Jon Lovitz, Bill Murray, and Donald Trump, were just a handfull of lucky casino trump cards fluke? ~ PS MRS. CLINTON: Why do you think that France's blond hair job [Ms. Penn] looks so much like a younger and more attractive version of you? ~ Right on the eve of the Jewish run 70TH CANNES FILM FESTIVAL in LOVE BUG:4 meets IN LIKE OUR MAN FLINT meets HARRY IN YOUR POCKET.

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