Monday, April 24, 2017


Liberal RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE's prophetic Donald Trump revolution video came out when Barack Obama would become the [born in 61] president of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, USA, who was against the law. ~ Then years later, FOX would be taken over by your typical born-rich child CEO society liberal in 2017, at: ~ Who looks down his nose at that AAMCO TRANSMISSION dinner guest neighbor in HBO's snobby CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM television series. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NO.78 NOTES: The malcontent Jew named Woodrow in this episode looks like the always nostalgic Woody Allen. ~ Hence, Woody is a common nickname for Woodrow. ~ PS LARRY DAVID: Earth Day turned out to be a very surreal MARCH FOR SCIENCE. ~ Wherein it is a scientific fact that the surface of Mars, the so-called Red Planet, has been warming up at the exact same time that the earth's northern ice cap has been melting, per DC 133, etc. ~ And the green planet's ice cap on the south side is going exactly in the opposite direction. ~ Therefore, the central government of the universe, based in Hollywood, Westwood, Brentwood, Pasadena, and downtown Los Angeles, better damn well be doing something about it; before we all die. ~

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