Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Ephraim's legendary beared rabbi George Albert Smith, said that WW:III is going to make WW:II look like a Sunday picnic in the park. ~ Because today's Jews are too much like those two boys in BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD, who keep getting pounded by that white Nazi muscle-car dude in Dallas, Texas; and they love it. ~ Ergo, one would think that after the 1993-96 [1260 days] era of the two witnesses, the boys with bipolar emotional problems would finally learn that there is no such thing as "...next year's budget." ~ Nor even a scripted "government shutdown" [twilight zone] network television news series scenario, circa 1959 to 1964.. ~ Not to mention an existing birth certificate that proves that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. ~ Per: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1GXv2C7vwX0 ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ROBERT REDFORD: Your surreal dreams and fantasies about mainstream media news being the ultimate source of truth are played out in your own private tv episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. ~ Wherein my brother in law look alike role plays your prophetic President Trump supporter who is going to bring down the house, like at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g8D4AsLzlM0 ~ AND: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nothing_in_the_Dark ~ Note my sidekick monkey boy homo on the back of both Judah and Ephraim in the above BRANCH DAVIDIAN David Lynch meets David Byrne look alike video. ~ By the by; yours truly has pronounced a satanic Mormon church sex cult curse upon anyone and everyone who does not believe in at least half of what I say, from day to day. ~ PS JT: God wants you to dump your fake marriage certificate wife because she is getting too old and unattractive. ~ That also represents her old school politics of Will Ferrell and Carey Mulligan er all in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW is ultimately about my French exwife in THE FRENCH CONNECTION meets THE DAY OF THE JACKEL; but this time the more civilized white guys win. ~ PS MRS.RUTHERFORD: You gave me a hand up when I needed it, now I give you a hand up when you need it; fair is fair. ~ PS BILL GATES: You either give me the 1976 vintage VELOCE 2+2 sports car of my choice, or I give you brain cancer; metaphorically speaking. ~ Have it your way. ~

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