Saturday, April 29, 2017


Some clown in WAYNES WORLD, Virginia is going around shaving the pussies of the lost cats along the Tree Street neighborhood. ~ As just confirmed by Katy Perry's TIMES SQUARE end times performance of her new pussy eating song; complete with free cherry pies for everyone who showed up to see her new shaved hairdo. ~ Therefore, meanwhile, back at the ranch in MONTANA; the square dancing ending to THE HUNT episode represents the four square gosple church outling in the 2BC. ~ Where the coons are coons, and the crackers are cracters. ~ "Stay in your own backyard." Rod Serling, circa REV.11:1. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS HOLLYWOOD: When they finally catch that guy in Waynesboro, Virginia who has been shaving the pussycats' pussies, I get first dubs on any indie film ADAPTAION screenplay drafts. ~ Since right there is Stuarts Draft, Virginia. ~ And Kristen Stewart also just recently shaved off her hair. ~ Note the area's Dooms landmark at:,_Virginia ~ Oh yeah, the Virginia mountains have some of the best coon hunting in all of North America. ~ Remember, this was the same region where they shot the WHAT ABOUT BOB? prophecy, at: ~ Wherein Richard Dreyfus goes bat shit crazy after the surprise co-star of CADDYSHACK gets elected THE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA FOR LIFE. ~ Who spends half of his life living at some swanky golf club mansion down in the Mar A Lago area of Florida. ~ When after the wake of WW:III, the two-term [political] climate change rules are totally changed back to where they were during the handicapter three-terms FDR era. ~ Everyone loves a winner. ~ PS LARRY DAVID: That is you truly sitting on the bus across from Bob in the above trailer, circa 1991. ~

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