Sunday, April 23, 2017


Coming out of Egypt and Sodom is what REVELATION is basically all about. ~ That and the gathering of the lost tribes of Israel under a protective cloud that shields them from today's extremely polarized weather conditions; plus world wide atomic bomb fallout that can really do a number on your hair. ~ Hence, the Gisele Bundchen figure in the above episode no.75 is wearing a sexy silk bed slip by VICTORIA'S SECRET throughout most of the prophetic hot chick episode. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BRUCE WILLIS: Unless and until you have more than one wife, [preferably at least seven], you will never grow up to become the real man that you were meant to be in all of your Donald Trump tall building movies. ~ Seriously, look at what is happening to FOX, now that Bill O'Really is gone. ~ "When the cat's away, the rats will play." ~ SUSPICIOUS NOTES: Saying that that massive bush wildfire near Highlands, Florida is suspiciuos, is like Portland, Oregon's Clyde Lewis claiming that I AM and my sidekick monkey Jew boy born in Kenya, will be teaming up together in order to cause WW:III, at: ~ SIDENOTES: The way I see it, no WW:III, no hot monkey sex three ways with my hot underaged cult sex wives on my vintage 51' yatch in the south seas; not to mention, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington. ~ ~

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