Wednesday, April 5, 2017


After I watched THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode prophecy about that polite society country club Republican look alike Senator Orin Hatch getting sick and tired of listening to the Democrats' arrogant loudmouth bullshit, entitled THE SILENCE, I saw the report about that naive idiot who has been talking his head off for the past 14 hours on the Senate floor, at: AND: ~ And at the end, Hatch doesn't have the money anymore in his federal budget to cover his own loudmouth bets. ~ But it doesn't matter anyway. ~ Because the other political actor in his club had cut his own throat; O.J. Simpson, BUFFALO BILLS, Brentwood, LA, jive-ass nigger braggart style. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LOUD AND CLEAR NOTES: "I don't rent to the Jews and niggers because they are too loud, and always bothering my other renters." Jeff Bridges Relf, Seattle, Washington. ~ INGL@URIOUS BASTERDS NOTES: Still looking for something that really and truly inspires you? ~ Fuck that shit. ~ You can always do that crap later. ~ Right now you and I both need the money to make it all happen again. ~ You make me look good again, I make you look good again. ~ Obviously, money is no object anymore to me and my aging friend in Seattle. ~

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