Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The climactic ending to BLUES BROTHERS:2000 features my terrible enfant at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PcJM5meP67s ~ Who we see playing on the ANIMAL FARM gates of Bill Gates' private BRANCH DAVIDIAN compound in Madina, Washington. ~ Right after the two witnesses walk by on the country road carrying a DC 86 wheat harvest threasher and the devil's [Trident submarine] pitchfork. ~ Which leads us directly to my white GSR/TWN kid playing with that three-headed gopher in the CADDYSHAKE WW:III golf club prophecy about Donald Trump becoming elected President. ~ After 8 years of white America getting so fed up with a mixed race mulatto being in the White House who had attended Harvard on a foreign student scholarship. ~ At least that is what it indicates quite plainly on his IRS tax reports from 1993 to 1996. ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: Every year in the late summer and early fall, I so look toward to your live talk radio airwave broadcadts coming from the Minnesota State Fair grounds. ~ PS WOODY NORRIS: I AM is thinking you buy out THE VITAMIX 3600 stainless steel corporation in Cleveland, Ohio. ~ And then we turn the monster blender machine into a wholewheat bread-making miracle on late night direct-response infomercial. ~ Talk about lowtech meets high-tech. ~ PS JIM CARREY: Do you want to change up your tired old funny guy career and do something that is more intelligent and interesting? ~ How about you becoming an overnight pitchman sensation gadget guy who gets twice as money in royalties? ~ Like I myselfv will be doing in my after hours midnight radio spare time at; http://mobi.perezhilton.com/2017-04-18-jim-carrey-full-gray-beard-photo/?from=post ~ Think about it dude. - Every time that the stainless steel 3600 spits out another loath of Montana winter red wheat bread, you get 1000 big ones deposited into your off-shore-tax-free bank account in the British Bermuda Triangle. ~

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